Indian Femdom

Malkin JI ke charano ki DHOOL ..

This afternoon, while exercising, I felt devotion like NO other – an Indian lady, one of so many maids sitting in the park, most wouldn’t even look at her (that class divide in the subcontinent ,ugh) …

… completely covered up, enjoying the winter sun warming her clothes, her entire body, taking a nap, she was even wearing long pants under the salwar, but one thing was showing.

ONE FOOT – or rather, one sole!

From a distance, I kept looking at that SOLE!

Madam was so tired, she wasn’t the same lady (maid) who was bitching about being ill treated at a house she worked at (I so wanted to kiss that lady’s feet as well and apologize – just for her mistreatment though obviously I wasnt responsible!). . .

She even covered her head up fully.

As I looked at the sole, the DIRT on the sole called out to me.

The sole itself, tired, overworked, clad in an old red and black shoe…

And the feet, soles cracked, tired from a lifetime of laboring in other people’s houses so MAdam’s feet and hands could stay soft without doing housework …

“Ma’am, Please so jayiye ap!”

“Ma’am, paye lagu!”

I had to FORCE myself not to go over there and start pressing her foot – literally. I had to FORCE MYSELF not to say it!

Later, she woke up, enjoyed the sun a bit more – feet crossed.

I am so glad she didnt remove her soles from my view!

Then she left, back to her work.

But I’m positive she felt the vibes from a distance.

If she was here right now I’d drop all I was doing, and ask her to take her rightful place OVER me – with sole firmly on my head and me completely BELOW her.

Worshipping downtrodden ladies, we’ve gone there so often – and Indian ladies, the sheer lust they around – the sheer dominant vibe, its different, its hard to describe – and my books on Indian femdom encapsulate the feeling – the most important – the sheer DEVOTION to these Goddesses and queens – perfectly!

You’ll want to get “Indian Femdom Recollections” while you’re at it – as well as start on Sin City Diaries to truly first understand, then experience what I felt above – and then attract the same into YOUR life.

And that, my friend, is that.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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