Her long imperious SOLES PERCHED On TOP OF EACH OTHER -beckoning me. COMMMANDING me as they souuld.

Her long imperious SOLES PERCHED On TOP OF EACH…

Down, boy – no matter how good you get, how much you improve – never forget your owner – your lord, your MASTER – your DADDY – ME!

Yes, Madam- you!

And I saw those soles greeting me so imperiously – dark, DIRTY and dusty in equal measures – black as coal, much like Madam Ji’s poor tired calves, her ankles with that anklet on as the Queen who should be on a throne sat on the ground…


Anyway, what makes that special, you might ask? I attract femdom to myself willy nilly on auto pilot – without any conscious effort (by the way, so can YOU if you do the thing, not be cheap and GET both books – or all three on the topic and then implement!) … so why not her?

Or, what makes this imperious sighting special – so special that I could just mention her soles, and devotion to them – and then end this e-mail?

Well first off, it happened at the start of my workout – where I aim to improve daily, and do.

I’m already better in that regard than 99.99% of the populace, and my customers there have noted as much …

But you’re never an expert on anything my friend – you keep learning, and even the REAL experts will tell you as much. If they dont, or didnt – they are NOT real experts, period, and that dont go just for fitness. Goes for life, femdom, everything under the sun that can be learnt.

So the soles were telling me – to remember my true place – always under them!

Which I do, but #2 reason, and even more importantly, that is the SAME lady I wrote about here yesterday.

I believe even in that fleeting glance I gave her feet, the mental kiss on each toe, the heartfelt Paye Lagu – she FELT IT – her FEET felt it – and today, I’m rewarded with her grimy soles!

It’s truly another sign from the femdom heavens!

I can almost feel myself squatting, massaging them!

I can feel myself lick the grime off her soles and then her wipe the spit on my face – for her great amusement!

“Madam ji, unkla lund bada hai, bahut sunder, lamba!”

Ma’am, his dick is long, big, and so beautiful muah!

(talking about the Indian guy I saw yesterday – that dong is really lovely, I can almost smell it through the screen! His PUBES, oh m y! SO SPRINGY!)

Talking about the guy for HER!

And not just sending her dick pics which many guys do. INTRODUCE her to him, let her TALK to him, tell him how pathetic I am, THAT is true femdom in ACTION, not just talk – empty talk!

“Choos use! Kahada kar mere liye!” I can feel her giggling, then taunting me with “mujhe nahin choosna!” 

(Suck his dick for me, boy – get it hard !! I dont want to suck it, you do that job!)

She ‘s SO RIGHT!

Uska peechwada bhi chatiyo!

All said so rudely with peals of laughter at how PATHETIC I am for Madam … (lick his ass too, boy!) …

I can imagine all this.

She can feel it – I know!!

What a Queen and Goddess!

And last, but not least – another reason? Because I’ve got  a feeling her feet resemble Madam’s Manju’s to the T – coal black – and same as HERS!

Manju was a maid in the house I grew up (in the summer), often castigated for bringing men home on the sly, she had long black lustrous hair, a splendid body … and was usually always barefoot!

And some of the most erotic memories during my childhood – well, SHE was part of that – and you’ll have to crack open Indian Femdom Recollections for more on that!

No I dont care if some people that only think “price” dont read it.

There is more to life than just sales my friend.

Femdom is something … I cannot understand, I simply cannot understand how someone truly into femdom or someone who claims it – can be cheap and complain about price as some people do.

Look, we’re the real deal.

The real Mc Coy.

And no biz can survive on free, if you truly love us, want to support us, then show us via DEED AND ACTION, not mere words my friend.

Everyone wants super quality, so many people want it for free though – I dont get it, or for “pennies on the dollar”.

Not my type of people those!

anyway – I’m out.

Get the above books NOW.

ANd start implementing asap!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson
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