The Indian Goddess I saw at the market

The Indian Goddess I saw at the market

God, years later – I still remember that 2018 evening! (Goddess!!!!)

Some women just have that VIBE about them which make you want to DROP DOWN right there and then- and not just obey their every command, but WORSHIP them like the Perfect Goddesses they are!!

And as I write that (or the equivalent) on my Twitter account, its time to talk about another such Goddess- an Indian Goddess I saw in public last night, and a Goddess I SORELY wish I was at her feet right now!

Or beneath.

As she stares at me, imperiously and arrogantly, while raping my wallet, ordering me to do the housework, clean her dirty soles (India has a lot of dust, BOY! ;)) and MORE . . .

Clean those soles well while I relax, boy!

Thats all you get, BOY! The BOTTOM of my feet, while I text my boyfriend and other REAL MEN!

Much much more . . .

Perhaps Garima Madam is the only other lady that had such an INSTANT impact on me in the mainland.

Or perhaps Priyanka Madam . … JI!

Or was that Priyanka Malkin and Garima Madam . . . JI!

Sometimes you shiver with lust so much you can barely type!

Last night I saw the sexiest thing ever — or should I say ONE of the sexiest things ever.

Or I should say one amongst many, many sexy “things” — or “visions” (which would be more appropriate term to use here) that I’ve seen in the recent past!

Whatever it is — it wasn’t something that most people would consider as being even remotely sexy.

What was it, you ask?

Well, I saw a girl — a lady, I should say 😉 — in the market wearing a pair of shorts — and flip flops — and her lovely tanned bare legs, of course.

I was looking at her from the back, so I have NO idea what she looks like, but even I did, I probably wouldn’t care, and why?

Well, my attention was immediately drawn to her left foot — — which was “arched” as she was standing — — as many a lady often does when wearing shoes or flip flops, she had taken them off partially, and there was this most mesmerizing foot arch I could see — and boy did it turn me on or what.

Foot fetishists will know what I am talking about here, of course. There is probably nothing sexier to most of us that love female feet with a passion than an arch — and when accompanied by a flip flop — or a heel — or SHOE (and the dirtier it is, the better ;)) — well — thats the icing on the already delicious cake right there!

Though a couple of other people were looking at me curiously, my eyes were searching in the dark for her toes — and when I did see ’em, I saw the foot in it’s entirety.

A broad foot — well maintained, but the toes were not polished — and the second toe was somewhat bigger than the first.

Kind of like Garima Madam’s feet, if I recall correctly (how dare I forget, eh! Whack! ;)) … and for whatever reason, I’ve been attracting ladies wearing flip flops to me these days, although it’s almost winter in this “here” neck of the woods!

We truly do … ah, but you know that part already, don’t you?

Anyway, in the Indian Goddess series, the budding D/s relationship between Madam Priyanka and her willing slave was so abruptly terminated in Volume #3 that it left readers wondering “what if” and “what next”.

These concerns, of course were addressed — and MORE — in the Sequels to this wonderful series — and the Sequel starts with yours truly dreaming of the Goddess that so abruptly left him — and her flip flops, of course!

I know what you want, BOY!

How could I ever, ever forget your flip flops, Priyanka — or should I say “Jyoti ;))” — that fine summer day I saw you in them flip flops truly did turn my life upside down and topsy turvy forever — in a GOOD way!

Anyway, that’s it for today. A bit of an update from the foot fetish world as it were — — and if you’re looking for the natural add on to that — humiliation — well — we’ve got you covered right here — —

Those are Princess Joanie’s feet — while she’s on holiday — paid for by … guess who! And if there EVER was a lady with beautiful feet, it’s this lovely lass from Southern China …


Mike Watson

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P.S #2- But why just India? I was talking to Goddess Michelle from the Chinese mainland today, and . . . OH BOY! If there ever was a woman that screamed worship me BOY out loud, it was HER! 😉 And of course, Princess Joanie too, who you can read all about here-

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