Palak Ma’am’s … SOLES! Madam, Paye Lagu … Madam … JI!

Palak Ma’am’s … SOLES! Madam, Paye Lagu … Madam…

As my S.O. burns incense in the room for some reason or the other (dare I question her?? Hehe) –  I was thinking of Palak Ma’am.

One half of the couple that wanted to SO BADLY lose their viriginity (and here I am, with plenty of experience and then some in that regard willingly never having sex – hehe – takes all “types”? ;)) – and she’s so gorgeous!

I’ve no idea who that actress is.

But they ALL know that profound pose – the one where she’s on her stomach, perhaps on the phone or laptop, soles on full view, calves too!

My, there are FEW other poses that make me want to drop down and WORSHIP …

Maybe Pooja Memsahib with one leg at right angles to the other, foot on thigh, SOLE staring at you …

And definitely women with feet crossed  – and a bit of ankle/calf visible. Definitely!

Man – some of those poses are truly profound – and they truly make – and KEEP me – SO HORNY!

Ma’am, Paye Lagu, you’re SO NICE!

And thats that for this one. Pick up Profound Poses NOW – you’ll love it! –


Mike watson

PS – Our Youtube Channel recently had some LUSCIOUS sexy soles posted – check ’em out NOW! (under “community”).

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