Janghe RAGAD!

Janghe RAGAD!

Oh Ma’am!

The older Indian maid that inspired 25 Odes to Indian maids … they so DESERVE IT – and her friend (younger, heavily made up) were out there again today!

And the former – well, lets just looking at her soles, my loins stirred.

I actually massaged her feet in public – as evidenced from my youtube and twitter. It’s not just the sheer humiliation I endured today – its the sheer BLISS I endured. Why more men dont understand their rightful place under a woman’s feet – is beyond me, the bliss of gynarchy, utter submission and supplication “just because she is a woman and Queen” is out of this world!

And it isn’t just feet, while massaging HER, I was so kneeling – and stretching – to occasionally rub the other lady’s leg too, she too deserves it!

OCcasionally, my hands would rub her tired, aching thighs as she complained about having to massage her owner.


Yes, the softest part of a woman’s body – nearest her pussy. Yet, Ms Priyanka would make me do it for hours – sometimes clothed, sometime not – after her tennis games – BLISSFULLY, without a care, the pussy would stare at me, often times I’d cum in my pants, she wouldn’t care – I’d just massage anyday (and this with me being LOCKED as you can tell from Serving an Indian Goddess).

She was so comfortable with my access to her private parts, because she knew I’d do nothing except what I Was told, and I’d often lick her after her tennis matches.

She’d of course never ever do it for me, but I wouldn’t want it, SHE deserves it!

The joy of utter suppliction my friend, is beyond any other; today, I was doing the same thing to these Indian ladies under the sari, in the park, publicly, I could care less who saw!

So it should be. Paye Lagu, Memsahib. you’re so, so NICE!

Her being blissfully asleep, no longer caring what the sissy does with her feet – thats what its all about!

It’s been a while since I came like this ferociously in my pants, not caring. Cum in pant! I didnt even touch myself! LUST! SUPPLICATION – REAL FEMDOM! Even the keyboard mouse is sticky!

Paye Lagu, Ma’am – again – its never enough!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up 25 Odes to Indian maids … they so DESERVE IT – NOW! Thats an order. You know why! And tell me which foot lotion I should buy her next…

PS #2 – What the title means? Squeeze the thighs, boy! YES, Ma’am!

Mike Watson
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