Women should ALWAYS mistreat dogs. MALE HUMAN DOGS THAT IS!

Women should ALWAYS mistreat dogs. MALE HUMAN DOGS THAT…

Now this afternoon, I saw something very sad – something I see so often!

Pets being mistreated. A friendly Lab – yellow lab was jumping up on a girl, who seemed VERY dominant from her attitude  – and feet too – the feet gave off that vibe and she .. well, SMACKED the dog down every time it did it.

Poor creature, it was just trying to be friendly.

Violence against animals makes me MAD.

No matter who is doing it, not all – and pet dogs – I’ve seen people push their eyeballs in to punish them – I’ve seen them chained outdoors for days – I’ve seen their EARS being pulled by kids who think it’s a huge joke – and other terrible things – oddly enough, these people view animals as “things” unfortunately.

It’s horrible, at least when she saw me looking, she stopped doing it. I’m sure she’ll start again in private too – and Madam – if I could give her some advice?

I’d be the dog!

Those THWACKS I heard on the dog’s skull sound louder than they are, but still – more suited to mine! Ms Priyanka used to slap me all the time, and I was so lucky she did it!

Ditto for the animal noises girls make – and she used to make me do. Hehe.

DO y’all remember the “moo like a cow” incident while she tweaked my nipples and bitch tits and MILKED me – literally?

I hope so – it was so erotic – so humiliating – and so … well, apt !

Nipples – the sheer pleasure – Nipplegasm Central SHOWS you how to get there – and the other day I Came in my pants, of course, massaging the old lady’s dirty feet out there the sun.

Speaking of cum, I’ve been looking at bulls all day, including one stud who keeps sending me his big soles.


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And thats that.


Mike Watson

Mike Watson
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