Indian Femdom

Sari hiked up to mid calf, Madam KICKS the bucket out of the way.

Maam is too lazy to bend. So it should be, boy!

And this was another Indian maid, middle aged, fair skinned, and not like the lovely dark skinned Bhagwati, who just like a Chinese lady or perhaps ladies anywhere will never tell you her age (between 50-60 is what she giggled, nearer 60 – actually NO, she’s not a day over 53 I think! Hehe).

And looks YOUNGER, trimmer, taut – like me myself, 20 years younger.

Despite that lovely grey hair.

Hey, mine is silver too!

Men age well. Like fine wine eh. I see no reason why women shouldn’t and dont either. šŸ˜‰

Anyway, I’ve been writing about manifestation all day.

She could have been Bhagwati a few years ago, and her feet (Bhaghwati’s) are arrogantly and DOMINATINGLY splayed out in that manner “piegon footed” sometimes – even as she walks, but she ain’t lazy.

She cleans in a Sissy workout position which is great for stimulating hunger, burning FAT – and more.

“Thats why I’m not fat”, she once giggled at me after saying “but I’m old!”

Gong Li is old too, yet, I’d drop down and suck dick for her in a MINUTE, she’s that gorgeous, those arms!

And this lady is too. Hehe.

Back to the other maid, reminded me of “Rita”, who wasn’t a full time live in maid like Manju, not near as flirtatious, but it was there – and I remember watching her clean that mansion – each floor, just like Bhagwati cleans ours.

She was in perfect shape too, probably still is.


This could probably Indian femdom recollection #17.

Or, 26th ode to Indian maids, but its all the above, but more?

As I noticed an idiot staring holes through a maid – prettiest feet ever – I was struck by the truism – yet again, and I could just imagine bhagwati sagely teaching me this …

“You look too, but you look at women differently!”


I’m more observant than most (Carol would attest, as I noticed the hairs springing on a girl’s freshly shaven top of forearm too!).

“You have a good eye for the girl, you know how to talk to girls!”

Well, I love ’em so!


Love working with them too with all the giggles, mood swings and what not. Hey, I have ’em too!

But anyway – I look at Bhagwati all the time, I stare holes through Madam, especially her BREASTS all the time.

But its different.

There is a way to look, and a way not to.

And breasts aside, her feet and ankles, those horribly cracked soles, I’d choose those any day over pedicured pampered soles, much as I love those too.

It’s all about Bhagwati Ma’am’s DOMINANTLY EXTENDED foot, that black ankle, all of it.

She is really so DOMINATING, and I love her for it. Understated, yet more than if it was STATED!

Back soon.

Paye Lagu, Madam. I’d die to kiss your ankles, and you know it very well!



Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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