Madam Ji, Paye Lagu!

Indian Femdom

The spirit in which “Serving an INdian Goddess” was…

If I could sum it up in ONE word – or two – “Ma’am, PLEASE!!!!!”

That beseeching tone to it , that OUT OF CONTROL TONE TO IT – as you look at her resting, relaxing, being lazy, an utter “bitch” as an ex girlfriend once told me – and those SOLES on full display!

As I saw my wife today resting on her stomach, that profound POSE, the SOLE so clearly visible, I so wanted to do what I was, oddly enough, told NOT TO DO.


That being, to massage her legs and feet!

Of course, with SO much foot massage – I guess sometimes, there can be too much of a good thing – for Madam that is! For me, never, I’d have gladly dropped down there and then.

But the spirit in which I wrote Serving an Indian Goddess?

Well, my wife exemplifies it – and I kinda “met” her – or knew this – AFTER I wrote the book.


Talk about being a visionary, albeit not just a femdom visionary, all those tales I wrote about “Meeting Ms Chen” – and then meeting them years later in real life – and Serving an Indian Goddess with all the ass and “toilet” worship – and with my wife these days waking up in the morning, and lazily letting loose LOUD farts – as loud as loud can be – before she turns over and I INHALE those farts, licking that lovely ROSEBUD so she can go – man!

Or, Goddeess!

What a rush!

And if I were to define the spirit in which the books were written – well, serving women with all the negative attributes that are OK for men to have – belching – farting – living like a complete pig, not doing any housework – doing NOTHING productive except gaping at soap operas or football or what not on the mobile phone – all of this -my wife – female as of now, but she feels more and more like a man daily, and I feel SO LUCKY! – exemplifies this to a T.

And she does it so well, so NATURALLY!

My wife is truly the grade A “bitch” so many men want. Hehe.

Except, she dont come cheap!

In fact, even if she dominates you – it will NOT be for free. Hehe. That much is for sure!

I wrote more on that HERE –  – and if you’re interested, well, send in your application!

And thats the lovely spirit the books were all written in, perhaps THAT is why people love my books so much – especially those into real, true and LASTING – real world – FEMDOM!

Or, any sort of domination really – for it to be real you have to FEEL It – DO IT – LIVE IT!

And yours truly is called “the real Mccoy of Femdom” for a reason! Hehe.

OK, enough on that.

Get the book on odes to my wife NOW to learn a bit more about her, her dominating tendencies, and the way she makes men utterly GROVEL in front of her.

And then, pick up some femdom books here!

The perfect start to the weekend.

Ahoy, as they say!


Mike Watson

Indian Femdom

The strange (not) dilemma I’m facing with Nandini Ma’am.

We all know who Madam is!

The 19 year old queen that added me on Whatsapp, was supposed to give me a credit card, (get me one) – it was clear from the get go the only thing she was interested in doing was “seeing my pictures” – and teaching me how to say “Malk…!” So NICE! the way she taught me that, hehe – and of course, we’ve never talked business since.

When I attempted to once ask her about credit cards, she even said this.

“OK, then dont talk anything else with me!”

Madam had me hooked from the word GO.

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, hehe. I love her dominance so!

But its a strange strange dilemma I’m facing as of late – that lovely MOM of hers!

Older, definitely FAT – you know my views on fat ladies that are DOMINATING, unconcerned about excess weight around the midsection, the ROLLS of fat and so forth – oh my!

But the main thing with her mom, the way her make up stands out – BRASH – ARROGANT – Confident – DOMINEERING!

The last being most important.

Yes, she’s out of shape and OLDER, but a middle agd lady, and even more dominating than Nandini Ma’am, and serving them BOTH together would be such an HONOR! 

THOSE EYES – staring straight at me! I so want to press Madam’s tired head, her shoulders … listen to her ORDER me – slap me for not doing it right – press her legs ALL night as she rests like a Queen, and Nandini Ma’am too, as she imperiously beckons me AWAY – oh MY! 

I did this with Madam Aa Ling, of course – some of the most EROTIC MEMORIES EVER!

I’ve spoken to Madam once. Hehe. A brief conversation. She’s still on my whats app.

I asked Nandini what if her mom knew about all we’ve been talking about.

And, I asked her before saying “Paye Lagu, Madam”.

Hehe. Id SO love to serve them both, but it’s her mom that’s driving me into a frenzy of LUST right now, older, middle aged, so DOMINATING!

Women are so NICE in general!

Thank you, Ma’am – and if YOU on this list have any idea how I should handle this mother daughter duo – let me know!

As I’ve written about, one of the most erotic things ever. Hehe.

INdeed, Choti Malkin, Badi Malkin!

Paye Lagu, Madam … JI! I’d press your legs all day, as I told a certain lady today on Twitter!


Mike Watson

PS – Here is where you can pick up the immensely popular “Serving an Indian Goddess” series. Pick it up NOW – great reading for the holidays ! (with gas prices being where they are, might as well stay home and READ, hehe. and WORSHIP!).

Indian Femdom

What Pooja Memsahib did that YOU should be doing!


This is going to be a short email but it will ring so true for a lot of people – especially FOOT FETISHISTS!

Remember how I keep saying that one of the most relaxing things (and also most subservient) to be done for a woman’s foot (or anyone’s, really) – is to rub the foot – STRAIGHT out of socks and shoes, or slippers, tired, hot, exhausted – WITHOUT washing them first!

Sure, you rub them later – but that first rub of the foot – right out of socks especially after a hard day in shoes, or even heels – is just magical!

And what a certain author wrote in the White Tiger –

You can never get the scent of a man’s feet off your hands!

I wrote about that here (the above quote isn’t verbatim in this one, but it’s TRUE!).

The aroma is just different, the FEEL of the sole is just different, my friend – both for receiver, and recipient, and it should be OBVIOUS why it’s equally submissive as her wiping her feet on your face maybe, or making you shine her shoes with your shirt, or polishing boots with HIS cum!

Straight out of shoes, dirty, sweaty, and so forth …

And I remember Pooja Maa’m, that lovely older lady I so love and worship – and wrote two books on, hehe – and more to come – and all TRUE – sitting there in the heat, sweating, one palm on her sole, one black dot on the sole – oh my!

Fleeting glance, but ENOUGH to make me weak, as the other foot dangled, that BARE brown calf I SO eulogize and love and WORSHIP

As if to remind me – boy – YOU should be here – NOW!

Maybe I will – again – soon!

But for now, yet again, a valuable, valuable lesson in femdom (or any sort of foot worship) – one neither YOU – nor her – nor him, hehe – will forget quickly.

It just FEELS different, and thats the point here!

Back soon.



PS – Pick up the books, award winning, RAVE Reviews on Pooja Memsahib …. JI! HERE!

Indian Femdom

Pooja Memsahib … Paye Lagu, MADAM JI!

As I saw her yesterday, even after everything that has happened, she unconsciously removed her soles from my view. Hehe.

Girls have done that to me so often, the same girls that dont care if others look. (at their SOLES, not their bodies, those same girls didnt mind me looking at their bodies!).

Could be the Chinese girl brattily putting her feet up (she was clothed in a long T shirt which made it look like Madam wasn’t wearing shorts!) – on her STORE COUNTER of all things, visible to all and sundry, oh my – what a view on a rainy Saturday morning that was! LOVELY!

(before going to meet another bratty lady to “work for her” for three hours, I believe).


Or, girls in general – in my books I often write about how Chinese girls giggle, act coy, do all they can NOT to show their soles “they’re just soles”, they keep saying – because they … KNOW!

They can sense it too. Hehe. Every girl can, actually!

If you’re TRULY submissive, you will attract it, they will sense it. It cannot be taught except how I teach it in my book on attracting it … and the other books that are part of that series (unwritten series as yet, but it’s a series alright!). They go together!


Pooja Maam removed those soles from my view …

Before that, she had one foot at right angles to the other thigh, the sole was SO VISIBLE!

She is SO BRATTY, the feet so dirty, she is so MANLY, that FAT stomach, I cannot stop thinking about her, as I’ve often said…

And feet, soles, I’ve often had a great relationship with them as you can tell! Hehe.

Once upon a time a certain Carol was buying clothes for me.

On Taobao.

I was looking at her boots all throughout.

“Look here!” she pointed at the clothing, giggling somewhat, but stern as well.

She does it SO well, those eyes softening when I look at her feet, which I can never help but look…

Anyway, thats that for now.

Pooja Memsahib… JI! is a book that has gotten rave reviews, and it’s a book YOU SHOULD get – NOW.

Do so!



Indian Femdom

Shikha Malkin, Paye Lagu!


I’ve made no secret of the fact that my femdom seeds were sown from a young, young age indeed!

Right from my “boyhood” (did this cuck ever become a MAN? I think no! ?) in India . . . the subcontinent, as it were!

And the lovely ladies of the subcontinent.

Madam Vandana, and her perfect FEET . . .

My 8th grade Civics teacher, and her ruthless way of punishing me, and taking her frustrations out on me (she shouldn’t have, but hey!). ?

And of course, Goddess Shikha (I believe I mentioned her?) and the “Joota saf kar! Chal!” comment that while playfully uttered stuck in mind ever since!

(Clean my shoes, BOY! is what that means for those not schooled in Hindi, one of the languages they speak in the Indian subcontinent!)

A lovely (well, not by conventional standards, but those EYES! ?) Indian girl of about 14, and her Asian looking friend of about the same page, and me — — also about 14, and she uttered that out of the blue.

Get me a drink, BOY! Jaldi! (quickly!)

She FELT it.

She probably had no idea what femdom was on a conscious level, but she could FEEL IT!

Paye Lagu, Madam JI! (as Garima Madam often said, with a smack to the back of my head, don’t forget the “ji”, BOY!)

(“Ji” is a way to emphasize respect in India and other parts of the subcontinent from what I understand, but even if I wasn’t, Garima Madam is always the BOSS!)

And I wouldn’t dare disobey her unless I wanted to be dick slapped by Master Jerome, whose long, THICK black cock felt like a garden hose punching me when he dangled it in front of me . . .

Garima Madam, you truly were the BEST! I still feel the LUST writing this . . .

And back to the story — indeed the seeds of TRUE femdom were planted … a long time ago!! 😉

And did they bear fruit? YOU be the judge, my friend.

This morning I saw a lady — — an Indian lady, I believe, standing next to a vegetable seller — — and “haggling” over the price of vegetables.

It’s NOT about her looks, or age, BOY! Her MIND is what counts . . .

This lady was nothing spectacular to look at — — in fact some (or most!) might say “plain and dowdy” — — or just “plain”.

She was nowhere near fit either — — and was FAT, actually … if I were to be perfectly honest with you!

Neither was she young — — or stylish — — or any of the “metrics” used (normally) to measure attractiveness in women.

But she had that vibe, oh boy, she had that vibe … and something that of course drew me to her other than the vibe were her feet!

Those lovely, broad Indian feet — — the toes painted just the right shade of pink … large toes, and long as well … and those broad, sexy soles … and heels cracked just that much …

She was wearing plain silver flip flops, and the entire picture was JUST like the pair of feet on the cover of the “Serving an Indian Goddess” compilation — — a highly, highly acclaimed piece of work and one you simply must grab if you’re in any way, shape or FORM serious about … FEMDOM!

Puns and rhymes aside, and aside from the fact that (as I’m sure I will find it inscribed on my tombstone — — and yours by now too, if you’re following me daily and closely!) her LOOKS — or external appearance matters NOT when it comes to TRUE femdom — I was reminded of something.

An event that occurred years and years ago, and an event that for some reason “stuck in my mind”.

I’ve mentioned this briefly in emails before, but I will do so again — now!!

Many years ago, yours truly was a skinny lad in high school — — and the girls were wearing skirts as part of their school uniforms. Yes, those were the days of school uniforms — -at least where I was at that point in my life — — white school skirts, and black shoes.

Sounds plain, but it was anything but, especially with their LEGS on full display, and for a randy 13 year old interested in femdom … well …!

One afternoon, I saw a couple of girls giggling at me, both Indian girls.

One was a girl who had asked my permission to “cheat from me” during the exams — — something I wasn’t too happy about and denied, but something I think she did anyway (although I did NOT condone it!).

And the second was her friend, and for whatever reason they were laughing. I believe it wasn’t at me specifically, but they saw me notice them.

They giggled at me.

“Whats up, Michael”

“Uh, not a lot”. And for some reason I looked at the second girl (her name was “Shikha”)’s eyes. For some reason those eyes suddenly seemed mocking, the state DOMINANT and penetrating, those young eyes seemingly penetrating to the very depths of my SOUL itself — as the other girl looked on, laughing, eyes inquisitive and ablaze with curiosity.

And I remember thinking that her shoes were dirty, and …

Out of the blue, the command came!

Believe it or not … it came … and half playfully, and yet (subconsciously) half knowingly, she commanded loudly …

“Clean my shoes, boy! Hurry!”

And she did it in their local language, which is Hindi, and the language Ms. Priyanka, her of the “Indian Goddess” series rightfully made me learn…!

“Joota saf kar! Chal, jladi!” This said in the most mocking and humiliating manner possible.

And they giggled it away later, but I still remember Shikha looking at me with those eyes.

Years later, as I think about it deeply, I believe there was some small talk that happened, maybe …I think “what happened” or something was what they were asking as they sensed I wasn’t happy about the cheating/copying … 

… I didnt tell them, I think, maybe I did, I dont remember the exact occurences, but they started giggling, and … well, I dont know how it came around to that topic .. but! 

Some things are MEANT TO HAPPEN – like with Shikha Ma’am! I wonder where she is, over 40 now, probably dominating, FAT, bratty, feet perfectly pedicured, so NICE (like the lady I saw last afternoon..)

That afternoon, the first thing I did upon going home was to lock myself in my room, and jerk off — — and combined with Madam Vandana, our physics teacher (that’s another tale for another time — — another Indian lady!) and the memories of her feet, toes painted BRIGHT RED, it didn’t take me long to cum at all.

And this girl, by the way, wasn’t a looker either — — and didn’t have the best of figures either (unlike Ms Vandana who at the time had both, but again, that’s a different tale for a different time!).

Its never about her looks, boy — -its about her dominant vibe — — and serving her as she deserves to be, and while I (obviously) never got around to doing it that day — — I still remember that day as vividly as if it happened yesterday — — and it is, in my opinion, one of the solid BEDROCKS upon which my entire philosophy of femdom has been founded!

Indeed, Madam!

And that’s that for now. Hope you enjoyed this little blast from the past as much as I did bringing it to you — — believe me, it was humiliating when she said that — especially considering many other girls (and some guys) were looking on, but that didnt prevent me sprouting the boner of my nascent post-puberty LIFE at that point — and I’d probably have done exactly what she said if our Biology teacher (NO pun intended, and neither do I believe in coincidences ..!) had not walked in at that point!

But that is but the tip of what the humiliation iceberg ENCOMPASSES, my friend — — and if you’re into that — — and if you’re reading this, I bet you are — — well then Humiliation Central will be RIGHT UP your alley, my friend. Check it out right here — —


Mike Watson

P.S.- Be sure and check out our very extensive collection of Chinese femdom here-

Indian Femdom

Priyanka Malkin, Paye Lagu !

She truly IS too GOOD to wipe her own ass, BOY!

And more on licking it before she went (so she could! ;)) and CLEANING it (in the most humiliating and debasing manner possible) AFTER SHE WENT !

And . . . but oh boy!

Just thinking about it makes my head SPIN — in more ways than ONE!

This morning I wrote about Mistress Dana to my email list (and if you’re into true femdom, there really isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t be signing up for that list, my friend — it’s free — forever — no matter what!)

Here is where you can sign up —

And HERE is the post I wrote, an immensely popular one already —

Dominant, superior and BRATTY . . . as she DESERVES TO BE! Paye lagu MADAM JI. . . !

Only if, or IF ONLY, as I wrote towards the end of the post!

She truly was a superior, dominant and RICH lady, all in one, but I need NOT have worried.

But then again, I didnt have a crystal ball at the time, hehe.

Little did I know I’d be doing what I wanted to with her; to serve her in the most humiliating manner possible with the INCOMPARABLE Mistress Jyoti . . . or shall we say Ms. Priyanka.

Goddess Priyanka.

Perhaps Perfect Mistress Priyanka would be the best way! God (dess) my fingers are trembling and have a life of their own as I write this, and as for Goddess Jyoti, thats a tale for my blog, boy, and I’ll get to it soon! 😉

Anyway I wrote about Dana, and how she “forgot” to flush the toilet after she used it.

And how my you know what sprang to attention right there and then, even after looking at the revolting, yet PERFECTLY (she’s perfect, and so is her excrement, boy! ;)) shaped turd floating right there in the bowl . . .

We TRUE femdom lovers are nothing but extreme!

And yet, thats all it led to — at that time.

Years later, I’d be serving my Madam Priyanka in ways FAR more debasing than this, and as to what happened damn near every morning when we finally “got back together” (You fans of the Indian Goddess series will remember that there was a period where we were seperated; but true feeling never stays apart for long, and so it was with Madam and myself!).

And true femdom spans EVERYTHING, my friend. Continents, race, religion, creed, color, everything.

In fact, the only color I remember right now is the lovely brownish color of the bottom of her feet, her ass, and of course the black dicks that took me on a regular basis.

And . . without further ado, here is more on (actually a VERY SMALL SNIPPET) of life with the lovely Ms.!

Yes, I’ll laugh at you, BOY! Thats ALL you deserve!

These thoughts, and more, flashed through my mind as I gently entered her bedroom at 6:30 A.M. sharp, which is when she woke up on weekdays, the extra half hour allowing her to prepare for the workday ahead, as opposed to 7 A.M. on weekends.

Yes, my Ms. was still an early riser, for those who are wondering!

And she lay there, asleep, as I remembered how I’d been ordered to massage her feet last night until she fell asleep, which must have taken a couple of hours at the very least.

Combined with my slight jet lag, and the fact I hadn’t done this for anyone in ages, it was only natural to expect me to “slack off” in the middle of my duties, a fact she didn’t quite like, irritably poking me into the groin as I shifted positions, or paused to give my fingers a break.

“Zor se (harder!)”, she’d command as my fingers worked her arches, desperate for a break, my cock raging within the cage it had been put into again,

My “lund” as it was called in Hindi, feeling a strange sense of excitement run through me at the thought of the foreign language I was being made to learn rather rapidly, a word that women didn’t generally use except when with close friends as opposed to men who bandied it about as if it were the most natural thing to do, and a word that sounded especially sexy when she said it, those lovely lips pursing as she uttered the “lu (pronounced “lu-uh-nd”)” syllable that began the word.

And finally she had enough, kicking me out irritably as I disturbed her as yet not sound sleep one times too many.

And now, as I entered, tired and aching all over from the hard bed I had “slept” on for a few hours, the heat and humidity unlike anything I had experienced before, an erection built as I noticed the lovely lady in the centre of the bed, sleeping on her stomach just as I remembered her, one beautiful, shapely leg poking out of the blanket, the soles of her feet staring at me.

Soles that were as beautiful as ever, soles that called out to me to get down and lick them until she commanded me to stop, soles that I desperately wanted to kiss, massage, and care for her, the pedicures she was getting in India clearly not as good as the ones I administered, at least from the looks of her heels which were starting to crack.

But then again, that’s to be expected, I thought.

She didn’t have her slave with her all these days, a slave whose sole job was to take care of her from head to toe…

And I bent to the task I so enjoyed doing, my cock screaming as the spikes of the chastity device bit into the reed like, almost brittle, shaft of my cock, at the same time pulling down on my nut sack in a painful fashion, as I gently lifted the blanket off her, and turned the air-conditioner to a comfortable 22 degrees Celsius, up from the 20 degrees it was at when she was covered with a thick blanket.

A soft, velvety blanket that stood out in sharp contrast to the dry, ragged and torn blanket I had been provided with, though of course the heat meant I did not need it at that point.

I parted the cheeks of her ass ever so gently, the smell a bit revolting even though I was turned on by it, and familiar as well. As I did this, I kissed each cheek gently, mentally thanking them for the opportunity I was getting.

Her ass cheeks, those lovely, firm, well shaped ass…

Oh, Ms. I thought, as her lovely asshole, the same one that I had worshipped so often before beckoned me, the walls of her anal passage almost glistening, as I applied myself to the task I had so wanted to do ever since she had left.

Oh, my lovely Goddess, my owner, I thought, as my tongue eagerly probed her asshole, the musty, rank smell enveloping my nostrils, as if she hadn’t cleaned the area well enough, but I didn’t care.

I’m there to clean it, I thought. That’s my job, not hers. Those lovely fingers of her should never have to touch an asshole, even if it’s hers!

I lapped away like a dog, as she slowly woke with moans of delight, clearly enjoying this.

“Oh, God!” she gasped, as the familiar sensations of pleasure ran through her, as she reached behind and roughly shoved my face into her ass, just like old times.

“Oh, you fucking bitch”, she moaned. “You don’t know how much I missed this”.

Down, bitch!

And I licked her as she relaxed and writhed with pleasure for a few minutes, before it abruptly ended, as she farted powerfully as I licked her.

The stench was overpowering and unbearable, rotten eggs being the first thing (amongst many) that came to mind, and I involuntarily drew my head back, expecting a slap to the face for doing so, but unable to help myself.

And the moment was broken, as she too was surprised, finally bursting out laughing.

“I should punish you for that, bitch”, she said, turning over, and lightly slapping my face with her foot.

“But at least now you know what I meant earlier about making it easier to go after an ass licking from you, bitch! Sure enough remedy for constipation, as I once think I said!”

She laughed heartily, as I stared at her lovely soles, still enveloped in the desire than had taken hold of me while servicing her anally, wanting to pleasure her more, wanting to her bring her to orgasm…

But she roughly pushed me away.

“Get my bottle of water, boy!”

And I got her a bottle of Bisleri mineral water (the Indian equivalent of Evian) as she drank thirstily, and proceeded to the bathroom.

“Boy!” the call rang out a short while later as I made her bed, and I knew what I had to do.

Or at least I thought I knew what I had to do!

As I entered the bathroom, I noticed something strange.

My lovely Ms. was not standing there impatiently, legs spread wide, elbows on the bathroom sink as I might have expected her to.

She was still sitting on the commode, reading a book which she had taken with her to the toilet (another one of those “manly” habits which I see no reason a woman shouldn’t adopt as well!), her painted toenails almost beckoning me to kiss them, and…

And she SHOULD have those manly habits. Why should men have all the pleasure, and fun, BOY? 😉

She’s a goddess regardless of her AGE, BOY! You better understand this NOW!

And if you’re salivating as yet, and if you’re a true femdom lover- you really SHOULD BE; just WAIT.

Just WAIT till what happens right after what I posted . . . or if you can’t wait, grab the Sequel now, and find out for yourself!

She truly is a superior Goddess.

They all are. They deserve to be worshipped — in every way possible, and then some, BOY!

And yes, they ARE too good to wipe their own asses after going (in case you needed a primer of whats to come).



Mike Watson (I best get “off” — pun NOT INTENDED!- here while I still can — oh boy!)

P.S.- The above is one such scintillating tale of Indian femdom, a rabidly popular theme for many Mike Watson fans. Here are more:

P.S #2 — And to read about all the humiliation (and there is a LOT!) these lovely CHINESE ladies put me through, here is where you can go:

Indian Femdom

The Indian Goddess working out at the park

I’d lick the sweat off her armpits, she’s that much of a Queen! (and so would YOU, hehe)

Most of you know that while Mike Watson is many things — writer, entrepreneur, and a bonafide fanatical slave to the lovely ladies from the Chinese mainland that he so often talks about — WORKING OUT is one of is other pet passions, and one he nurtures with great care indeed.

And so he should — and should YOU should, my friend — working out regularly is KEY to keeping your horomones and sex drive at optimal levels — and if you’re into orgasm denial — — or even ruined orgasms — — believe me, the sheer mixture of the “suppressed” orgasm (read “ejaculate”) plus the sheer LUST and sex drive the right workouts can give you will literally make your head spin if you do it right.

Workouts should be chosen with care, of course.

It’s short intense routines — BURSTS, if I might say so — done with bodyweight that give you the max benefit for your buck both healthwise and “lust” wise — — but hey, wait a minute.

I seem to going off on an exercise tangent here, don’t I?

Ok, ok. I know. My bad!

So anyway, I often work out outdoors at a local park, and this lady — this Indian lady shows up often.

By the looks of her she doesn’t look like she’s much of an exercise fan — if anything, she probably rarely does anything other than slow walks.

But I’ve seen her so many times in that park that I know it’s not a “coincidence” (not that I believe in those anyway) and she’s always there at the same times I am — for a reason! (and the other way around too — I’m there when she is for a reason too).

Fetch me a beer, boy!

Vibes, vibes, VIBES, and though this lady is usually fully clothed from head to toe — though she’s middle aged and has a child — and though she appears to be married — does any of it take away from the sheer SEXUALITY that exudes from her?

I’m not sure what exact preferences she has in that regard, of course, being that I’ve never actually spoken to her, but boy does she have that look in the eye!

THAT look in the eye — — the look I refer to SO OFTEN in all my writings!

That look that clearly says, “I own you, BOY!”

The look that speaks volumes — — and the look, which combined with a slight flick and a knowing, raised eyebrow can literally bring a man to his knees — — even an outwardly “strong, virile male” (as I’ve often been referred to) like yours truly!

I’ve seen her feet once — lovely, broad feet with the toes usually painted a shade of deep red — — or light pink.

And when she’s wearing sandals, the dust on the park sticks to her soles, and it takes me ALL the self control I’ve got not to literally drop to my knees and “kiss the dust” between her lovely feet!

And all this with barely ANY skin show — other than a lovely forefinger with a nicely manicured nail and light colored nailpolish that somehow “glistens” when that finger is raised.

The other day she passed by me, and gave me a look — a fleeting, brief look — barely a second if even that — but the VIBES said it all, my friend.

The VIBES (as opposed to the monsoon humidity) were what hung in the air, and as she moved away, I was in a state of delirium — and have been since then.

After a hard, hard workout!

I ended up breaking my self imposed chastity for this lovely lady as well — — and though it was more of a ruined orgasm than anything else, I’ll admit that it was probably 10% real and 90% ruined — — as opposed to close to 100% ruined — — but did it matter?

Not an iota. The minute I think about her, I “spring to attention” again, and that is what is happening right now.

A true Goddess if there ever was one. Perhaps an older version of Goddess Priyanka who I wrote about (what seems like) all these years ago?

Perhaps her name IS Priyanka?

Who knows — but I do know the effect she’s having upon me — and I do know just how hard it is to keep a raging boner in check in that regard as well!

And it isn’t just her. As I have spoken about before, dominant women seem to come out of the woodwork “naturally” the more I deny myself — — and truth be told, it doesn’t even take a word sometimes before sparks start to fly.

And no, age doesnt matter. Her body shape doesnt matter. It may enhance the attraction, but it isnt the primary source of attraction — — not even close!

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again — her MIND — and her mentality is what is important! And it all, at the end of the day comes down to that look in the eye — — the raised eyebrow, and of course the raised forefinger as well … ?

Paye Lagu, Madam!

So if you’re a male currently in the well populated boat of “I never seem to attract the right ladies” — — well this email right here has some great tips for you. See if you can spot ’em!

Along with that, if you are truly interested in honing, building and PERFECTING that submissive vibe of yours, guys, then be sure to halt any and all full orgasms from here on in.

Experience the sheer mental bliss and SUSTAINED feeling of LUST — and increased submissiveness towards your lady while you’re on the “ruined orgasm” program — — and chances are, as they say, you’ll never go back!

Oh, and by the way, do ya’ll remember the dude I spoke about often — — the one I was communicating with on Twitter? The one that was “new to being locked up” — but quickly grew into it and is apparently enjoying it? Well, I heard back from him and here is what he told me : –

I don’t think I’m going to get to cum very much anymore. I’m getting a new metal cage (note — he upgraded from plastic!). Comes Friday. I can’t help it. I feel good in it! Though of being cage free seems UGH! I like wearing it. Makes me feel secure and Owned. And I like that feeling! Vanilla sex no more. It’s overrated.

My response — — Indeed, my friend. INDEED — as I told you all those messages ago, vanilla sex can be quite overrated at times — — especially when you tune into your submissive side the right way. You’ll never want to go back!


Mike Watson

P.S.- Here is the link to the best darn femdom community EVER-The Watson faithful

P.S #2 — Here, for your reference, are the “Indian Goddess” novels I refer to here — —

Indian Femdom

“usko bahut ache se tharak chadi hai!”

I still remember those words!

And this morning, as I watched a man – penis not too huge, but not tiny either -the pubes so DENSE, oh so INVITING, I just wanted to bury my face in them and suck his dick, and pubes too – I told him this.

“Sir, spread your legs wide, let me suck it, please your nipples – such a pity for that magnificent COCK and lovely hot CUM to go to waste!”

It literally splashed, SPLOOSHED, and BLASTED against the camera, so HOT – I could feel it against my face,  I could smell the sweat on his balls, I could … smell his cum! ??


And, with my wife – sex NEVER Happens – and when it does, ONLY other men and their penises are on HER – and my mind. Hehe.

One time, I was comparing black dicks with her.

Three men, all long dongs, lovely ones!

I could hardly – pun intended – choose!

But my wife, her lovely sexy eye – had it spot on!

She pointed ONE out – which was REALLY hard, had a life of it’s own. 

Bobbing up and down, SO HORNY, no help needed, like the penis I saw this morning!

“He’s really horny!” she pointed, eyes gleaming, as I kept leaking – licking – her – and both! 

And she’s right.

When a man’s really horny, isnt it sexy how the penis takes on a life of it’s own, weaving and bobbing almost?

And the cock SLIT – oh my!

My, it’s so nice.

So is my wife, the ultimate CUCKOLDRESS ever – along with Madam Su, of course. Hehe.

And for you guys out there, pick up the above linked books, and the ODES to Madam – you’ll literally BE there WITH me watching those dongs dangle, and the femdom HEAT UP! OH MY!


Mike Watson

PS – Penis is sexy by itself, hard – or GETTING hard, and YOU getting it hard, sissy – and my latest book Penis Central is dedicated just to PENIS. Get it NOW.

As Etienne once said…

Cocks are just sexy! 

and they are! Muah!

What a LOVELY PENIS, and the foot beneath – perfect COMBO!

Thats Jigyasa Ma’am – and Sir. And those books are LIFE CHANGING – as readers have said too, so get ’em NOW.

Not to mention, you’ll have the BLAST of your life too. HEhe. Pun intended, not! And yes!

Indian Femdom

3 generations of Madam’s, all so… PERFECT!

The vibe, Ma’am, the vibe!

Thats what does it.

Perfect Madam Becky, and her daughter for instance.

I thought Madam was 30, her daughter 8.

Turned out Madam is far more (which I knew, but never cared). Her daughter is 18!

Her mom is over 60 …

“You only like women that have popped out kids and are over 35, with fat bellies!” I can still remember a former friend sarcastically saying.

A guy who of course hasn’t had half the “success” with the opposite gender, or any that I have ..

It’s never about age, my friend. True femdom, and I’ve said this before is about her mind, period.

And older ladies?

The older, the better!


So nice, so dominating!

And “Grandma”, pressing her feet … oh so nice!

Indian Femdom Recollections mentions the “choti malkin, badi malkin” tale, till date one of the most erotic, and SATISFYING (that being most important, for me and HER) things to ever happen to me!

Serving her Mom, so good at giving instructions, then she kicks me away to her daughter, who doe sthe same!

Or, as I detailed in Serving an INdian Goddess, serving three ladies at once!

Perfect Saloni Ma’am, Paye Lagu, perfect Memsahib JI! Thank YOU for putting your feet up, Ma’am, such an HONOR!

Or, as I had the sheer privilege and pleasure … of …

being Owned by Madam Aa LING!

She’s such a Queen, the former sex worker that took me so expertly in hand, I never had sex with her either and wouldn’t dare ask!

My favorite part of writing that book, a very well received one was licking her mother’s ass — a cruddy, 65 year old at the time ass which had never ever been licked!

And as the old lady moaned, and got used to her role, I felt like … on planet, cloud nine.

Serving women, GETTING them into it, and reminding them always, of their true place in life, is so nice!

“Thank you is permitted!”

came the concise, clear, CRISP reply from perfect Madam Gaby, after I begged her to allow me to thank her publicly for …

… well, posting on Twitter!

Speaking of which I forgot to send heartfelt thanks to Ma’am for her last two posts, I better do it now!

Heartfelt being key.

Paye Lagu, Madam!

You’re so superior, always the very best!


Mike Watson

PS — Pick up the books above. You, the femdom lover will LOVE them and wont be able to get enough!

Indian Femdom

I just want to massage Ma’am’s feet, but…

In one of my best books “Garima Madam’s bitch” (and also “Garima Madam – the Prologue“) – I mention, well, in the first book – at the start – how the femme fatale from a small Indian town lies there in her lovers arms … SOLES – their soles – on full display!

Along with her lovers long floppy COCK resting on his balls… big balls!

And the head – snout – pointing at me as I massaged their feet, or hers rather mostly – as the night wore on, the A/C kept buzzing (she can’t live without A/C these days, a girl that never had it growing up!).

So it should be.

This morning I had to wake the wife up – per her commands last night.

So I did!

But she waved me away sleepily, she didnt want to wake up.

So I went, but before that …

I saw her on her side, her SOLES on full display, of course, I had to start massaging – again – right there and then!

She moaned, sleepily extended a foot and went back to bed.


And I continued pressing her feet for a while, A/C buzzing…

And she continued sleeping, to me, thats the best part, so ROMANTIC!

No sex or anything required!

Cuck dream you’d think?

Well, along with seeing my own butt in a dream last night, I woke up to thoughts of Nandini Ma’am – and her mom – and their feet – and them playing with my nipples, but nothing else, but anyway, with my wife, this was not always the case.

For years, she’d wake up, demand sex after that (in a happy way of course!).

And of course, for cucks – you know how that works out!

It took a while for the subconscious conditioning techniques I talk about in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China” to work.

It took EVEN longer for those in Cuck Central to work – now we’re at a point where we she even orders me brusquely “dont look at my legs!” i.e. focus on the SOLES! Hehe.

But work they did …

And it’s so romantic, isnt it, cucks?

Just pressing her feet, with NO Expectation of sex later …

And the only sex these days – PLENTY – I mean PLENTY of ravishing, groveling oral for her.

She hardly even touches my cock. Hehe.

So she shouldnt!

She does tweak my nipples hard tho occasionally – oh my! Occasionally she’ll flick ’em – carnal pleasure like NEVER BEFORE!

Anyway – in this crazy world of ours femdom provides a lovely release into how it “could be” and how it should be.

For hours, you can focus on nothing else but HER.

And it should be that way!

As I keep asking a certain Sophia…

“Ma’am, can I massage your feet please?” 

“Ma’am, can I give you a foot massage?” 


Get started learning about the joys of GIVING – female domination – TODAY.

And thats that. Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – While I’ve written a lot on Nandini Ma’am here – look for a book to be out on her – and her lovely MOTHER – soon! So gorgeous, that Mom-daughter combo, Ma’am, Paye Lagu!

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