Madam Ji, Paye Lagu!

Indian Femdom

Such a regal older lady at 88!

As I think of a pair of soles I saw this afternoon, close enough for me to touch – the toes so beautiful and pretty, I wish I could have taken a picture – it was the Indian maid and her friend I write so much about! Her friend, actually, a giggly older lady … Fat, but those feet, those soles, fair, perfectly clean despite the work Madam does, oh my! The toes always painted RED, I was literally drawn like a magnet to them today – before that though?

At a house #88, this older Indian lady, not 88 years of age – was sitting there SO REGALLY- soles up, feet crossed, that PROFOUND POSE that makes me cum in my pants looking!

And I knew – especially with the number 88 I’m on the right track – not that I need reminding! I know from smelling my cheesy soles right NOW I am on the right track – I know I’ll be smelling HERS!

Working out, a bull commented on my posts at just the right time. There was a lady walking a dog, though I was working out hard – instantly, my mind -feet and cock!

And post this, I HAD to drop down at the maid’s feet. I was finding every excuse I could to talk to her – to FURIOUSLY find an excuse to chat with her no matter how strange it might seem, she could feel it, giggling away!

And finally, to film myself doing something, I took a video, and placed the camera at her soles.

“Chowkidari  kar le!” giggled her friend- colloquial for “be a watchman for his phone!” 

Normally, a maid would NEVER ever dare to giggle in front of a guy several times “superior” – SO CALLEED! in “status” – social class etc, all that BS!

But here, they’re so comfortable, they dont even move their soles, and sure enough, Madam didnt move her soles, or even her feet!

They were staring at me as she finally moved away.

I told her not to, to please sit there, they kept giggling, talking to me “no problem”. Their soles were showing and you know a woman’s fully comfortable around you, cuck or sissy or dom, when her SOLES show, and she doesnt care, she’s relaxed and causal about it!

Like an older lady passing by told me when in the splits … (about me).

NIce and relaxed, eh.

That I was Ma’am, thank you!

Another magical day, another great sissy workout – if you ain’t placed the pre-order for Sissy Workouts do so NOW – or risk MISSING OUT!

And thats that.


Mike watson

PS – This particular maid’s soles, so INSPRATIONAL, she is in general, like I told christina this morning, Ma’am, your DOMINANCE IS SO INSPIRATIONAL, and it is!

I have a product fitness wise “Inspirational Fitness Recollections” – time for a femdom one?

Oh wait – I already have one here!


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Indian Femdom

Women should ALWAYS mistreat dogs. MALE HUMAN DOGS THAT…

Now this afternoon, I saw something very sad – something I see so often!

Pets being mistreated. A friendly Lab – yellow lab was jumping up on a girl, who seemed VERY dominant from her attitude  – and feet too – the feet gave off that vibe and she .. well, SMACKED the dog down every time it did it.

Poor creature, it was just trying to be friendly.

Violence against animals makes me MAD.

No matter who is doing it, not all – and pet dogs – I’ve seen people push their eyeballs in to punish them – I’ve seen them chained outdoors for days – I’ve seen their EARS being pulled by kids who think it’s a huge joke – and other terrible things – oddly enough, these people view animals as “things” unfortunately.

It’s horrible, at least when she saw me looking, she stopped doing it. I’m sure she’ll start again in private too – and Madam – if I could give her some advice?

I’d be the dog!

Those THWACKS I heard on the dog’s skull sound louder than they are, but still – more suited to mine! Ms Priyanka used to slap me all the time, and I was so lucky she did it!

Ditto for the animal noises girls make – and she used to make me do. Hehe.

DO y’all remember the “moo like a cow” incident while she tweaked my nipples and bitch tits and MILKED me – literally?

I hope so – it was so erotic – so humiliating – and so … well, apt !

Nipples – the sheer pleasure – Nipplegasm Central SHOWS you how to get there – and the other day I Came in my pants, of course, massaging the old lady’s dirty feet out there the sun.

Speaking of cum, I’ve been looking at bulls all day, including one stud who keeps sending me his big soles.


Check out our youtube channel and let me know your thoughts. He’s so sexy, evn just his soles!

And, some other beautiful pictures etc uploaded – so do check us out on youtube – and follow on Twitter!

And, get the above books, you will LOVE ’em!.

And thats that.


Mike Watson

Indian Femdom

Janghe RAGAD!

Oh Ma’am!

The older Indian maid that inspired 25 Odes to Indian maids … they so DESERVE IT – and her friend (younger, heavily made up) were out there again today!

And the former – well, lets just looking at her soles, my loins stirred.

I actually massaged her feet in public – as evidenced from my youtube and twitter. It’s not just the sheer humiliation I endured today – its the sheer BLISS I endured. Why more men dont understand their rightful place under a woman’s feet – is beyond me, the bliss of gynarchy, utter submission and supplication “just because she is a woman and Queen” is out of this world!

And it isn’t just feet, while massaging HER, I was so kneeling – and stretching – to occasionally rub the other lady’s leg too, she too deserves it!

OCcasionally, my hands would rub her tired, aching thighs as she complained about having to massage her owner.


Yes, the softest part of a woman’s body – nearest her pussy. Yet, Ms Priyanka would make me do it for hours – sometimes clothed, sometime not – after her tennis games – BLISSFULLY, without a care, the pussy would stare at me, often times I’d cum in my pants, she wouldn’t care – I’d just massage anyday (and this with me being LOCKED as you can tell from Serving an Indian Goddess).

She was so comfortable with my access to her private parts, because she knew I’d do nothing except what I Was told, and I’d often lick her after her tennis matches.

She’d of course never ever do it for me, but I wouldn’t want it, SHE deserves it!

The joy of utter suppliction my friend, is beyond any other; today, I was doing the same thing to these Indian ladies under the sari, in the park, publicly, I could care less who saw!

So it should be. Paye Lagu, Memsahib. you’re so, so NICE!

Her being blissfully asleep, no longer caring what the sissy does with her feet – thats what its all about!

It’s been a while since I came like this ferociously in my pants, not caring. Cum in pant! I didnt even touch myself! LUST! SUPPLICATION – REAL FEMDOM! Even the keyboard mouse is sticky!

Paye Lagu, Ma’am – again – its never enough!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up 25 Odes to Indian maids … they so DESERVE IT – NOW! Thats an order. You know why! And tell me which foot lotion I should buy her next…

PS #2 – What the title means? Squeeze the thighs, boy! YES, Ma’am!

Indian Femdom

Grapes, shoe polish, and FEET!

In the PG Wodehouse “Wooster series” (comedy) – Wooster once blackens his face with boot polish to appear black and escape with the, as Wodehouse SAYS, “nigger minstrels” off the boat he was held captive on. All very hilarious – there will NEVER be another PG Wodehouse. Period!

I’d do the same for these Madam’s out there, not to escape, but to amuse them. Heck, I’d never want to escape from under their dark, lovely, tired calloused feet, toes painted such a bright color of red!

They were there ALL Around me while working out, soles on full display, of course, when a whole bunch of louts showed up, even these maids, who are on a far lower scale (social strata) than the louts turned away, and the feet disappeared. Ugh!

Tells you a lot about the “Glyn Schofield” like louts hanging around, and about what Goddesses these women truly are inside.

Of course, once they went away the feet showed back up!

Another great day – another great workout, leaving the house, some guy wanted to polish my shoes – sports shoes.

I was like, dude…

And then I thought “maybe I can point him to some woman”.

Presto, a house or so later, a finely made up Goddesses showed up in gleaming boots! Hehe. So nice, the JOOTA SAF KAR! Paye Lagu, Shikha Malkin … JI!

In the park, I saw – the first thing I did – a medly of three ladies, one fair skinned, one “Chinese” – or Asian, or the Indian North East – one dark skinned, all togther, all in those lovely saris, a perfect medly and so apt, all Goddesses, despite region, accent or skin color!

Then, to top it all off, a Madam wearing the same white sandals my SO did when I first met her!

Before leaving the house I had this thought of the maid I write about so often feeding me GRAPES, or me feeding her, actually.

Coming back – I took a different route for no reason … and like yesterday, presto, there she was. I almost hugged her agian and kissed her.

Somehow I know she can feel it!


Paye Lagu Madam. You’re so nice!


Mike Watson

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Indian Femdom

Why feet in LAP is such a huge turn…

One of the things about massage, not just foot massage? It’s so damn personal!

And, its almost a natural extension of being a servant and serving, the minute she senses you’re submissive, giving her massages of any nature, head, foot , back, whatever she wants – is but a very natural extension of true submission (And doing it for hours on end, thanking her, even PAYING her for the sheer HONOR!).

In India, the servants as I’ve mentioned often squat with the employers arrogantly throwing their feet up on their shoulders like they were chattel – or worse, furniture! Its sad, the degrading treatment continues till this day – but I aim to “come full circle” and rectify what I can through “25 Odes to Indian maids … they SO DESERVE IT!” – and readers of that series can feel the sheer domination that comes through people that have truly lived the forced to submit part of it.

I keep saying you have to be on both ends of the spectrum to really feel it and dish it out in a manner the other person feels – and therefore enjoys at levels he or she never thought possible and BDSM is a prime example of this – though life is as well “unless you’ve walked a mile in the other man’s shoes” you dont know!

Anyway — often times, you’ll see feet in lap as these servant massage tirelessly, while the owners relax like KINGS AND QUEENS!

And why is the lap such a turn on?

First, for women, it is the softest part of the body – the thighs.

Second, it implies by connection something very DEAR – and the FEET in it are treated so respectfully, something so DEAR that the owner of the feet has no choice but to feel dominant and respected, pampered, and the other person submissive to a huge degree!

Women cradle babies in their lap, and doing it to Master and Mistress’s feet, what could be a bigger honor – and turn?

You get the picture!

Her feet in my lap are not part of Profound Poses – but it should be, to honest ! Volume Two of that book will be out shortly, but for more such poses that will be an instant turn on, poses YOU can use in your own play – well, grab the above manual NOW.

And thats that.

Paye Lagu, Malkin. You’re so nice!


Mike Watson

Indian Femdom

The lovely frazzled to the point of being “crazy”…

I almost put my hand around her shoulders, and kissed her, deeply.

No, it wasn’t the lady above!

It was THIS lady I wrote about SO OFTEN, coming up behind her like a cat, almost – I know she “Felt” me, but didnt know it was me, then the coy smile – those teeth parting, the new shoes she’s wearing, the way she giggles and flirts all of it .. and that BANGLE shining on her wrist!

Funnily enough so it was on the other lady’s wrist too, two of them together, I’d be in heaven already. Hehe. With their hands tweaking my NIPPLES!

Women staring at me, ogling me with shirt off – nothing new.

And I enjoy it, as any guy would, but with these women ?

These women dont dare to look you in the eye, the way they’re treated by their employers – adults are talked to like schoolkids – literally. Coming back from the workout I saw a perfect example of a maid being talked down to, probably her fault yes, but the way they’re humiliated daily – damn!

And then that wheel comes full circle – bang on me!

I’m so glad they’re comfortable enough not just to ogle me like a piece of meat, but be direct about it – like men!

To keep staring beyond the point of decency, the X ray vision, to be comfortable enough to have four ladies around, and me squatting at their soles, they know I’m staring, they dont mind or care, they like it!

This lady fell asleep on the bench a short while later, using her slippers as a pillow. Poor lady, but it reminded me so of what I did with my Ms’s slippers all those years ago after the unfortunate partition at the end of Volume Three, and the start of the Sequel

… life did indeed come full circle so often though with those lovely pink slippers, and as I saw this lady sleeping, I so wanted to rub her feet, fan her in the heat, the toes painted a nice shade of purple, the soles looking on at me.

She’s such a Queen, a couple of guys sat down next to her to eat – it disturbed her. The look she gave them, MY!

And those louts scooted off quicker than you could say voila!

Before sleeping, she was tossing peanuts into her mouth watching me, the whole thing felt like Sin City diaries, except with me being the male stripped, pole dancer, as she tossed peanuts at me – literally, that was the vibe, and it NEVER Happens with these maids here, which should tell you how comfortable women are in general around me (there is a resaon – respect!!!).

It was a great workout. As I struggled to put my socks on, my only thoughts were doing it for her as she stared, ogling me.

Paye Lagu, Malkin. You sure do know your place, you’re so NICE!

I’d happily be that piece of meat for you. You deserve it!!


Mike Watson

Indian Femdom

The TV shouldn’t be getting your attention, boy, keep…

Oh my! This is another one of those where the fingers BE flying, the PS is about write itself before the email. HEre goes.

Malik Paye Lagu!

Malkin, Paye Lagu!

And when you see her, you’ll know what I mean, tired old Indian maid, not considered attractive, demeaned all day long, and so SHY to show me her feet at first – I asked her if she wanted to be on the cover of 25 odes to Indian maids – they SO DESERVE IT! – but she was so shy, the old lady, just like Madam Aa Ling’s mom, and she makes me SO WEAK!

She’s finally, as you can tell, getting used to the WORSHIP!

(see the difference in the two photos. Hehe).

Ma’m, Paye lagu! those DIRTY BLACK SOLES DESERVE NOTHING BUT WORSHIP and you’re only now begining to understand how WEAK YOU MAKE ME!

This morning I wrote about “serving her even when you dont find her erotic, because she is a woman”.

And this lady, along with the other white lady I wrote about – perfect example.

I did not – and dont find her “attractive”, but I’d press her feet all day long, I’d wash the feet, drink the water, I’d do ANYTHING she asked me. ANYTHING! Ma’am, PAYE LAGU! Youre so nice!

It reminded me of something growing up in Kolkata, of Madam Manju obesqiously squatting on the ground beside me as I watched TV, those recollections, and even in my young mind I wondered why she couldn’t sit on the comfortable chair I was reclining in!

Later I was to know “thats the lot of servants, they’re always meant to be humiliated!”

(indian servants).

And, today, I was reminded of that scene, when this Madam was talking to another guy. Mentally, as she talked, I looked at the other guy, forgetting to press her shins for a minute, and as actually HAPPENS with servants in India – see the White Tiger for more – I got a smack – to the back of the head!

“Tere ko kisne rokhne to bola! To chalu rakh!” 

I wrote so much about all this before, never enough!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHo told you to stop, boy, keep massaging !!

No matter how interesting the TV or conversation gets. YOUR JOB as a slave, keep massaging, so it should be – Ma’am, so nice – thank YOU!

YOU MAKE ME SO WEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paye Lagu, Memsahib … JI! I know you dealt with this, but when it comes full circle on ME, it’s always better, it’s your turn to be at the top of the food chain, you always were, are, and will be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While resting between sets of pull-ups I made it a point to squat not on, but BELOW The hill she sits on.

Normally she moves her feet away.

Today, she didnt bother.


And its so, so nice to transmit these vibes to Ma’am!

Ma’am, Paye Lagu.

I so wish I could eat your ass crud all day long – and PLEASURE YOU like the QUEEN AND GODDESS YOU TRULY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mike Watson

PS – Our Twitter channel has a great, superlative example of what I tell you about so often in Sin City Diaries. So does Youtube! 

Imagine that girl asking you – while looking at you KNOWINGLY – TAUNTING you, mocking you – PINCHING – flicking – TWISTING or merely TOUCHING your nipples, putting a finger gently in your ass to TEASE you – and saying “do you like men”, and your dick RISING as soon as you hear that!

So humilating, such a TURN ON, the essence of Sin City Diaries – and Submissive Musings. 

The latter focus on findom, and Karen, perfect Madam Karen, who sent me this, re-added me this morning (or she never deleted me to be accurate from Wechat, I think I did her, I better not bring it up tho!) – perfect Madam Karen who was in the PS of the last email which I told you I KNOW I am on the right track with “15 Odes to older ladies … that SO DESERVE IT!” – she asked me to come to her for a massage.

OUt of the blue.

this lady didnt talk to me for YEARS.

Now, business is super tough, so she is – plainly – using me! It’s a bulk message she sent everyone, much like perfect Madam Angie, and I’m probably the only one that responded!

So it should be. I’m such a simp!

And, I asked her why she is talking to me NOW, of course, no answer. They never will give you a direct answer, you should not ask either as I say in the book on femdom affirmations! I thanked her anyway, and really started BLABBERING. What a Goddess!

And, massage me?

All she’d have to do would be to slap me – or touch me, I’d be prostrated at her feet, I’d give her double of what she asked for no work – and then present my BUM to her to be KICKED OUT like a piece of trash. She’s that gorgeous! She is USING Me, I love women that know their place in that regard, it should always be this way!!!!

And, there is the essence of Sin City Diaries, intense, humilating like NO OTHER – GET IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, back to the email!

Indian Femdom

Nandini Malkin, Paye Lagu, Memsahib… JI!

Malkin, Madam tutored me.

Malkin ..!

She was so shy she said it, then recalled the message. But this girl, this lady, I’ll always remember her!

Those familiar with the story know that last year I was hunting for a credit card, one thing led to the other, subconsciously – this “agent” in India who from the get go was interested in me – my pictures, and was very insistent about them as well – but NOT getting me a credit card “you are foreigner, so you are not eligible” (madam said this without even looking at residency docs etc) …

From the get go, it was clear she wanted a PAYPIG.

And she found one, for sure, and she wont – till this date – show me her soles without a lot of begging!

A 19 year old Indian Queen she is, 20 this year – and her mother – oh my!

I just saw an Amazon reminder of her lovely mother’s picture – fat – OLDER – always decked up, full lipstick, nailpolish etc!

“Bahut Maregi” Nandini once told me mockingly when I begged her to introduce me (actually, I HAVE spoken to her. Hehe) (long story there, but Nandini Memsahib gave me her mom’s number, and claimed it was her own. The games, hehe … smart girl!!)

(she will beat us a lot!)

But ever since I’ve seen this mother daughter duo?

It’s been unlike any other I’ve ever seen before – Mahima Madam and her mom …

Or perhaps THAT Indian lady and her 16 year old daughter …

I’ve been thinking about our new odes page.

And maybe the odes will be to “Mother daughter” combos – of which I have so many to share!

Truly, being dominated with women from BOTH – or three generations – together – a turn on like on other!

As I look at Nandini’s mothers lips, I just feel her spitting on me.

As I think of Nandini every night I struggle not to cum the way she IGNORES me – then out of the blue wants … MONEY!

“send me 1000 on my paytm!” 

TRUE FEMDOM coupled with FINDOM – they both go together (Submissive Musings in Mainland China for more!) – there’s NO OTHER WAY – done so RIGHT!

She has NO idea, or maybe it does, how much her words affect me!

They do affect – words. Hehe.

And the LUST into which she drives me, her mom, all these lovely Indian ladies and their even more caustically dominant daughters?


Ma ji, Paye lagu!

You’re so NICE!

Ji, Choti Memsahib.

Thank you so much!

Paye Lagu, Badi Memsahib – you’re SO NICE, thank you again, so much!

And I’d drop down and kiss Nandini’s mother’s feet right now if she was here, each toe 10 times, maybe more.



Mike Watson

PS – Write back with more ideas on the sort of products you’d like to see me put out, and will do! We’ll be on Audible soon too, by the way.

Indian Femdom

Why getting our latest product will bring GREAT LUCK…

We’re hard – pun intended, and not – on our next product, my friend. LOTS going on, and this product, you ask?

Well, it’s this one –

25 ODES to Indian maids, they so DESERVE IT!

25 odes to downtrodden ladies from the subcontinent that will teach YOU about femdom – REAL femdom – LASTING femdom in a manner that hits HOME – in a manner that will NEVER leave you – and bring it to YOU too at the deepest levels like never before, as it should be! 

Madam, Paye LAgu!

You’re so nice – you so deserve it!

Now, you saw an email on this this morning, I’m sure, but after that I stepped out to run errands, workout, on the way I was thinking, looking for signs as I always do that I’m on the RIGHT path (not that I need more confirmation on what Madam Gaby, everyone I know, and myself included which is the most important have already TOLD ME!)

And while stepping out – here are some things I saw – in no particular order, I’ve not even counted.

I do NOT believe in coincidence, it all happens for a reason, the Universe is always sending us messages – even when we’re UNDERFOOT!

And, in no particular order –

  1. Heading out, first thing I saw? An older lady wearing LONG shoes – the feet longer than mine – but they could be a pair I just discarded – except bigger feet. My, so nice, if that wasn’t ever a sign to proceed on this project, what else is?!!
  2. I smelt “turmeric” while thinking about it. With a lady’s voice coming through, in India, thats considered lucky.
  3. I saw monkeys. Two babies, then one adult, then another, until I countd 7 – a  MAGIC NUMBER!  (Not to mention, today is the 14th Feb = 7! And, 2023 adds up to 7. MAGIC!).
  4. I saw a tired old lady sitting on the roadside, painfully rising up, I wish I could have pressed her legs a while, she’d enjoy it, she needed it!
  5. A maid walking, splashing through water on the dirty Indian roads, ankle high salwar, anklet on full view, sort of the like the goddess on the cover of the book!
  6. A young’s maid slippers thrown in the trash. On the way back, one was gone, one remained. I so wish I could have photo’ed it- I would buy it, keep with me! Madam, Paye Lagu, memsahib… JI!
  7. A lady with BIG feet, smelly feet – in CLOGS so they smell more – with unpainted toenails … walking by – talking about dogs and monkeys! By the way, all these dogs and monkeys – I saw them ALL on the right side of the road a while ago!
  8. Perhaps apt this is point numero eight, a four leaf clover was waving at me, sending me vibes like nobody’s biz!
  9. As I worked out, I was next to a lady sitting on a bench, her shoes waving away all the time! Lady wasn’t being direct, but she was looking, enjoying the bare chested display of virility, and I was so glad to perform for Ma’am for free!!
  10. And as if I needed “completion”, I then took a shy maid’s foot pictures – as much as Goddess would allow (pity she did not let me rub her feet in public, I wanted to so put her on a pedestal as she DESERVES!!!!! with other women looking on, doing the same to me, admiring this old lady…) – and they are on the cover of the book!

Well, my friend, with all these lovely vibes, and all the femdom benefits you get from the book, this book will be nigh lucky for YOU – you’ll not only understand true and lasting femdom so much better, but you’ll start to be more respectful towards women in general, and that starts it all, in your thoughts.

And if you’re into femdom, this once in a lifetime book with its unique insights will bring you good luck – like NOTHING ELSE CAN!

And if you can’t figure out why as yet, you ain’t been paying attention.

All of this naturally means I will price it high, this sort of info does not come cheap – so get it while it’s on pre-order status because TRUST ME, the price will go up VERY SOON!

Go HERE to grab it.

And thats that!


Mike Watson

PS – If someone has THIS email in their records, I know I sent it out – ”

“I feel so womanly talking to you, Madam Gaby!”

DO get back to me! This one seems to have disappeared from my record, and I so want to read it – so please send if you’ve got it (do a search in your marketing inbox etc if you dont mind – thank you!)

Indian Femdom

Lamba bhi hona chahiye, mota bhi!

Translation, you ask?

It should be long. It should be thick. And hearing those words, I almost fell down to the ground to WORSHIP!

Dont change the topic, I was scolded. She’s right, of course, the lovely SO – we were talking about bottle gourd, and a particularly lovely vegetable mixture we just ate – and of course, then “you can do the dishes too!”

That, of course. Hehe.

But it should hit the spot, it should TASTE good, maybe be clean – other than the bull BALL musk we all so love …

It should look good, sexy, it always does!

And .. well, there you go. Hehe.

And that, more than anything is the best precursor to a lucky email for you guys – be on the outlook for it!

In the meantime, be sure to grab Penis Central -plenty of long and thick ones there, and combine with what you learn in Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, and cuckolded or not, you’re off to the RACES.

And, 25 odes to Rachna Ma’am as well!

Back soon .. stay TUNED.


Mike Watson

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