Servitude CENTRAL!



It’s always been so NATURAL for me! 


Dear Reader,

Paye Lagu, Memsahib JI!

Charan lagu, MADAM … JI!

At your feet, Madam!

Always UNDER your feet, MAdam!

It’s an honor to serve you, Madam! My place is less than the DUST beneath your soles, Goddess!

You’re so perfect Madam … JI!


“Say more boy! I like your compliments!” I can almost hear perfect Madam Susan’s voice ring out confidently.

What you say makes me very happy!

And anyway, Su…

… I just got back from trimming my fingernails. Thats how much I love femdom – I had a bit of an ingrown fingernail digging into my fingers, and here I am, pounding away with no care fo rthat finger!

But I need my fingers to press Susans feet, hehe. And her man’s soles!

And I need my fingers to do housework, write to you, and all that, but anyway, where was I?

Perfect Madam Susan.

And she was a Chinese lady, of course, au naturalle at femdom.

Perhaps that is one reason there has always been a nigh on PERFECT match between Chinese ladies and me from the word GO.

Even if I see a lady in a non fetish related setting, and especially if she is of CHINESE origin I’ll think FEMDOM first.

Illl call her Madam!

Or Madam JI!

And I’ll look at her feet respectfully, NOT in that “leering” manner – or “are they pretty manner”.


No, I’m not thinking “cum” when I see those feet. I’m thinking drop down, and press her feet, and serve her drinks as she relaxes on the phone with her boyfriend! Women deserve to be SERVED! On auto pilot, boy! 

Just because … my place is under her feet!



And she knows it!

And perhaps it’s my Indian upbringing (yours truly was in the subcontinent growing up) … or perhaps the Brit influence, or the American influence, I dont know … but the word “Madam” always has a lovely connotation for me!

It’s probably my Nazi feminist upbringing, as I mentioned on the other site.

And that ain’t good at all. REally. True femdom, or any “Dom” is about UNDERSTANDING the other person’s needs FIRST!

You have to walk in the other “man’s” shoes for it to be a success (is it any surprise that most successful Dominas for one have been on the OTHER side of the whip? I think NOT, my friend!).

But oddly enough, and curiously …

Femdom wise?

She’s always RIGHT ….. BOY!

Even more oddly enough, none of the ladies I’ve ever been with have “forced” me to do any of what I do.

The polar opposite, actually, as I mention in a few TRUE experiences in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” …

And yet I do it.

I just do it.

It’s so natural!

It’s something I can think, talk, and write about at the drop of a hat.

Thats how you know you like it that much!

And I just called Madam “Sevon”, a lady I barely even know on LinkedIn “Madam” in a decidely non-fetish sense!

There is something that is a huge turn on for MALES to worship and respect the FEMALE of the race!

And I dont know, but the “Ji” for me is the icing on the cake. Indian ladies have their own SCINTILLATING brand of femdom (is it any wonder that my first books on femdom have been Indian themed?) … and Garima Madam taught me the value of the words “Madam”, but most importantly “ji!”

Ji is a Hindi expression used to signify deep respect and superiority in a way to the person that its been “said to”.

The Hindi language is full of such expressions that either denigrate or do the exact opposite to a person.

“You” can be said so many different ways in Hindi!




And while my Hindi is admittedly rudimentary, I know the basics.

And starting from the first – which is a RUDE way of saying “you” – and often used for domestic help, servants, and of course slaves like myself, hehe … to the last, which is a very respectful way of saying it, the language is full of these idiosyncracies.

Make no mistake about it, my friend.

I’ve had most of my “under foot” and cucked experiences with Goddess from mainland China, as I say on the other site.

But Indian femdom has its own charm, it’s own brand.

And many of YOU love it exclusively.

Those lovely brown soles, CALVES, just the right amount of flesh showing under the Sari!

And those maids, oh, those lovely MAIDS that serve, and yet deserve to be served themselves!

Perfect Madam Manju … JI!

The ladies I see sittign in the park dangling their dirty and uncared for feet!

Similar to perfect Madam Bao Bao I wrote about this morning on the other site …

If there is one thing Susan taught me WELL (something I knew, but something she drilled home) – – it is this.



Get to know my feet better than anything else, better than your own face!

And I did!

I truly did, and EVERY TIME I see an Indian woman – or a Chinese woman – or any woman – guess where my thoughts go.

Now, where is all this leading up to you might ask.

Well, thats a great question!

On the other site you’ll see I have the Watson faithful which is a members only area where those that sign up get EXCLUSIVE access to yours truly (not one on one, but I’ll reply to questions etc a lot quicker than if you were NOT a member) – as well as (and this was the reason for me to start it) – LIFETIME FREE ACCESS to all my books and courses so long as one’s membership stays ACTIVE and VALID.

Not to mention a member’s only discussion forum. Nothing like discussing “how to serve” with one who already DOES – And of course, Empress CODY knew all about this, hehe.

What a Queen, what an Empress! You that has read the books KNOW …

But anyway.

Lots of people had questions, all themed similarly.

“What if I dont want all the books? What if I just want Chinese femdom?”

“I just want the Indian femdom stuff!”

Or, for some people “I just want the manuals, NOT the books“.

And while to me femdom is an all encompassing thang (and therefore I’ve balked at segmenting for the most part) … I decided to change my mind.

Just a little, of course!

If you’re Thomas on the other site that emails me saying “I don’t see why femdom entails me reading about sucking another man’s cock”, well, you’re at the wrong place!

What do I mean?

Well, its about her and doing anything for her.

Its about constantly taking your servitude to NEW heights, and the debasement to GIDDY LIMITS!

If perfect Pooja Memsahib .. JI asked me to lick a man’s balls, I’d drop down and do it without hesitation!

At their feet!

And now, you KNOW the natural progression, boy!


And while you may or may not like cock, you GET TO LIKE IT – – for HER! Thats part of the DEAL, boy! 


Ms. Priyanka made me do it so often!

Much like with Madam Su and Jerome …

If she tells me to dress up and go to a gay bar with her, then I’ll do it!

Its about HER, boy.

Her feet, soles, and her lover’s COCK – and serving them BOTH … boy! 

And the sooner you realize that, the better!

And on that note here is the NUB of the matter.

Our EXCLUSIVE “Servitude Central” is live and KICKING right here. For the pittance of $888/year (this price WILL go up!) you can get access to EVERYTHING Indian femdom related on the other site, and my other MANUALS as well.

Everythign except anything tailored specifically to CHinese femdom …

And last, but not least, why Servitude Central for Indian femdom alone?

Well, it’s a tribute and ode to those downtrodden maids that slave away all day long in kitchen and houses across the subcontinent, sometimes being treated in a most appalling manner, and sometimes being UNDERAGE! Way underage!

It’s terrible.

But it continues.

And while I’m not here to change the world – I WILL say this – it should stop.

But back to my offer?

It’s in honor of them that it’s named Servitude Central – Indian girls know ALL about the expectation to serve!

And they take it out SO WELL on yours truly hehe.

Alright, my friend. Thats enough for now. To sign up, simply email me HERE – and I’ll send you a custom link wherein you can make payment.

OR, you could sign up on the Watson faithful – I should have a sign up dedicated to Indian femdom alone on that site shortly as well.

ALL downloads will be processed from that site, at least as of now. Maybe we’ll change things up so things get downloaded direct from here, but for now, that is how I am doing it to keep things simple!

Shoot me that email – let me know – and I’ll sign you up on the other site with your live membership asap!


Mike Watson

PS – I have to admit, thats a lovely salami right there! Madam could make me suck it all day long …. Ms. Priyanka would LOVE IT! Anyway, I’ve spoken a lot about cocks in Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, and believe me – those manuals will be YOURS to download right after your payment is received. Sign up for this NOW. Truly a ONCE in a lifetime deal!