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Madam Ji, Paye Lagu!


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Mike Watson’s books on INDIAN Femdom! 

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My “thoughts”

Pooja Memsahib … JI!



What can I say, my friend!

I’ve written on Indian femdom before, and my immensely popular “Indian Goddess” and “Garima Madam”series bear TESTAMENT to that fact.

I’ve gone in depth and in detail on femdom – or so I THOUGHT.

Pooja Memsahib … JI! Puts all other books in the shade!

The ONE INDIAN lady that took me CRAVEN, DEBASE, BLASE and hitherto UNSEEN and UNFELT levels of submission that would make a slave from ancient eras feel shy!

The ONE INDIAN LADY that truly put me in my place – under foot – under ass – under toilet – and MORE!

Depravity (if you call it that – I dont! I call it WORSHIP) – and CRAVEN submission like NEVER BEFORE from yours truly.


Pooja Memsahib … JI!

Volume TWO

Well, well .. well!


CRAVEN SUBMISSION as you saw in the first book – taken a whole another level!

It is just me, or are Goddesses’s soles on the front page literally TALKING TO YOU, SNEERING at you?


And down I went, in front of many other things other than just feet and soles if you get my drift!

EXTREME worship in ALL Forms in this Second Volume of Pooja Memsahib … JI!

And again, I’m just getting started.


Mike Watson

PS – Are there any lengths I would NOT go to for Pooja Memsahbib?

I think NO. And every true femdom lover will – and SHOULD – understand!

25 ODES to Perfect Pooja Memsahib …. JI!

….. and ……


A book – a collection of odes – or should I say PRAYERS to the nigh on MAGNIFICENTLY dominant – uber dominant – Pooja Memsahib JI!


(And while the majority of the book is devoted to Pooja, OTHER Indian ladies feature in this too – and why? Because they’re ALL so gorgeous!


Enjoy this little gem of a read – more on the way soon! ?


Paye Lagu, Madam ..JI! 


Garima Madam’s bitch


An Englishman working abroad finds his “destiny” – and it’s NOT what he had expected upon taking on an expat position in India.

Not in his wildest dreams would he have imagined the erotic and sensual “Garima” whom he called in for an interview turning the tables on him quite superbly – and quickly at that.

And he’s in for the ride of his life as he learns that his “Garima Madam” and Indian ladies in general can be anything BUT what the common perception is at times!


Indian FEMDOM Recollections

While the site front page features a Chinese lady doing what they do best i.e. relax 😉 … this particular “here” page is about nothing but Indian ladies – and femdom experiences in India (or the Indian sub continent).

And while admittedly most of my femdom experiences (or experiences in general, I should say) have been with Chinese (or of Chinese descent) women, some of the most powerful and poignant ones have been with Indian women.

That is to say, women from the Indian subcontinent.

And it is in honor of Indian ladies – those gorgeous, dominant and oh so LOVELY Indian ladies with the SEXIEST feet ever – that I put this little (re) collection out!

Sure to make you salivate – for more – so here’s 16 femdom recollections “for the ages” as it were!


Serving an Indian Goddess – Part One of Three



 This was my VERY first work for Femdom Cave – and my first femdom related book in general. Although I had done plenty of other related writing in the past – this was the first time I actually sat down to write a book – one amongst many, apparently!

And the inspiration behind this book was a lovely Indian lass I met at the age of 19 when I was a college sophomore – and years later, THOSE feet still stick in memory, as do those flip flops. The passion has faded to a certain extent, but it never fails to give me a certain sort of “fillip” every time I switch back to those times.

Ah, that first movie we watched together at your place, “Priyanka” … 😉 😉 Little did I know …


Serving an Indian Goddess – Part Two of Three



The “unfortunate” Mike Watson is drawn deeper and deeper into servitude as “Perfect Ms. Priyanka” assumes utter and total command of not only his manhood, but his LIFE as well.

And she will NOT be the only one he’s forced to serve, haha. Madam Pooja and Madam Mansi introduce our “unfortunate” hero to “real life servitude” – and it’s NOWHERE near as pleasant as he had thought it would be!

Serving an Indian Goddess – Part Three of Three




Part three of the “Serving an Indian Goddess” trilogy continues on as Madam Pooja makes another appearance as the regal air-hostess who quickly adopts a “take no prisoners” sort of femdom approach and Mike Watson’s ears are almost the first casualty!

More humiliation is in store here, and (also with the second Volume) some degree of “toilet humiliation”, but the REAL kicker comes at the end of the tale … when Ms. Priyanka is forced by circumstance to abandon her slave.

CAN he live without her? CAN he live with this gaping vacum in his life?

Find out for yourself!



Serving an Indian Goddess – The Sequel (Part One)


Fate has a strange way of ensuring that “what is meant to be” ALWAYS happens no matter what. Call it common vibe or call it “stripping at one’s outer layers to find out what one REALLY is at the core” – and being comfortable with it – call it whatever you will, but what is meant to happen WILL happen.

And ’twas but a matter of time before the lovely Ms. Priyanka and her slave were reunited. Seperated though by distance they were for a while, they are finally reunited – and how!



Serving an Indian Goddess – The Sequel (Part Two)


 The second and final Volume in this Sequel – and not only is Watson forced to learn some rudimentary Hindi (or else!) – but he’s also seen serving Indian males of various “hues, colors and sizes”.

The “crowning” (PUN intended!) glory of course occurs towards the end of the book during a “no holds barred” orgy in which the unfortunate Watson is an unwilling participant. Never in his wildest dreams could he have dreamed what was in stock for him …!

And as the reader will see – that’s just the beginning …


Garima Madam – The Prequel



 The student goes on up on her Master (Mistress as it were!) as we delve into Garima Madam’s background, and how the now-regal and imperious force of nature that Garima Madam is was moulded by circumstances into what she is today.

And as the cocksure and often drunken General Manager of the factory she meets finds out – heaven hath NO fury like a woman scorned. 



Compilations – Indian Femdom

Further description (or “part by part” i.e. “Volume by Volume” purchases ) can be found on the corresponding book page under the “books” tab. That said, this page offers VALUE for MONEY – as you can see beneath!


Serving an Indian Goddess – – the Complete TWO novels!

This compilation includes the ENTIRE two novels of the famous “Serving an Indian Goddess” series.


– Serving an Indian Goddess (parts 1, 2 and 3!)

– Serving an Indian Goddess (Sequels 1 and 2!)


The Indian FEMDOM compilation – TWO COMPLETE NOVELS!!


This MEGA compilation includes the COMPLETE (five novels) “Serving an INdian Goddess” series – – as as well as BOTH the novels from the “Garima Madam’s bitch” series. Truly a “value grab” – – grab it NOW!




Serving an Indian Goddess – The Complete Three Parts



This compilation includes the complete “Indian Goddess” series.

– Serving an Indian Goddess (Part One)

– Serving an Indian Goddess (Part Two)

– Serving an Indian Goddess (Part Three)


Serving an Indian Goddess – the TWO sequels







Get BOTH the “pathbreaking” sequels to the immensely popular “Serving an Indian Goddess” series for a THROWAWAY PRICE – right HERE!

This compilation contains

– Serving an Indian Goddess – The Sequel – Part ONE

– Serving an Indian Goddess – The Sequel – Part TWO


The Garima Madam Reader – Two stories of Female Domination!



This compilation includes the initial “Garima Madam’s Bitch” book – – and the very well received prologue – “Garima Madam – the Prequel”. Grab it now!!