Madam Ji, Paye Lagu!

Indian Femdom

PERFECT Madam Pooja, and who I woke up to…

Maybe it was a dream. Maybe it wasn’t.

But I heard the harsh, strident, and CONFIDENT voice yelling outdoors as I woke up, or almost did.

Yours truly prefers peace and quiet for the most part, and while working yours truly HATES distractions of any nature.

But when it comes to Pooja Madam Ji, things are different!


This regal lady, this goddess, this Princess, this … I have run out of terms to describe her, but as I lay there, half awake, half asleep, I so wanted to hear her SHOUT at me.

“Chalu rakh!” as I kept massaging her feet, calves visible until mid calf as she lay there, lazily sprawled on the bed … with other servants massaging her arms!

I remember an old Hindi “show” I once saw wayyyyyyy back in the day.

When yours truly was “ye young”.

An old, fat lady was sitting there … but a deliciously dominant lady. A lovely, dominant lady!

And she sai dthe following.

“Mard mere per dabate hai!”

And sure enough (the Hindi translation was “men massage my feet!”) she had two men rubbing her legs … as she reclined on the sofa, so CONFIDENTLY talking to the person in front of her about it!

That confidence is what turns me on the most!

Not the look in her eyes (well, that too of course!) so much as the confidence which of course creates the look in her eyes! 😉

And back to Madam Pooja JI.

Pooja Memsahib.

As I heard the voice, I SO wanted to lick those dusty soles.

Massage her all night long!

“Press her legs”, as she wants me to obviously after a hard day and as I’d like to!

And make references to her age (she’s a good 10 years or so older than me), and in a flattering manner!

Her feet are so royal, just so royal!

“Madam ji, ap ke Charan saf karne hai!”

Out of this world gorgeously DOMINANT MADAM JI!

(Madam, I want to clean your lotus like, Goddess like feet!).

And so on and so forth.

She gave me a giant hard on as soon as I woke up (dream?? ID ont know! ;)) that has NOT gone away as yet, hehe.

And she’s gorgeous!

And thats what I gotta tell you today. Have at!


Mike Watson

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PS #2 — That sole shot of Pooja Madam’s! Is it any wonder that (or a related picture) is on the Watson faithful page?? !

Indian Femdom

Why older women not considered traditionally beautiful or “young”…

Or, I could say why I love “old and fat” women, those that have “pumped out kids” (as so many men say!) — and worshipping their asses, feet, soles, armpits …

Dont get me wrong.

I dont discriminate based upon age, women are women — and are all so gorgeously dominant.

But older women just HAVE it — that dominant vibe x 10!

And the maturity to GIVE subs what they want.

So, asses, feet and soles? Older women?

Paye Lagu, Memsahib!

Especially the first and third category!

And of course those STRONG hands slapping me!

YEARS of experience doing so or wanting to do so, and Madam Aa Chie, that lovely lady of the night who took me in hand SO EXPERTLY — and did NOT do what she was paid for — and I loved it! — her mother was of the latter bent of mind.

I remember licking the CRUD off the older lady (60+)’s asshole like never before.

As she slept comfortably, legs splayed out like a MAN’s, with NO fear of me entering her (I was locked anyway, hehe) — — her soles reminded me so much of my Grandmother’s who I wrote about before.

Big soles.

Uncared for soles.

And they need to be pressed, boy, as Madam was told in the movie “Anmol”, which I never watched past the femdom. Hehe. Rather boring movie from what I can tell but the fem dom made it worth it!

Dekhi kya rahi hai! Daba!

Dont look at me bitch! Press my soles!

I so wish I was doing it!

And a lady of the night — and her mom?

Worshipping a lady (Aa Chie) who gloatingly spoke of the manly customers whose cocks she sucked, cum she drank and then tweaked my nipples lovingly and said “not yours though, sissy!”

Worshipping her old mother that not even the most ardent fetish enthusiast would want to do?

To me that is REAL FEMDOM.

That doesn’t mean you don’t worship “young and beautiful” — you do.

Madam PearlPrincess Joanie, the lovely Sophia Bai (well, she was getting on a bit!) and more!

But it DOES Mean you pay equal attention to all ladies, which can be a chore sometimes, hehe.

Which one to worship more.

Tough one to call!

But as THAT ex of mine once told me (the one who told me to go to counseling, and she’s unfortunately no longer with us due to the plague from China) …

“If anyone, I’ll massage those rickshaw puller’s feet in India!”

A highly barbaric practice, of course, which persists to this day in india in Kolkata at least, despite the Communist government officially outlawing it where humans beings pull more priveleged and fat ones like BEAST of burden.

I get her point!

The pioneering course on Bollock Busting by Mike Watson, “femdom au extraordinnaire”. There truly is NO other like Watson that “goes deep” like NOBODY does, and where NO-ONE has gone before!!

(She told me to think of sunflowers when I thought of her. I am now. I’m sure she’s in heaven weaving a spell over men with that lovely blond hair and her lovely FEET!)

Anyway, thats why I love it. Worshipping maids. Sex workers. Ladies of the night. The downtrodden.

And so forth.

And so should you, if yo’re a true femdom lover, and if not, you might as well leave this list NOW.

IT ain’t for you.

And Madam Carol, her of the lovely feet is ignorning me right now. I don’t know why. I’ll have to find out, but as I told her, I’m sure your husband wont mind me saying hi to you!

But she told me that story of an older lady with an younger man, and they both had no money apparently, or maybe the guy did, I don’t know — — yeah, I think the guy did.

And there was a 60 year old age difference.

And on that note, I’m out.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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PS #2 — I so LOVE kissing the rolls of FAT — LOVINGLY — around Pooja Memsahib’s so called corpulent waist, and kissing the saggy buttcheeks, and the TREASURE WITHIN that I’d pay for , and do! Her asshole is the BEST!

(tough call, but still!)

Indian Femdom

Palak Ma’am’s … SOLES! Madam, Paye Lagu … Madam…

As my S.O. burns incense in the room for some reason or the other (dare I question her?? Hehe) –  I was thinking of Palak Ma’am.

One half of the couple that wanted to SO BADLY lose their viriginity (and here I am, with plenty of experience and then some in that regard willingly never having sex – hehe – takes all “types”? ;)) – and she’s so gorgeous!

I’ve no idea who that actress is.

But they ALL know that profound pose – the one where she’s on her stomach, perhaps on the phone or laptop, soles on full view, calves too!

My, there are FEW other poses that make me want to drop down and WORSHIP …

Maybe Pooja Memsahib with one leg at right angles to the other, foot on thigh, SOLE staring at you …

And definitely women with feet crossed  – and a bit of ankle/calf visible. Definitely!

Man – some of those poses are truly profound – and they truly make – and KEEP me – SO HORNY!

Ma’am, Paye Lagu, you’re SO NICE!

And thats that for this one. Pick up Profound Poses NOW – you’ll love it! –


Mike watson

PS – Our Youtube Channel recently had some LUSCIOUS sexy soles posted – check ’em out NOW! (under “community”).

Indian Femdom

The foul language those Indian ladies were using turned…

Madam Ji, Paye Lagu … Memsahib .. JI!

I have say it first, and I can almost feel the sneers, the SCATHING looks of disdain and SCORN from the working class ladies – the prostitutes I’m referring to her!

I watched a movie last night about India – the much maligned and ill fated lockdown of the entire country in 2020 with very little planning that should never have happened (I’ve never understood the logic behind locking entire countries down, killing economies and so forth – wouldn’t THAT harm more people long term? Maybe that was the goal! Ugh) …

Like the lovely maid in the movie whose feet were SO nice (she was buying slippers, then the slippers hurt her feet, and … an old randy fart bent to help her … anyway, thats the movie, but back to my post) … said to her employer when maids were not allowed either during the lockdown.

“Poor people will die of hunger first”.

And she was right. Common sense.

The movie covers India’s lockdown and its impact on all sectors of society.

A high flying female pilot and a geeky couple (the girl was gorgeous – Madam Palak, and those FEET in that profound pose– on the bed – Madam PAYE LAGU! I dont care if you’re a virgin, I’d worship you like a Queen anyway!!) desperate to finally “do the thing” – except every time they try, something gets in the way, when they finally think they’ve got it made, lockdown shows up …

Pilot Madam is bored as heck out of her mind – not being able to live her high flying routine, and does things she normally wouldn’t, like seduce geek … I can relate. Hehe.

But the best parts of the movie to me was how the maids family – and poor people in general were impacted, some walking up to 50 km a day simply to find food back home in their villages (true tale).

And, to me, the best part of the movie – the prostitutes whose income gets cut off abruptly – until they start livestreaming. Hehe.

Throughout the movie, they show these ladies, confident in a manner that shows their underlying insecurity at the job they do – the way they’re used by men – but the language these ladies use behind the scenes – my – it would make a sailor blush.

And THAT turned me on the most!

Like Rachna Ma’am rightly said, women cuss just as much.

So they should, if not more, and these ladies sure did it, lots of inventive terms for men – randy men – and when you combine that with lovely makeup and foot on table, and them laughing at the men behind their backs, and … well, it was such a turn on!

Thats not to say women that are “prim and proper” cannot be just as dominating and a turn on.

No, foul language isn’t required.

But, its the CONFIDENCE, the aura which really does it.

A long time ago, I worked for a person named “Freddie”, and he used colorful language at work too.

But it wasn’t WHAT he said.

It was how he said it … Hehe. Funny as heck, no-one minded it!

The way these ladies were gettin men in and out – literally- haha – like cattle, which they are! MY!

And … well these ladies, what can I say. All I was goggling at is lead prostitute’s feet, soles, the way she talked, the way she bossed others around, laughed at men.

I can just imagine lead lady plonking her foot down on my shoulder arrogantly for a massage, or on my chest, while I stare at her SOLES, after she’s had sex she hates, her calling me a “Chootiya” (fucker in Hindi)

MY – It’s SO NICE, this brattiness, the ARROGANCE from these working class Indian QUEENS!

Madam Ji, Paye Lagu.

You’re SO NICE!

And thats that for this one.


Mike Watson

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Indian Femdom

Another Indian maid, another devoted … ODE!

Shes an older lady. All decked up in saris, red lipsticks – toes ALWAYS PAINTED RED!

Voice sometimes harsh, sometimes not…

Feet LONG, and I keep seeing them – the more I think about it, the more I attract it!

I’d so love and want to kiss each toe, massage the feet for hours, touch her feet just to do it, as a sign and show of respect she so DESERVES!

But doesnt get …

She’s lovely, flirtatious in her own manner, and … SHE KNOWS! Boy, she knows!

And the way she talks to me, finds ways to make communication, I feel so weak!

This morning Madam asked me a question to which I already know the answer, so does she.


Women are like that!

And I so wanted to touch her feet, and say thank you …

Maybe someday.

Come to think of it, she can FEEL it.

And so it should be WITH REAL FEMDOM, thats how to attract real femdom to you!

Truth be told, I could start a site on ODES – there’s so many of them.

For now tho, yours truly just livestreamed his – or her, depending upon – hehe – WORKOUT!

And, for odes – pick up the odes here first before I write any new ones.

And last, but certainy not least, make sure you grab the pathbreaking “A complete guide to understanding (and I should attracting) dominant ladies from mainland China” now – should be in your kitty, no pun intended!

And maybe I should rename the book to “attracting female dominance, period”, since thats what it does.

Thats the spirit in which I wrote the book.

But China, and Chinese ladies will always have a very special place in Mike’s heart, so the title remains what it is.

And thats that!

Back soon


Mike Watson

PS – Madam, Paye Lagu, you are so NICE!

Indian Femdom

Oiling her feet is so nice!

Serving her is, in its entirety!

But massaging her with lotion or oil, I’d ALWAYS choose oil.

“Tel Laga!” “Jaldi!”

…. could be the post I wrote here as well, as to why I love giving her OIL massages so much (if nothing else, they’re so relaxing!)

But it’s so nice, watching her relax is so nice!

Soles- female soles are all so nice too! Each with their own story to tell to the admiring footboy and simp…

… Each to be “pressed” and massaged differently. Remember, boy, some ladies need the SOLE massaged more — if they’re wearing high heels, maybe the arch …and the balls of the feet should never be neglected!

Not to mention, simply “squeezing” the foot isn’t what it’s about. Use your fingers, DIG in, relieve that soreness, and do it for hours while Madam relaxes or sleeps, doing as she pleases!

Now, I’ve been seeing ladies oiling their soles all over the place as of late.

And different soles, of course.

And this afternoon, a lady and her husband, and new born baby … out in the afternoon sun, relaxed, enjoying themselves, and Madam?

Well, suddenly she took out a bottle of suntan lotion, and started to put it one of the most perfectly pedicured pair of feet I’ve ever seen!

An indian lady, and the feet were fair, Madam didnt want ANY sun on them!

Reminded me of a certain Carol, I’d hold the umbrella at different angles for her as we walked together so that the sun’s rays (when at different angles) would not hit even one inch of her lovely face!

Real servitude, and as I looked at that sole, it was shaped differently, regally… it was so NICE!

I still remember it!

And I so wanted to oil it for hours as Madam relaxed…

Anyway, Serving an Indian Goddess includes p lenty of this sort of thing — and then some.

And if you haven’t got the book as yet, you’ll want to get it … NOW.

Malk, Paye LAgu, you’re SO ARROGANT, I LOVE IT!

Here’s how my days started with Ms Priyanka!

Getting used to the morning routine Thursday dawned bright and sunny, with me waking up almost an hour before my alarm clock rang. It was just 5:40 A.M. at the time, and given “normal” circumstances, I’d do what anyone else would do in this situation, which would be to go straight back to bed until it was time to wake up — — but “normal” didn’t apply in my case.

I was no longer a college student merely dreaming about being allowed to worship a stunningly attractive and naturally dominant lady — — I was actually fortunate enough to be in the position of actually doing so, and had to act accordingly.

How lucky was I to have this opportunity — — it had only been a couple of days, but I was already so deeply enmeshed in my servitude to her that even her feet touching the floor when she walked bothered me — — should she not be walking on rose petals all day long so that not even a speck of dirt could soil those lovely soles?

Though I had managed to sleep a few hours last night, it was by no means a “restful” night of sleep — — rather, one where I tossed and turned intermittently, Ms. Priyanka and my new position as her devoted slave, constantly on my subconscious mind.

I was also struggling to get used to the chastity device I was wearing, something which was an absolute essential since I just couldn’t keep my erections under control for any length of time.

But physical discomfort aside, an extreme state of arousal also increases my level of submissiveness, and somehow, with her innate knowledge of men and how their brains function, my Ms. had figured this out, and used it to her advantage — not that I minded one bit!

“How right Ms. Priyanka was to buy me this device”, I thought, lovingly recalling the moments I spent last night with my tongue deep inside her asshole, gasping for breath in between those perfect ass cheeks of hers.

“She knows how to keep my cock under her control, thus denying me pleasure — — but giving me the pleasure and satisfaction I truly need and get mentally by worshipping her as a superior lady, as opposed to a quick orgasm which does nothing for me in the long run”, I mused. — the BEST and one of it’s kind book on how to adminster ruined orgasms by Mike Watson (translated into Spanish and Italian too!)

These thoughts occupied my mind for a few more minutes, and I suddenly got up, my mind racing.

How could I be wasting this time merely thinking about what I had done so far?? My gorgeous Ms. was sleeping comfortably, and I was passing up the opportunity to massage her feet for an extra half hour before she woke up?

I quickly got ready, and entered Priyanka’s room on tip toes, making sure not to make any noise lest she wake up.

I found her sleeping comfortably on her back, legs spread wide open on the bed with her pleasure zones in full view — a position that clearly said “My bed, my area”.

And the posture pleased me as well — men usually sprawl on the bed like they own it even when they have a female partner beside them, so why should a woman not get to do the same?”

As these thoughts raced through my mind, I knelt reverently at her inviting soles, starting to massage them gently, blowing warm air out of my mouth on them occasionally so that her feet remained warm.

I massaged her shins gently as well, since that was an area I hadn’t paid much attention to — — but I was sure they needed a good rub down as well. I must have done something right, as I sensed her awaken and move ever so slightly,

“Ah, you’re at it”, she commented sleepily, not fully awake as yet. “

”Rub my ass”, she instructed, while turning around lazily. I eagerly crawled over to the side of the bed, and started to rub the twin globes of flesh that poked out alluringly from beneath the cover of the blanket, her perfect ass crack staring at me invitingly.

I massaged the buttocks in a circular fashion, making sure that the muscles around the lower back were not neglected. It was a gentle, soothing rub, the kind that can turn one or simply allow the recipient to relax, depending upon said person’s mood at the time.

She moaned her approval every so often, before starting to wake up.

“Kiss my ass, slave”, she suddenly commanded.

I almost fell over myself rushing to do her bidding, kissing her pert ass as I would the love of my life. I made sure to kiss her lower back as well, which seemed to relax her a good bit.

“Get your tongue in there”, she ordered me after a while. I parted her cheeks, and got down to my task — a task I must admit I enjoyed thoroughly.

Her ass was a bit smelly, as anyone’s might be after a good night’s rest, but I was so aroused that the smell actually turned me on even more, the pain emanating from my groin only matched by my desire to stick my tongue even deeper into her fragrant rosebud.


She was clearly aroused as a result of my doting ministrations, and enjoyed it for a while, only issuing me commands on how to lick her, or where exactly to kiss her.

I also made sure not to hold her ass cheeks apart as I explored her tight passage with my tongue, so that the pleasure felt even more natural for her. This made it tough for me to breathe, as my nose ended up stuck between her ass cheeks, but that was a small price to pay for Ms’s pleasure!

“Mmm”, she moaned contently, while I struggled to catch my breath. It felt as if I was breathing in through her ass, but while the thought might sound disgusting to some, it was a huge turn-on for me — — breath is the essence of one’s energies, and breathing in air through my Ms’s most private parts was yet another sign of my complete supplication and submission to her!

Was I going to be privileged enough to bring her to another orgasm, I wondered, as I continued servicing her, my hands occasionally massaging her lower back gently.

As if she was a mind reader, Ms. suddenly turned around, pushing me away as she did so.

“That’s enough for now”, she said dismissively, swinging her feet onto the floor, while I rushed to put her slippers on, and she drank deeply out of the bottle of water at her side.

“Time for your morning duties, bitch”, she announced after finishing the water. “You’re getting used to being my ass wiper, aren’t you?” she asked, laughing.

“Yes, Ma’am”, I responded, burning with humiliation and desire, the former emotion clearly subservient to the latter, my cock doing its level best (as usual) to pound through the prison it was encased in.

“Yeah, I think that’s for sure”, she mused, noticing my caged erection and then laughing, while heading to the bathroom.

I followed her, careful to make sure that the toilet seat was lowered. Always remember that, boys!

It was.

She did her business then ordered me in again.

“Clean up, slave”, Ms. commanded while placing her elbows on the bathroom sink and bending over.

I moved to do her bidding, toilet paper in hand, while she continued to speak to me, her parted ass crack staring me right in the face, the asshole I had just licked soiled with her waste matter; the sight both nauseating and an aphrodisiac at the same time — if that makes any sense.

“Hard” as yet, those reading it (the guys)?

Ladies, you’re probably loving it too … Hehe (those into femdom, and most should be!).

And that, my friend is the tip of the iceberg.

GET the book now.

Truly my first,and one of my best!


Mike Watson

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Indian Femdom

That night, when Jyoti Maam summoned me…

So haughty, so regal!

’Twas 2 Am in the morning, I believe, was fast asleep. Those were the days when we had landlines and answering machines, but certainly no “on silent” smartphones, and as the phone trilled, and I lay there, half asleep, my answering machine took over!

Sleepily I wondered who it could be, then I heard the message clearly.

It was Jyoti — or Priyanka — depending on how you look at it!

Madam sent me the following message in a gay, half drunk manner (though she was pretty sober at the same time).

“I’m back, Mike!” (I didnt even know she was out!!)

“I was out clubbing, and I was dancing with a lot of men!” came the giggly message, followed by a stern note about “are you sleeping!” (of course, I was , it was more than 2 Am in the morning, but she is my Madam!).

“Come on over!”

She didnt say “boy”, but abruptly hung up.

Though I was exhausted, and the last thing I felt like making the long trek from the dorms to her place, I threw on my clothes, full of “excitement” — or submissive mindset, I should say.

If Madam calls, I better go, despite it being late at night or early in the morning, even if she doesn’t explicitly command me to “come”!

When I reached there, I knocked gently.

In a strident baritone she summoned me in.

“Aa Ja!”

Come in, boy!

Malik, Paye Lagu!

There were no niceties, nothing you might imagine even for a “slave” woken up so rudely in the wee hours of the morning, more importantly, me? I didnt even expect any, such was the web Madam had woven over me (and this was before she took full control of me as described in Serving an Indian Goddess).

Before I “lived” with her.

I walked in, there was no light, except from the bedroom, no noise, when I walked in, I felt WEAK at the sight I saw!

Jyoti Ma’am was lying there, legs spread arrogantly like a man, comfortably taking up the entire single bed, her SOLES were staring at me, dirty — and those lovely toes, painted such a bright shade of red, and of course those lovely pink flip flops I mention so often in the book!

Most of all, although all this drove me NUTS with lust (pun intended!) — it was the way she was STARING — a hole through me — looking — arrogantly, entitled, without a WORD said, KNOWING look that bored through me, and my own nervous “shaking” look … that really did it, and could be the entire tale unto itself.

What a Goddess!

I perched myself almost without thinking, hesitatingly at the very edge of the bed, she wouldn’t even move her feet one inch.

Suddenly, she lifted one leg up, and plonked it down -HARD on my lap, barely missing my balls!

My cock was well and truly hit though. Hehe.


Then she regaled me with tales of dancing with men, all the while in a semi sneering tone, but not completely rude, which made it all the more attractive, while me? Of course, pressing her legs and feet on auto pilot, my subsmissiveness growing with each taunt, each look, each lovely tone of the voice she employed, most of all, the look, which never went away!

Finally, she was tired.

And she pointed to the light, grinning.

I turned it off, and then turned around to find her on her stomach, sleeping.

Instinctively, I pressed her left calf for an hour until the other leg was stretched out, then I massaged that.

It was around 5 AM, I was exhausted x 10, by the time the morning sun was peeking through the clouds, I finally lopped off too — with my head on her lovely flip flops.

Much like a certain Anne (to come years later) Madam slept till 12 …

That, my friend, was something I’ve never put in Serving an Indian Goddess. It should have been there at the beginning!

But it’s here now.

What a Goddess you were — are — Jyoti — Ma’am!

She’s over 40 now, with three kids, I’d still kiss those arms and feet as if it were day one …

That LOOK in the eyes, that sneer, it’s all very much there!

Paye Lagu, Madam ji.

You’ve no idea what an inspiration you are!


Mike Watson

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Indian Femdom

Their strong calves, their shins!

The way Madam was looking through me – curiously – knowingly, despite the so called difference in class – it made me so SHY!

And I felt… I dont know – like Carol did when I looked at her.

Nervous, jittery, weak, wanting to worship – and in her case and mine, admittedly two people of the same age, both very good looking, into each other etc, but yet …

“When you look at me …………. ” she once trailed off.

the import was nigh clear, yesterday afternoon, as I worked out, as happens so often, two Indian ladies sat in the park.

All I could see were the maid’s tired, aching calves – shins – coal black in color. ONe was on her haunches (a great workout – see Sissy Workouts for more on that!) – and the second, well, I could just see the side of  her left shin.

Thats all, the side, nothing else!

Yet, I felt this urge as always to drop down, and just PRESS THE SHINS!

The calves .. be as obsequious as possible too!

Bent back, pressing her legs, as she looks down at you, KNOWINGLY – laughingly – TUMMY OUT – comfortably and comfortable indeed in the knowledge it matters not – you’ll worship her ANYWAY!

As she deserves – one foot on your SHOULDERS!

MY! What Goddesses these ladies are, and the way they look at me, the way they KNOW!


And thats that.

Worshipping downtrodden ladies is indeed the best, so nice!

Paye Lagu Madam Ji. You truly do deserve it!


Mike Watson

PS –Sin City Diaries contains intensely humiliating and personal tales – all true – of the nature above you’ll want to read about NOW. Grab this sizzler – and enjoy!

Indian Femdom

The Indian Goddess I saw at the market

God, years later – I still remember that 2018 evening! (Goddess!!!!)

Some women just have that VIBE about them which make you want to DROP DOWN right there and then- and not just obey their every command, but WORSHIP them like the Perfect Goddesses they are!!

And as I write that (or the equivalent) on my Twitter account, its time to talk about another such Goddess- an Indian Goddess I saw in public last night, and a Goddess I SORELY wish I was at her feet right now!

Or beneath.

As she stares at me, imperiously and arrogantly, while raping my wallet, ordering me to do the housework, clean her dirty soles (India has a lot of dust, BOY! ;)) and MORE . . .

Clean those soles well while I relax, boy!

Thats all you get, BOY! The BOTTOM of my feet, while I text my boyfriend and other REAL MEN!

Much much more . . .

Perhaps Garima Madam is the only other lady that had such an INSTANT impact on me in the mainland.

Or perhaps Priyanka Madam . … JI!

Or was that Priyanka Malkin and Garima Madam . . . JI!

Sometimes you shiver with lust so much you can barely type!

Last night I saw the sexiest thing ever — or should I say ONE of the sexiest things ever.

Or I should say one amongst many, many sexy “things” — or “visions” (which would be more appropriate term to use here) that I’ve seen in the recent past!

Whatever it is — it wasn’t something that most people would consider as being even remotely sexy.

What was it, you ask?

Well, I saw a girl — a lady, I should say 😉 — in the market wearing a pair of shorts — and flip flops — and her lovely tanned bare legs, of course.

I was looking at her from the back, so I have NO idea what she looks like, but even I did, I probably wouldn’t care, and why?

Well, my attention was immediately drawn to her left foot — — which was “arched” as she was standing — — as many a lady often does when wearing shoes or flip flops, she had taken them off partially, and there was this most mesmerizing foot arch I could see — and boy did it turn me on or what.

Foot fetishists will know what I am talking about here, of course. There is probably nothing sexier to most of us that love female feet with a passion than an arch — and when accompanied by a flip flop — or a heel — or SHOE (and the dirtier it is, the better ;)) — well — thats the icing on the already delicious cake right there!

Though a couple of other people were looking at me curiously, my eyes were searching in the dark for her toes — and when I did see ’em, I saw the foot in it’s entirety.

A broad foot — well maintained, but the toes were not polished — and the second toe was somewhat bigger than the first.

Kind of like Garima Madam’s feet, if I recall correctly (how dare I forget, eh! Whack! ;)) … and for whatever reason, I’ve been attracting ladies wearing flip flops to me these days, although it’s almost winter in this “here” neck of the woods!

We truly do … ah, but you know that part already, don’t you?

Anyway, in the Indian Goddess series, the budding D/s relationship between Madam Priyanka and her willing slave was so abruptly terminated in Volume #3 that it left readers wondering “what if” and “what next”.

These concerns, of course were addressed — and MORE — in the Sequels to this wonderful series — and the Sequel starts with yours truly dreaming of the Goddess that so abruptly left him — and her flip flops, of course!

I know what you want, BOY!

How could I ever, ever forget your flip flops, Priyanka — or should I say “Jyoti ;))” — that fine summer day I saw you in them flip flops truly did turn my life upside down and topsy turvy forever — in a GOOD way!

Anyway, that’s it for today. A bit of an update from the foot fetish world as it were — — and if you’re looking for the natural add on to that — humiliation — well — we’ve got you covered right here — —

Those are Princess Joanie’s feet — while she’s on holiday — paid for by … guess who! And if there EVER was a lady with beautiful feet, it’s this lovely lass from Southern China …


Mike Watson

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Indian Femdom

Ji Manju Malkin! Paye Lagu, Superior Manju Malkin!

She was a servant, but her rightful place was as my owner, and I knew this from a very young age.

Even when she used to squat on the floor beside me while I watched T.V, and she squatted in a position that only menials are supposed to sit in (at least in the subcontinent) . . .

But the look in the eye, and the VIBE she gave off, I’ll never forget it!

Worship the sweat off those stockings, boy! Dont you DARE enslave a woman!

But hold up. Just what am I talking about now, you ask?

Well, thats a fair question indeed!!

I spoke about Kolkata a while ago I believe . . . and a house where my grandmother resided in at the time, a house replete with “servants” as it were (and in those times, this was common in India).

Actually, it’s pretty common now as well, and for those that read this with a Western mindset and think “those poor people!” — well — you’re right — but also, think about different cultures, and the influence the Brits had on India and how they were actually in a large part responsible for the caste system and the system of “domestic labor” as we see today in the subcontinent.

It happened back in the West too — don’t get me wrong — back in the day!

And you don’t have to look any further than the actual slavery in America and some other countries … where the conditions the “hired help” (my ass!) lived in were truly HORRIFIC, far more so in many regards than in countries like India, where the base premise was servitude, true, but it wasn’t nowhere near as brutal or horrific in many ways.

And in that house, there was a lovely servant girl called “Manju” if I remember right (and I’m still trying to pronounce it right, hehe).

And she’d often climb up stairs with breakfast on a tray, that lovely black hair of hers flowing out of the sari she would wear ..

That lovely expanse of BACK the sari would show … those lovely sexy brown LEGS and ANKLEs I’d often catch a glimpse of as she walked up and down the stairs or worked in the kitchen, and she was almost always BAREFOOT, of course.

Servants should be barefoot and in the kitchen — BOY! And now I know where Ms. Priyanka got this from, hehe.

And often times as she’d serve the other members of the house (we were too young then I think) I’d cast sneaky looks at her, and I believe she’d see it too.

I think I was 14 or 15, not sure, but I believe she’d often look at me with THAT look in her eye.

YES, boy! I’m serving you now, but the tables will soon be turned, and are MEANT to be turned!

And that vibe communicated itself so strongly and PURELY to me that I often had fantasies — wet ones! — of serving this lovely lady as a servant, instead of the other way around.

“Clean the floor, boy! My feet will get dirty!”

She was a Goddess INCARNATE!

… Or, as she’d squat on the sofa beside me as I watched TV (that’s another thing about the subcontinent — the servants don’t sit on the same chairs or chairs at all, or even use the same dishes or bathrooms as their employers-cum-owners — insane, I know, but ’tis true in that part of the world!) … in the most servile Indian squat position that is one of the healthiest positions out there, but that me (well, initially at least) and many other “Westerners” (or those with a Western mindset) often find it hard to get into, let alone SIT IN.

A position many a Chinese and Indian lady has made me sit in, of course, none more so than the gorgeous Priyanka, and with good reason!

And I guess it’s with good reason that most of the Google searches from femdom aren’t for Chinese femdom any more — it’s for Indian femdom! Hehe … and if there was ever a mind you know what to any of this, THAT is it.

And I’d often dream of the positions being reverse, and her on the sofa. With her feet up. Kicking me in annoyance for speaking out of turn, or line …

Ordering me to bring her food and drink as she reclined like a Goddess, and I pressed her back, feet, and shoulders, “whatever she wanted” …

That lovely hair, that dark brown skin, those feet … I still remember them as clearly as if it were yesterday.

And the tables WERE turned, and in real life, and HOW — except not on me — but her “employers” — and I think you know who they were, hehe.

The Universe spares NO-ONE, my friend, and there is ALWAYS a silent third party that governs all human transaction, and the great Emerson said this better and more succinctly than I ever, ever could.

And on that highly philosophical note, I’ll leave you be, my fellow reader and “sufferer”, hehe. Back soon!


Mike Watson

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