Madam Ji, Paye Lagu!

Indian Femdom

“Bless you dog!”


Oh man!

Man – looking at this lady I just saw outside, I’m not sure if she is a domestic helper, a maid, or whatever – she is from India, I know this – and that salwar, that lipstick seen FAR away – those long yet broad FEET!


She was barefoot outside her house, I was wondering if she was a “maid” or “Madam”.


And as she lifted one foot, I so wanted to see the sole!

My! Those feet, Madam, those feet are meant for KICKING!

And Indian women do it SO well when they want to. Hehe.

“Bless you dog!”

Was the lady who I spoke about yesterday – her feet are so nice too! And I replied with “the word charan was made for YOU, Madam!”

Then, another lady sitting outside her house staring a hole through me, it was all I could do not to … well, not to stare at her feet, but I looked anyway.

Red nailpolish!

As a certain Rachna Ma’am would always ask me with a VERY sly look, that cunning look women have in the eye when evaluating each other.

“Aur Nailpaint kauan sa?”

What color nailpolish was she wearing?

She knew Id notice, of course. Hehe.

So did Madam Carol, when I mentioned that a Chinese girl at the toll booth had “more hair on her forearms” she giggled and said “you notice a lot about the girl!”

Carol and Rachna are similar in a lot of ways, right down to the “sly look in the eyes” when evaluating other women, that GLEAM!

You know what I am talking about though, I’m sure!

I’m observant not just in that regard, but all. Hehe. It’s a skill I picked up naturally when I was young, survival basically, I still have it, always will, a part of me, “survivor” people often call me.

Or, a “tireless erotic research” as Madam Paula referred to me as!

Anyway – I thanked the Indian lady (the one I spoke about last night) just to do it.

“Seriously, Madam, thank you so much for being a dominant lady!”

I say that to all ladies that are dominant, dominating …

They all deserve it.

And back to kicking?

If there is one lady – or two, I could mention that KICKED – and oh my, HOW they did it!

Madam Priyanka, who’d often kick me away irritably when she had enough of being massaged.

“Chal HAT!”

And more … and when it comes to other forms of kicking, and busting BALLS – well, Garima Madam was the BEST!

She had lots of practice on “Rakesh” before moving on to me … Hehe.

You’ll read all about it in the two books “Garima Madam – the Prequel” – and “Garima Madam’s bitch” – both of which you should really get NOW, the best ever.

And thats that.

Those feet, so meant for kicking.

Indian female feet.

They drive me into a FRENZY.



Mike Watson

PS – If you’re into ballbusting, you’ll want to get Ballbusting 101 now as well. It keeps putting a “0” in front of the 101. Hehe. Balls? Eggs – nuts? Perhaps I should have named the course “Ball Busting 1010”!

I thought about it, actually. Then I left it the way it was. But it’s so apt, an INDIAN lady on the cover there! Hehe.

PS #2 – I completely forgot! This other old lady, I often see her with feet up, I wrote about her … out of the blue, I stopped, and we talked today (I just met her on the road). so – NICE!

I’d press her feet all night, massage her back – ALL DAY!

She so deserves it. Ma ji, Paye Lagu, if I might say so!

(this email truly would NOT be complete without an ode to her, so I re-edited it. I HAD TO!)

Indian Femdom

Garima Madam – the Prequel REVIEW – and a…

Paula, as I recently wrote in a recommendation I gave her – in addition to her superb work, her professionalism, her UNWAVERING dedication to her work, going the extra mile, language proficiency in damn near every major European language – amongst all her other highly redeemable qualities is also well versed in many other subjects other than fetish!

A brief look at her bio will explain this …

I just gave Madam a glowing recommendation as well, she so deserves it!

Anyway, on to the review for Garima Madam – the Prequel – from a small town girl to Garima Madam … JI!

This book on Garima’s transformation is truly an underrated GEM, my friend – it covers how Garima became the dominant force of nature she is TODAY – shaped by forces outside her control which brought the inner dominant out so well in her (it was always there – the genie just needed to escape, and it so DID!) …

It also speaks volumes about how women forced by circumstance, or anyone in general, really – can really RISE ABOVE their current cicumstances, situations and so forth – and make something of themselves – something more than they ever imagined themselves to be!

I doubt even Garima knew what lay ahead of her when she came to the big city for the first time. Hehe.

So, before she met Mike Watson – THAT is the story in the book!

And here’s the review –

Garima Madam – the Prequel REVIEW

A tawaif was a courtesan who catered to the South Asian nobility, particularly during the era of the Mughal Empire. These courtesans danced, sang, recited poetry and entertained their suitors in mehfils. Like the geisha tradition in Japan, her main purpose was to professionally entertain her guests. While the sex was often incidental, it was not contractually assured. The more popular or higher class tawaif often had their pick of the best suitors. They contributed to Urdu music, dance, theatre, film and literary tradition.

The term devadasi originally described a Hindu religious practice in which girls were married and dedicated to a deity (deva or devi). They were in charge of taking care of the temple, performing rituals that they learned, and practicing Bharatanatyam and other classical traditions of Indian arts. This status allowed them to enjoy a high social status. The popularity of devadasis seems to have reached its peak around the 10th and 11th centuries. It can be seen that the rise and fall in the state of devadasis parallels the rise and fall of the Hindu temples. Due to the destruction of the temples by the Islamic invaders, the status of the temples fell very rapidly in North India and slowly in South India. As the temples became impoverished and lost their patron kings, and in some cases were destroyed, the devadasis were forced to live in poverty and prostitution.

During the rule of the British East India Company in India in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, it was initially quite common for British soldiers to engage in inter-ethnic prostitution in India, where they frequently visited local Indian dancers. As British women began to arrive in British India in large numbers in the early to mid-19th century, it became less and less common for British soldiers to visit Indian prostitutes, and miscegenation was scorned entirely after the 19th century after events of the Indian Rebellion of 1857.

In this book Mike shows us the life of a woman who decides to survive, overcoming her destiny.

Paula Banda Rendón

Madam Paula – that is indeed a review from a historical standpoint!

And she touches not so much on the fetish part of the book – there is PLENTY there, believe me – or the humiliation – plenty – or even the story itself, but the CIRCUMSTANCES – and the overall picture – and I love it, if there was one book that warrants this sort of a review, it is this one!

She’s spot on about “tawaifs” and “devadasis” – though Garima was neither of the two, her circumstances were similar and she might well have been forced into a lifetime of submission she hated – if she hadn’t discovered the right way for her – and all women – the DOMINANT WAY!

And she did – and how!

Anyway – the book covers it all, including how she bought a cocky General manger to her knees, how she took a cue out of a Sidney Sheldon book and got back in the best way possible at a man who DESERTED her for another woman … truly, the ending of the book is so awesome though I do not even want to reveal it, but lets just say she does what I highly advocate everyone here to do – learn from, but then surpass the teacher!

THAT is when you can have said to have thoroughly, and really learnt. And boy did Garima learn and then some!

Well my friend, thats that for now.

Get this book NOW.


Mike Watson


Indian Femdom

“Now touch my feet, and get my blessings!”

India in general is huge on feet, in case you haven’t noticed – and touching them.

People routinely prostrate themselves in front of Gods and Goddesses (especially the latter), till this date younger people “touch their elder’s feet” as a show of respect, and so does anyone either literally or figuratively to show “groveling” respect to someone else … and so forth.

I’m sure you guys reading this have heard about that!

Personally, I’m more the egalitarian sort – in life. Hehe.

Fetish wise, and bedroom, of course, we all know the story!

And while “Paye Lagu” was taught to me by the lovely Jyoti, even she didnt ever (once) utter the exact same words as a certain lady from Punjab – so natural, so naturally DOMINATING – with that lovely BIG stomach poking out, you know, I so love her imperfections “Madam, thank you for your imperfections and being proud of them, it makes you extra special!” is what I said, and it does – did today.

“Now touch my feet, and get my blessing!”

And the feet, well, there was a lovely long white “salwar” I think, and the feet, the toes perfectly, or almost perfectly pedicured, but clean, and the kind with no nailpolish or “nailpaint” as Indian ladies sometimes love to say! – and long … and the feet showing, and well, combined with all the dominating posts she’s been making as of late – it just felt so nice!

“Ma’am, you’re so perfect, PAYE LAGU! Madam …….. JI!” (the JI, of course being omni-important, absolutely, I still remember Garima Madam (JI!!) teaching me!) 

That came out as “jie” initially, interesting, in China “jie jie” = older sister. Hehe.

is what i HAD TO TELL HER!

I could not control myself.

But anyway – seeing Indian ladies do this, in a country which is traditionally not known for female rights – so nice!

Things are changing now, of course, but by and large, large sections of where this lady is from (the Northern part of the country) are EXTREMELY patriarchal, so its so nice to see that change.

India is a big country though.

And the Southern and North Eastern parts of the country are completely different, my friend, totally and completely different.

The North East in ALL, or most regards is truly like China – right down to females being in charge.

Which they are in India as well, it’s just – you gotta let ’em, and its done a bit differently!

Indian ladies, all the Goddesses in India, and this lady saying that – along with “post worshipping posts of me!” – she says it so nicely and OPENLY – MY!

I just had to say what I did.

“Madam, you’re truly perfection and a GODDESS ON EARTH!”

One of her posts promised she would respond to everyone.

I said even if she didnt, she’s so perfect!

And she is.

Anyway – another lady was asking about which movies I could (or everyone could) watch over and over again, never get tired of.

There are so many.

For some reason, a movie “Bloodsport” came to mind though, and it IS one of my favorite movies, I mentioned that.

Pure action, we’ll see how that goes over, I think WELL. Hehe.

The first movie I watched with Mistress Jyoti, or Priyanka – what have you – though was a typical Bollywood movie (I could barely understand it then, now, my Hindi is a lot better!!) … with lots of singing, dancing, crying, I didnt like it, but then again, I wasn’t focusing on the movie though!

I was focusing on … her FEET!

And either way, I’ll watch that sort of movie ALL my life if it leads to what it did with Jyoti, as for what did it lead to?

“One of the most HAUNTINGLY beautiful and romantic tales”, and more …

Serving an Indian Goddess, my friend, is simply a book you cannot miss – absolutely cannot.

Get it NOW.


Mike Watson

PS – I wonder what Madam would bless with. All I’d ask for is humiliation and domination, I suspect she will do it SO Well. It’s natural to Indian ladies as well, and I enjoyed every minute of the “loin quivering” books I wrote on Indian femdom. YOU guys will enjoy reading them too – and they’re in compilation format too, so hurry, and get you some NOW!

Indian Femdom

That all too fragile male ego (and all to…

It reareth its ugly head again does that all too fragile male ego, and without taking names, well, a lovely lady I saw online – I wont provide further details, but lets just say the Twitter algorithm is doing a damn fine job as of late of popping up posts from ladies named “Jyoti” ..

… speaking of which as I wrote today?

That book will ALWAYS be so special to me, a host of reasons, including one of which is it’s my first book – but more than that, most important reason?

Madam Jyoti!

Who for some reason I named Priyanka in the book (well, I know the reason. Hehe).

but maybe I should have left it as Jyoti.

Maybe the initial name of the book should have been different, but I “bow” to my editor at the time Steves judgement in terms of keeping it “Serving an Indian Goddess” … Hehe

And not calling her Ma’am, or Mistress all the time, which he didnt say, and I dont, and I dont need to, vibe shines through.

Anyway …

I retweeted a certain lady this afternoon who said the following.

“A smile is the most inexpensive way to better your looks”.

She is so right, something about those words STRUCK HOME!

I think it was the look in her eyes (no, not fetish, a soulful “know it all” look, a look that looks DEEP within thy soul, those brown eyes so … DEEP! – sort of like mine, I suppose) … that also did it, more than the smile, though that was lovely!

No, no simping going on here either, it was practical, hit home, I instantly retweeted saying “more people need to hear this”.

(not my exact words, but thats the gist, she replied back saying I was very kind, but please not to retweet her picture)

Which hey, given the increasing crime rate against women in many places, and especially how bad it’s always been in the subcontinent (I suspect thats one prime reason along with “society” and it’s so called mores that a lot of Indian findominas for one never post their faces) …  I can understand.

And I replied back saying “I get it, lots of nutjobs out there!”

It was a nice conversation, she had a lot of things spot on including a comment about flying roaches, and how we’re all brave until we discover that damn roach got WINGS. HEhe. That was another memory that hit home!

More on that later. (tho it happened in that house, gotta wonder, five storey home, yet the owners were fine with it liteally overrun and replete with roaches, crows and such – no, nothing religious either) …

Anyway, real reason I’m writing about this ?

Is what she said about some dude who was told (probably in the same ultra polite manner she told me) (I mean it was so NICE the way she requested it!) to not retweet, he got pissed off, kept doing it, and claimed Madam was butt hurt  in that regard.


Dude, and I told the lady that, it’s YOU that is butt hurt.

That all too fragile male ego hurts too easily, and it’s also why guys just dont end up getting the girl of their dreams, dominant or not.

If you want it, yet you cannot accept it, my friend, you’re an idiot, thats all I gotta say on that one, unfortunately way too many men are.

As for this jerk, perhaps he was that fool Bozo Schofield who thankfully has not been seen around here for a while.

He’s right here though, always will be. 😂Truly the most useless appendage he’s got (if you fall into that same bracket let me know, we’ll happily, for our fee, make you FAMOUS, hehe).

Really, I’d post everyone’s exact words here, but I dont want to, the lady probably doesnt want it either (tho I suspect if it’s just words without names she wont care, but still).

Gotta respect Madam’s wishes in that regard, or anyone’s. Hehe.

Anyway – guys – restrain thy ego is my advice…

And thats that.


Mike Watson

PS – If there is ONE book that teaches you this (humility) amongst all others, it is Sissy Central. Truly a magical book as some have said, pick it up NOW.

PS – Just remembered – NO, it was not “me” that coined that term. Rachna Ma’am introduced it to me, hehe. She likely wasn’t the first one who thought of it, but still! Gotta give credit where it’s SO DUE!

Indian Femdom

Why Rachna Ma’am is a grade A “bitch” (in…

And to think she wasn’t always naturally dominating, in fact even today, deep down inside Madam desires to be … DOMINATED!

By the real men that she has SO many of. Hehe.

But anyway – this isn’t about how she cuckolds me. Those stories aren’t mentioned in Cuckold Compilations, but plenty of other sizzling hot ones are. If y’all want, write back, I’ll include them in Volume Two!

But man!

If you could see her right NOW, all day long, feet crossed, fat legs in shorts … and watching soap operas all day … you’d get the true picture of what real femdom is like.

She hasn’t lifted a finger around the house all day – not that she ever does – even for herself.

And when I timidly ask her anything – anything at all, even stuff that is GOOD for her – she looks at me in anger, and the “confidence” that comes from knowing SHE HOLDS ALL THE ACES! – the TRUMP CARD! – and raises a forefinger!

And tells me not to “eat her head” – in that manner Indian ladies often do!

“Sir Mat Kha!”

“JA yahan se!”

“Sala phir see aa gaya”

Just like a real servant, she treats me!  (in fact, she treats her maids better. Hehe. So she should, I’ve written SO MUCH about that lovely older lady that is HER maid!)

And it’s so, so nice!

It was all I could do this afternoon not to drop down and kiss her feet  and BEG TO GIVE HER ALL MONEY AND LICK HER FOR HOURS AND MORE – after she yelled at me!

It’s the sheer insouciance, the sheer bitchiness that comes from inside (trust me -what I talk about in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China” as I keep saying applies to ladies EVERYWHERE if yo APPLY what I say!) …

… the sheer rush that comes from simping to her, as I wrote about earlier, but more than that, just, this woman – she’s a “bitch to me” in her own words like no other!

I still remember an ex of mine asking me “why do you want women to be a bitch to you and say mean thing”.

Even the lovely Sophia once asked me about “why do you want to be a maid”.


The sheer rush, the sheer thrill – and IF you – my friend, want to experience Madam Rachna for yourself, then get “25 odes to Rachna Ma’am” NOW.

Leave a genuine review, and more, and I might just introduce you to her – with her permission of course.

And thats that.


Mike Watson

Indian Femdom

Garima Madam’s bitch, Cuck Central, threesomes – and more…

Paula’s review for “Garima Madam’s bitch” – well, some of it could have been written for the outstanding course on how to truly introduce your SO to cuckolding and become the perfect cuckold yourself – Cuck Central!

In that book I keep talking about communication, and having a RELATIONSHIP built on solid foundations – solider than solid, I should and must say and will – BEFORE bringing femdom, or fetish into it – indeed, my path breaking book on ATTRACTING femdom to you says this too – all of them too.

It all starts from there, mutual liking, and then a real relationship, then anything else.

Cuckolding is DEEPLY PERSONAL, INTENSELY humiliating, once you do it its not like kissing feet which you can go back from.

I wrote about how “Deep Water”, a recent movie does a pretty poor job of introducing cuckolding to the audience.

But at least it tried, and maybe – I dont know if even the movie makers know it, but maybe they were trying to portray – and did – unwilling to an extent cuckolding, and the consequences!

You on this list have read my review of that movie, if not, it’s on the other site, must read.

And the more intense, the more humiliation – the more potential there is to ruin you and your relationship for ever, hence Cuck Central which lays it ALL OUT step by step for you in terms of what and how to do!

The steps are key – pun intended.

If you jump straight into it, be very careful with who.

Someone like me – it will work.

With most people – no.

And that said, lets get to the review of the book Garima Madam’s bitch, along with Sophia Bai and Madam Su, probably the most intense cuckolding experiences you’ll ever read about – it will SHAKE YOU! Literally. So it should, hehe. Shake away with LUST!

Garima Madam’s bitch REVIEW (by Paula Banda Rendon)

There are people for whom a threesome seems like an unattainable sexual practice, but the truth is that many more people have experienced it than we think. The latest study by the Center for Sociological Research on Sexual Attitudes and Practices ensures that 4.9% of adults have had group sex on some occasion. But the percentage varies a lot between men and women: 7.6% of men admitted having participated in a threesome (or some other form of group sex), compared to 2.4% of women.

The same thing happens when we move to the plane of fantasy. According to a large survey by the American network ABC, while almost two thirds of men fantasize about having a threesome with two women, only 10% of women think of sleeping with two men.

Make a threesome. We will all agree that it is one of the most recurrent sexual fantasies, but how do you do it with your partner and then problems do not arise? What happens if one of the two is not completely convinced of it? There are many doubts that can assail us when it comes to making this fantasy come true. For that, let’s listen to Mike Watson in this book, since he guides us with his advice to have a threesome as a couple, so that everything goes well and, above all, enjoy it.

Mike, a sexologist and coach, explains that when raising any sexual issue with your partner “you must start with good communication, trust and not judgement. We have the right to share our desires with our partner, which does not imply that our partner must agree to participate in them. Like everything, it is a matter of sharing, not demanding, and learning to reach agreements and common points”.

First of all, you have to differentiate between desire and fantasy, explains the fetishist Watson, “you can fantasize about having a threesome and in your mind have it with and how you want to enjoy it. As a fantasy, you can enjoy it alone or share it, because a fantasy you don’t have to want to put it into practice. Now, if what you have is a wish, it means that you would want it to happen, and then the framework is very different.” Therefore, if your case is desire, you can start by communicating it to your partner.

To have a threesome, we should think of it as having sex with a partner, that is, “I want to have sex” impersonal, it is different from “I want to have sex with you” because you turn me on or I like you. From where are we relating to sex? For a threesome, a duo or an orgy, choose people you like and desire, because the goal is to enjoy yourself and have a good time.

A long time ago, I humbly asked a lady if I could call myself – not “be” – different! “Madam Sadie’s bitch”.

Her name was Sadie. SO LOVELY, DOMINATING, I never saw her face, but her shrine – well, it manifests in Pooja Memsahib…JI! (the book) except as a shrine to something even more intense- Pooja’s … well, read the book to find out! (you will LOVE IT).

And she said yes, it was the greatest rush ever, I remember the THRILL I felt, and it was the same, I wont say more, but same and MAGNIFIED with Garima Madam .. JI!


Anyway – the review could be a review for any of my books. From communication, to starting slow, to the sexology part, to – the key part – pun – one of them – the FINE LINE between fantasy and reality – – well, Paula, you’ve hit all the nails on the head so sweetly, I’m inclined to beg you to smack my head too – both of them.

You deserve it – I do too. Hehe.

And YOU, my dear reader deserve to pick up – and enjoy – some of the fine classic tales of femdom above.

Do so – NOW!!


Mike Watson

PS – She’s also covered another key point I do in Cuck Central – that being cuckolding is often more a male fantasy.

And it is.

But what she hasnt touched upon in her review, and this is NOT, I repeat, NOT a critique?

Is that once you introduce her into it there is not only no going back, but she will enjoy it more – and by consequence and reaction, the natural law -so will YOU!

Learn from the LEADER of the pack, my friend.

Get the book NOW.

Indian Femdom

The interview that TRULY PROVES why Mistress Jyoti –…

Could be Jyoti Ma’am.

Could be Priyanka Ma’am.

Could be Rachna Ma’am!

As I’ve stated before, Indian women … Pooja Mam, Garima Ma’am – they ALL are so naturally dominant – like with all women if you “let them”.

it’s Inside, it’s waiting to spring out like Goddess Durga “Chandalika Mata” as my S.O. keeps saying, hehe – with emphasis on the kohl lined EYES – oh – MY – they truly ACCENTUATE that femdom – so do Chinese women in their own way – but Indian women, just a different brand of femdom, and thats so nice!

If you could get through the links above without creaming your pants, or panties as the case might be, hehe – here is a review for “Serving an Indian Goddess” that proves what I say in this here “title” of the email!

Serving an Indian Goddess REVIEW

Dominant piety? I am a translator for MIKE WATSON and I want to know everything about fetishism and BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Submission and Masochism) as new stimuli for life as a couple and sex in general. This is how this adventure started.

The contact of this BDSM professional was given to me by a professional colleague, who does not party, and we closed the appointment for Monday afternoon. Lucky for me, the dominatrix summoned me to neutral territory. My soul as an interviewer from “Spicy and Erotic Fetish” asked me to take me to her dungeon, baptized Cueva Fetish, but my reason told me: “Look, where are you getting into!”.

The dominatrix, with an abundant physique, blonde hair and a bellicose neckline, took me to a secluded table in a British pub in the Mexican neighborhood of “La Zona Rosa”. She had just come out of a domination session. She had subdued a submissive newcomer from England and had worked hard not to let him down.

Her work starts with a phone call or an email. The fetishist marks his object of desire (heels, sandals, high boots, bras, stockings…) and specifies what his sexual dream is to be fulfilled.

When the slave -sometimes they go as a couple- goes down to the dungeon, the dominatrix puts him on his knees and demands that he stay in his underwear and confess why he is there. First of all, maximum respect and obedience, that the whip is going to fly. That vulnerability is a source of arousal for Mistress, even when she reminds me of it.

My imaginary session advances, with a lot of skepticism, in search of applications for the sexual life of couples who get bored because their ring between the sheets is marked by the missionary, 69 and some posture of the Kamasutra.

The expert shows me photos of her work outfit. High bow, black corset, tight white shirt and infinite high heels. The shoes are key and the slave must lick them. Both the leather and the toes. From the knees down, that’s where the physical contact ends. We are not talking about a typical prostitute. They don’t touch her or see her naked and penetrating or even dream about it. The slave is not even allowed to ejaculate, except if it is involuntary. It is what dominance has.

From high heels we went on to very long boots, bras and latex. Piety Dómina recommends couples to delve into other sexualities, to experiment and not fall into a routine. That’s how she started. She had a boyfriend who wore a uniform -so far I can count- and from intercourse to slapping, going through fetishism, they went into BDSM. She got hooked and ended up knocking on the door of a famous femdom and paying her to become her student.

Paula Banda Rendón

And that – well – superb review as always, Paula and done so well in “interview” format – which she actually took – remember, Madam is a qualified geisha for one, she’s got a very extensive background in fetish – and a lot of other things too. Truly a smart, thinking lady – as most ladies are! Truly GETS it, as I’ve said so many times today – and always, its true, and Madam deserves it!

And what can I say.


Reason vs soul – soul always wins out ultimately, and so it SHOULD!

It should come from the heart, more importantly, you need to FOLLOW through on those hidden desires and DO the thing, as I keep exhorting my list to, or NOTHING will happen, simple.

She did it, and she … well, enough said!

So did I …

But anyway – it’s interesting how she interviews the Domina – and how the Domina starts out as “learning – remember what I keep saying about the best submissives knowing how the dominant’s mind works, not just submissive minds – better than they themselves do – the best subs being able to SWITCH – and more – and reverse (vice versa) too?

It’s true, and this review proves it – in fact, some of the best Dominas started out as SUBS, believe it or not.

She – and the Domina touches upon always experimenting, pushing limits – and COMMUNICATION in a SSC manner, something I emphasize in ALL My writings, and so I should – and will continue to, “communication rules the nation”, without effective communication you’ve got ZILCH ALL, I know this better than anyone else (experience for one!) – so should YOU!

How a true fetish relationship removes reality from the scene while the guidelines keep it there and how you really forget all, give in to your deepest, darkest, most dormant, yet not desires, and the part about the Kamasutra, 69 “sexual life for couples getting bored” – so APT! (and I wrote about this on the other site today, the MAIN Reason why relationships break up – sexual incompatibility in most of them, I’ve addressed this galore today on the other site, check it out now if you have not already). (along with two great reviews for books there as well!).

(its truly a review day around here. hehe). Thank you, Paula – again!!

Oh, and it touches briefly upon something most idiots, men mostly dont get – domination is not prostitution, there is a huge difference.

The latter might be – often ARE – dominant. Sin City Diaries proves this! (ladies are ladies, my friend, such an honor as I’ve said before to worship the most DOWNTRODDEN of them, even more so!)

But the former doesnt equate to the latter, period. I wish men in general would get it. ugh, MEN!

Then, the WAY respect is provided to the Domina – if you read the book above i.e. Serving an Indian Goddess, well, thats exactly what I’ve detailed in it, Mistress made me do exactly those things and more, except she got more into my head – more than any other Domina ever could!

And thats the point of all this, the MIND, as I keep saying.

My friend, this is one of my, if not THE most and widely, highly acclaimed books of mine – people are going GA GA over this, and it’s been 2014 when I First released it, and still – the fever continues.

So it should.

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Mike Watson

Indian Femdom

Her blue SPECKED nailpolish drives me crazy with LUST!

Madam is so nice!

Even in night slippers, nothing fancy at all, that lovely smile of hers – and I couldn’t keep my eyes, sunglass covered though they were, from those lovely feet I’ve always noticed!

Blue nailpolish, now I’ve written about DARK colors before, specifically bright and dark, like RED – or blue, and the sheer passion they arouse…

But SPECKS on nailpolish?

That is what a certain Indian Queen and Goddess had on today!

I was going to mention her by name again, but I’ll let you guys (and gals, hehe) guess who.

And it was all I could do not to compliment her on her feet (she was talking to a new, older maid – presumably the younger one was too interested in her boyfriend than doing any actual work, hehe) ….

Such lovely nail”paint” as they say in India, blue – with SPECKS!!

Those specks really did it, I feel.

OF course, her mind did it more for me, always does!

Indian girls, my friend, have a special brand of innate, sometimes understated dominance you just cannot help but notice, admire, and worship!

So does the lovely lady I am talking about!

That voice, that accent, that lovely brown skin, those “bodacious hips” – ass, the “not so perfect” (but it is!) – body, the swell of the breasts, the … it’s something I cannot put my finger upon!

OF course, the same thing applies to Chinese women – and all dominating women in general.

You just feel good, you feel … AWESOME – though femdom feels nigh awesome anyway!

Anyway …

You Indian femdom erotica lovers – more for you HERE.

And that that.


Mike Watson

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Indian Femdom

Talk to my ASS, boy! Not me…

Dont look at my LEGS, boy!

The command rang out so loudly from my lovely significant other, who makes an extra effort to be rude sometimes it seems.

So it should be, she is SO nice! 😉

And this wasn’t about fetish, we were discussing something entirely non fetish related, and the other day when I was staring at her feet and soles and talking to her (talk to my soles, boy!) – then she told me not to.

Today, Madam was on her stomach as usual, that lovely fat ass voluptously bursting out of her shorts, just BEGGING to be worshipped, I can almost smell the lovely ROSEBUD … the ass crack … all of it, and so I asked her, timidly to turn around (not look at me if she didnt want to) but turn around and talk to me (so I didnt look at her legs, as she told me).

“I’m busy working!” she continued.

“You talk with your mouth, dont you”, she continued. “Then talk, boy!”

And she lay there, back (or ass, rather) to me …

With my mouth?

I do so many things with my mouth, Madam Ji! Hehe. So it SHOULD BE! I can still taste… ah, but back to it…

And I wondered, if I can’t talk to her, her legs, her soles – then what do I talk to.

Maybe her ass, as I’ve written about before…

Anyway this isn’t some sort of fantasy I’ve written about – its real life here in the ole Watson household…in MORE ways than one, EVERYTHING I write about has happened, and will happen to YOU Too (I know, you dream of it!) if you follow the tips in the BOOK on it.

ie attracting femdom to YOU like moths to a flame in REAL LIFE. 

And to read about the dominating “bitch from hell” some might say – for me, its HEAVEN come to earth in Goddess like format, read the ODES to her right NOW.

Trust me, this can happen to you too.

If you only let it!

And thats that.


Mike Watson

PS – Madam Sophia, I remember I once asked her (her feet photos are being backed up to multiple locations right now like the precious GEMS they are, hehe) … about how she could dominate me so effortlessly.

Sure, shes a natural at it, but ..

“Because you LET me do it!”

And there’s more to it than “allowing”.

Its about conditioning your mind at the deepest levels, my friend, and no, watching videos all day long wont do it, that will only make you leak more.

Its about the mind, and to read about how I did it, do it, and continue to with real life examples that will be an inspiration to you – pick up “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” NOW!

PS #2 – These ladies with big asses wanting to lose weight, those without wanting to gain.

true, a woman is NEVER satisfied.

So it should be.

But Ma’am, you’re lovely as it is, the MIND!

And thats that. Hehe.

Indian Femdom

Pooja Memsahib JI! Is so NICE!

I just saw perfection … her ..outside!

In her red sari, today Madam has more red lipstick for some reason – and with ONE foot … well, thats all I saw, I didnt even get to see the sole this time, normally pointed so invitingly, so RUDELY, so ARROGANTLY and dominantly, brattily at me … all I got to see was one toe.

The side view, and the lower half of Ma’am’s lovely shins – which I know so well!

My balls do too.

A lot of those techniques in the book – well, pioneered by yours truly, but tested by Pooja Maa’m, as I’ve said before – Madam has the kick of a MULE!

As always just the mere glimpse of Madam drove me into a frenzy.

She does that to me, could be her lovely sweaty armpits, even sweatier BLOUSE straining at the edges with those massive lovely floppy breasts. Could be her lovely tummy I worship so!

Could be her lovely ass, best part, her fragrant, lovely, ROSEBUD and what comes out of it, as I’ve described in the book in SUCH DETAIL, I think it’s all holy, and it is!

Anyway … you guys owe it to yourself IF you’re into true femdom – and specifically, Indian femdom – to get the book on this Goddess, easily the most Dominant Indian Goddess I’ve ever met – NOW.

And the odes to her …

And back to it – I saw that one foot, the toe, and I can just imagine it on my lap, me cleaning it, pedicuring the top of her feet, before making the soles even softer, “soft like butter” as it were!

I can imagine Madam slapping her other foot down on me like the arrogant guy in White Tiger … and I’d be pressing the calf there, and the foot on the other hand!

Her humiliating me, her staring a hole through me, her LAUGHING at me cynically – oh that HARSH VOICE, it’s such a lovely thing, such a TURN ON!

I can imagine that fat tummy in front of me and those lovely light brown, little tanned arms … those thick fingers, so lovely, the sneer, all of it as she relaxes like the Queen and Goddess she is, and deserves to be!

I can stare at the blouse, the swell of those lovely breasts, so TANTALIZING! OH MY! Drives me NUTS WITH LUST!

I can imagine her slapping me – even if I did a good job, and finally maybe kicking me away … “Chal HAT!”

(that saying was covered in the first link, so I sent you another one, so apt!)

As is Madam’s name “Pooja”.

In India, Hindi I think, it means “worship”, and if there ever was a dominant female force of Nature to be reckoned with, a lady that will make your loins quiver with every harsh word, a lady whose slaps are as tight as her lovely asshole and her KICKS as strong as the dump that comes out of it, a lady, who in short, is the eptiome of what ideal femdom should be like … well, it’s Pooja Memsahib … JI!

And you (again) my dear reader – owe it to yourself to get the book on her NOW – and leave a review, the lengthier the better!

And that is that …

Back soon!


Mike Watson