Madam Ji, Paye Lagu!

Indian Femdom

Allowing her – or him – full CONTROL over…


This is one of those things that if you’re truly into REAL FINDOM – is a huge turn on for all involved!

Madam Pearl did this very well to me – so did Miss Priyanka. Hehe.

So did Master Wang, every time I looked at that dong, I went “nuts” – no pun intended!

Often times, I’d request Pearl permission to buy something for myself – and note, she wasn’t even the one who brought up the idea of controlling my finances at the time.

“Ma’am, I bought you this ring, may I buy a few beers for myself”? (often, this was after I paid for dinner – both her date and her – hehe).

With Master Wang, he’s say “Send $20 first, then ONE beer per however much you send!’

And he’d send me that DONG OF HIS! MY, I lost control so many times,  just looking at the penis SNOUT poking out of his sheath, so PINK, contrasting with the darkish skin on his dong (thats Master Takashi, not Master Wang) MY!!!! – I’d give him my beer money too while he enjoyed with his superior Asian friends (and I’ve got Master Takashi to thank, I never look at an Asian man the same again – and with Mistress Jyoti, an Indian woman – or man – same thing, their groins, asses and feet are what matter for a slave/slut like me!).

Handing over control – true control – of your finances is the ULTIMATE in findom … Truly, she takes over everything you have !

And done right, its a great way to remain in sub space – forever, and BOTH parties are the happiest!

Submissive Musings has more on this, my friend – every true findom lover will want to get it NOW.

And thats that!


Mike Watson

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Indian Femdom

Why I never got “cut” …

It’s been an interesting debate for sure!

LOTS of folks have asked me – especially girls (I remember a certain Madam Pearl specifically saying this too) “why I didnt get circumcised”.

If you’ve read THIS post – you know my penis to a T. Hehe. And it’s sexy smoking hot too!

And with the Japanese guy that recently almost converted me to “maledom” – hehe – and I’m sure he will down the line, I’ve got a feeling I’ll be simping to him, sending to him and such – we’ll see, but I think he’s the right MAN … and with Madam Reina’s cock, just like the above, and MINE – just like that – right down to the spots on the balls, I got this to say – or think about.

Why didnt I ever get “cut”?

I dont know, I’ve often been curious about my penis head.

But I also know there’s sex in mystery – or mystery in sex – or both!

And shrouded deep beneath those layers, which never quite came apart even with all the stretching I did, “it was just meant to be this way”.

Every time I went to a doctor, the way they casually said “get cut”

Or, “we’ll have to make you a Muslim!” (referring to circumcision) …

It was just horrible and callous I thought. And not all my partners understood this either, like the ex who complained it was too much trouble to give me a hand job because she had to tug my dick UP (which is the right way. by the way! not what you see in porn about “up and down motion” – that works, but only on the HEAD!) – or another one that could never understand why cowgirl was painful for me, and wouldn’t listen to me …

… I dont even know if a lot of my sexual fantasises have devolved out of “not being able to see the head” while I can see other guys cock heads I so love!

… The domination, foot fetish, no, I had that from an early age – probably my dominating mother (not good in real life) to thank for a lot of that, but who knows, maybe it was just meant to be this way!

But a lot of the cock worship etc – I have to admit, would be a lot less fun if I could see my own cock head.

Then again, with all the women I’ve been with, and those guys haven’t – we’d probably keep the fantasy alive anyway!

All comes back to MIND, my friend, so long as you have the right thinking and vibe – you’ll attract no matter what.

And thats that – back soon!

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There’s a compilation too.

No prizes for guessing whose on the cover.




PS – Bottom line, no pun – do NOT chop off parts of your body, especially those lovely sensitive parts because “many people tell you to”. Chances are there are more or just as many at the very least who LOVE those parts the way they are. For me, it was never about having sex traditionally – and while I can do that with my phimotic cock, life’s about so much more than just “normal”! As Paula recently told me in response to a conversation we were having about my recent watch “Memoirs of a Geisha” and if it was authentic etc (ie true to what geishas really are like, the story etc – apparently it was close to the book, unlike a lot of these movies so maybe it was) … “men with a lot of pressure in the business world need to relax with INTERESTING woman that can keep them interested, not just take off clothes”.

As a certain Sophia keeps asking me what she already knows “why do Chinese men want “docile” women while foreigners want “dominant”” … hehe.

Yin and yang!

And with all the cut out there, there’s so many people that LOVE the musk and mystery behind my multiple shrouded layers that … well, gut- I left it the way it was.

As Rueben said “I’ve never seen one like yours”, Carol, I remember her loving the elephant snout … and many more!

Ashley, of course- thats a tale unto itself “why I can’t see the HEAD, boy!” (and she was supposed to be a nurse. Hehe).

Ultimately it should always be YOUR decision, my friend. Never let someone else take it for you! And thats that.

Keep it interesting – always – ultimately that is what COUNTS!

Indian Femdom

Naukrani se… Maharani.

Or Empress, which she always was!

I was recently watching the movie “Memoirs of a Geisha”, which follows a similar pattern to the above.

A poor Japanese girl sold off to a “geisha house” (they’re girls meant to “entertain”, NOT provide paid sex, though the line often blurs) – who rises (first via training, then years of menial labor and then training again) to become one of Japan’s top geishas – now the movie has been heavily criticized for not depicting the geisha life accurately – did it?

I dont know – the book’s always better.

That could be the Bourne series. Jurassic Park. Or even this book – it’s always 10x times better than the movie which always ends up emphasizing the dramatic parts more.

Which takes away in my opinion from the REAL story – the MIND, which is what really counts.

Oh, Serving an Indian Goddess as well – though that ain’t made it to the silver screen as yet. One day tho!

As for whether or not it depicts the life of a geisha accurately, a certain Countess Paula would be best placed to comment! Haha.

Anyway – where does that fit in HERE?

Well, simple – Bhagwati Ma’am once happily said the above (in the title to me) as she lay there in the darkness, legs spread wide apart, confident in the knowledge all I’d do would be to obey her orders, rub her legs, feet – while she lay there noisily crunching her FOOD!

My, what a turn on!

Truly from a servant to a QUEEN, which she always was for me, and remember, she made the leap from badly paid labor to a “servant” (maid) in India (better paid) herself.

Nothing if not ambitious is this older QUEEN!

And the more I serve her, the more I love my place as her SLAVE, her chattel – underfoot forever, even if those poor soles keep getting cracked xx!

Paye Lagu, Bhagwati Ma’am – you’re so NICE!

And as I wait for her to come (she’s ordered me like Garima Madam often did – to keep the Room COOL for her (no A/c though, Madam doesnt much like it as YET, she isn’t used to it!)) – I better go and do what I have to, keep water etc ready for her, both to drink, and wash her feet before she collapses for her massage.

“Aj tere se ache se malish karwaungi” came the GRIN on the phone. Hehe.

Took her a while to get used to it – a sum total of … less than a day.

So it should be.

She’s a Goddess, at the top of the food chain, and always knew it. Again, so it should, shall be – and IS!

Paye Lagu, Madam! I wrote THESE odes to you, but every one of them, too little!




PS – Touching each foot reverently, so arrogantly SPLAYED out pigeon footed, what a RUSH, what an HONOR!

Indian Femdom

My oh, my! The indian Goddess I just saw…

A woman’s dominance can often be measured in yet another way – the way she places her FEET.

I still remember a friend of mine complaining about “my wife’s slippers clacking against her heels”.

I wish I could have told him how lucky he was~!

My S.O, even being the dominant, aggressive bitchy force of nature she is and should be complains about the mother in law doing it.

And thats one way, but the way the foot LANDS!

For some reason the “piegon footed” walk shows two thing – one, immense flexibility in the hips and groin, it shows strong legs – and HIPS – really, the largest muscles in our body other than the thighs – but while walking straight is good too, it also shows this – a fighter’s stance, dominant at that!

How many fighters have you seen standing with feet pointed straight AHEAD?

I didnt think so.

Legs spread, PREDATING, feet turned out to allow max movement and bring ALL The lower body muscles into it, and with these wonderfully dominant women why should it be any different?


As I was stepping out today for some work, I saw her!

GOD-DESS, it took all my control not to drop down there and make that FOOT, toes painted RED, that SLIPPER, decked so well with DIRT, the CENTER OF MY WORLD RIGHT THEN!

IF there was ever a good luck sign stepping it out it is this, I see it so often!

So will you once you start practicing the femdom affirmations I teach you …

MALKIN PAYE LAGU, or malik, as came to mind, my, even with tummy bulging (a slight paunch), all decked out in red from head to TOE, kid nearby – MY, she was GORGEOUS!

I HAD To check her out.

And she knew it.

Indian maid, decked out in red, so nicely contrasting with those broad hips, strong shoulders, light BROWN SKIN!

And the nailpolish, the demanor, the attitude, the FLAP, FLAP, her slippers made on the road as Madam walked CONFIDENTLY!

I almost came in my pants right there. I wish I could have kissed her foot in public to proclaim her dominance – though she knows it anyway – in public!

Something about these Indian maids arouse passion and LUST like never before in me.

One reason is this – Why I love being dominated by ladies of the night in China, and maids in India (INDIAN maids!) – Spicy and Erotic Fetish

The other – well, check out 25 Odes to Indian maids NOW.

And you’ll find out!


Mike Watson

PS – Be sure to grab the bestselling “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China“. Yes, it works for ladies anywhere!

PS #2 – Malkin’s back, arms, shoulders. I wish I could WORSHIP IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Indian Femdom

That spit in your MOUTH …


It’s not the consensual kind either as in Owned by Madam Aa Ling – my, I’ll never forget that first smooch she gave me, much like I’ll never forget Amanda *Eva*’s voice narrating it. Including her “AA” ling pronunication which upon prompting she later corrected, hehe. Imperfectly perfect is life itself, so am i, and this! So NICE!

But its so erotic.  (her voice as well – haha). (literally IRON in a uber smooth VELVET glove, her results show too!)

Bhagwati Devi does this all the time, now granted, it took her a long time to get used to it given the social classes, moores in India, but these days as she confidently shows up (maid??) – perches herself not just on the couch, but the RECLINER, those lovely SOLES – not as cracked now, but they get that way in other houses! – staring at me.

As she gets more and more arrogant, she often does a certain SO of mine angrily did in fights which I never fought.

She’d SPIT directly at me, believe it or not!

While so intensely humiliating in a non fetish sense, in a fetish sense, of course, this is nothing new to me – Madam Alexa anyone?

And often times, Bhagwati Ma’am, that lovely older lady I wrote SO MANY ODES TO – will command me to open my mouth, I do, she spits straight in it, either slowly or quick, sometimes just at my face in general …


When I put her soles, dirt, grime on my face mixed with my saliva – and hers.


Theres so many ways to humiliate, and do it right …

And what I mentioned above is just the pointy, pun intended, tip of the iceberg.

Get Humiliation Central for more. (the book that along with the Sissy Reader was literally HOT – TOO HOT for Amazon, got the entire account banned, so you can well imagine the content in it. Hehe. Some puranatical idiot somewhere got pissed off, loved it, yet couldn’t admit it to himself or herself! Haha).

And that that (and leave a review, folks, so many of you love the products but aren’t reviewing – do so now, extra 10% off your next purchase guaranteed!!).

Review links in ALL download emails you get post purchase …

And thats that- back soon.



Indian Femdom

The perfect JERK off vs the perfect TEASE!

I’ve written about this a lot before!

Much like what they show in porn (head bobbing up and down on cock) NOT being the right way to service a lovely dick – Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots for more on this – the reverse is true for … well, handjobs – in a way.

Madam Bao Bao is but one proof of this. Hehe. Lazily jerking my dick without using any strength, letting it even go a bit limp in the process, and an orgasm at the end that just came, it was SORT of satisfying, NOT a ruined orgasm fully as I still came as opposed to DRIBBLED which is how I state in the book it should be done i.e. you stop not AT the first spurt, but before, and takes PRACTICE!!!! …

She’s mentioned in detail in Sin City Diaries. 

Which a certain Justine has narrated Vol Two so well, four times at that – lots of practice, look for a great review from her, the material is of course DINNED into Madam’s head by now!

Now …. I’ve been thinking as I always do of Bhagwati Ma’am’s lovely slim – yet STRONG arms doing this to me.

Madam’s nail “paint” as they say in India, sometimes orange, sometimes blue, always DARK and BRIGHT and contrasting very well with her sarees!

And her hands, as always on my nipples!

Pinching, squeezing, her staring at me as she massages me, now my dick?

She could REALLY jerk that dick well with her strength!

Or, she could really jerk it well and stop right before the first spurt.


No half measures, friend, no pun intended!

To really have a satisfying handjob, you ideally use BOTH hands with MAX up motion (not “down” as is commonly shown).

And that applies regardless of not whether the guy is cut or not.

And for a ruined orgasm, it’s only really “a real tease” when there is NO orgasm, only DRIBBLE.

As opposed to a sissygasm, where it’s LEAKING, pissing cum, NOT DRIBBLING. I teach you this in Sissygasm Central. 

The three are different.

The three can be used together.

Or, on your lonesome, some can even be adminstered on your lonesome as perfect Madam … Eva wrote. Hehe.

No, Ma’am, I can’t stay out of trouble!! *grin*

And thats that.

Back soon – remember to get the above courses NOW.


Mike Watson

Indian Femdom

The tale of the Two Jyotis!

At the age of 19, I met Madam Jyoti – or Priyanka, as she is in the book – and my life was never the same again.

Those flip flops, those lovely BROAD feet – that look, those big eyes – that VIBE – all of it – MY!


Hell yes but … I dont know, I’ll always remember that FIRST meeting, walking together, those FLIP FLOPS – famous by now – haha – more!

About the HEART basically.

Ditto for a certain “Miss” Summer – never call her Mrs, boy! Hehe.

Anyway – over the past year or so, I’ve been seeing Twitter posts from another lady named “Jyoti” (we won’t get into more details here) whose vibes, posts, all of it HIT HOME so well!

Yours truly of course does not use social “shedia” more than “she” – – or he, hehe – has to!

Addictive, brain destroying, and an utter waste of time it is – yet, it has it’s advantages, and I dont just mean marketing wise.

It has so many lovely ladies with those dominant VIBES ON THERE!

Anyway – over the past couple of days I asked this Jyoti if I could have the honor of speaking to Madam “privately”.

And we have.

And much like the Jyoti at the age of 19 (boy, pun – hehe – life sure does come full circle eh) – she slept very little, and was always tired the next day …. this lady is the same!

With that Jyoti – well, we all know what the 3AM calls “come NOW, boy!” were about.

With this lady, it’s about her own dates, eating late night dinners out, her version of KTV – and so forth.

Physicality INCLUDED – face aside, the two could be the SAME!

Jyoti gained a LOT of weight (the one I spoke to at 19) “in the middle” if you get my drift.

She’s slimmed down a lot NOW.

I’ve no doubt the same will be true for this lovely Madam I’m talking to – who by the way would be PERFECT to narrate “Serving an Indian Goddess”.

I have not broached it to her due to the ongoing KDP issues, but given what she said about requiring extra income etc – hey. I will soon!

That book has been “auditioned” for by several Indian ladies, but it hasn’t happened as yet, the actual narration

Maybe it will NOW!

We’ll see, for now, pick up some of our sizzling hot and immensely popular audiobooks HERE!

And for books and manual – you know where to go!

Back soon.

Paye Lagu, Malkin.

You’re TOO NICE!



Indian Femdom

Aanchal Maam’s lovely, BROAD, STRONG shoulders!

I consider myself pretty fit – quite fit actually, and I am!

Yet, some of the ladies I see around me – either in real life, or “by chance” on Twitter etc – my!

One of these ladies is a certain “Aanchal” (I wont name “details” here other than this) – possibly a weight lifter, and not so much a bodyweight enthusiast which I am and I believe thats the best way to go overall – and I’ve written about her before! (remember the “hulk” post – hehe which I then modified? ;)) .

Now, the other day I saw, randomly, a post from her “beamoaning” her rest days off.

With an absolutely STUNNING picture – showing off those huge arms of hers, the shoulders, and the massive upper body – more than the breasts, I was focused on the MUSCLE – which of course made the breasts stand out that much more and give her MORE OF a regal, commanding and OH SO LOVELY LOOK!

I had to respond, of course -and I did.

Rest = growth was basically all I said.

But I get it – rest days, especially after days of hammering it hard – can be BRUTAL mentally!

You feel like you need to do something – anything – and often times, and this is why my friend advocates training DAILY – doing SOMETHIGN without fail – stretching etc gets things going again – I’ve had those brutal days turn into excellent workout days, not always but sometimes.

This doesn’t happen always though, so I get it, Madam – feeling “somewhat down and guilty” – but (and as she likely is today) the next day you ROAR back!

Like the tigress she is, I’m sure Madam has too!

But on that rest day, MASSAGES are something everyone needs normally – but while working out, more so!

And all I could think about?

Was massaging those big muscles of hers, sore, tired, and doing it for hours, the wide expanse of upper back, the strong biceps, huge shoulders – forearms – especially and of course the thighs, calves and bottoms of her feet – those lovely soles!

She so deserves it. (and more than the physical benefits, it would take her MIND away from not “doing anything” which is KEY).

Strong ladies are SUCH A TURN ON – mentally, we all know why, but physically too.

And I’m so happy to see these ladies daily!

Mucho support to ALL Of you!



PS – Tales – or odes to Indian ladies HERE.

Indian Femdom

Why I love the salwar kameez so much!

Why I love the salwar kameez so much!

Because it’s nigh on PERFECT for femdom BOY!!

And of course. . . it just adds to the ALLURE and the DOMINANT VIBE!

I just saw a picture of an Indian lady promoting a refrigerator brand on what I can only assume is an Indian language newspaper online.

Don’t know how I got there, of course.

Well, I do.

I was thinking about Garima Madam, and Indian ladies, and how the “salwar” is one of my (by far) favorite traditional dresses in India (and no, I haven’t yet been sissified in one for those that wonder, hehe 😉) . . .

. . . more so than the Sari, which I’ve written about before.

The sari is one of those loosely draped garments that is great for concealing not only the body, but also excess fat, and “tantalizingly” displaying skin (or if you hike it up, especially around the ankle, then the entire LEG!).

The entire visage if accompanied by the right mindset (yes, her mind is most important, boy!) makes for a stunning indeed femdom spectacle, but the “salwar kameez”, as they call it in Pakistan and India??

Well, to me it’s an EVEN sexier garment in terms of femdom and why?

(especially when worn with slippers, or ethnic “jootis” as they call ’em, hehe)

Well, it’s no secret that I’m a foot and leg man and most into femdom probably are to an extent.

And those tight “salwars” are basically like tight pajamas completely SNUG at the ankle, so you couldn’t see more than the foot and a beautiful one at that if you wanted to, boy!

You wanted FEET, boy? Thats all you’ll get!

I remember my eight grade Civics teacher wearing one, and the lovely long feet (and toes) and the BRIGHT RED nailpolish Madam used . . . and of course, the punishment she gave me, hehe.

I remember Madam Vandana and those loveliest feet ever and the CHERRY red nailpolish, and the dirty soles . . . (which made me jerk off as soon as I got home!)

And I remember Garima Madam in both a skirt and salwars, and the picture I just saw was a lady wearing slippers along with what I’ve mentioned above (and curiously enough, I was thinking about just that a while ago while lying down in bed, thinking of what to write to YOU — we truly do attract what we think about deeply, eh?) and this is what I just saw.

And it reminds me of many an Indian Goddess, with the loveliest and best maintained feet ever, often times as haughty as Chinese ladies, or even more so if we’re talking Garima Madam.

And that’s why I love the “salwar” even more than the “Sari”, hehe.

More on this later!


Mike Watson

P.S. — For scintillating and sexy tales of Indian femdom that will leave you leaking, sissy boy, go right HERE —

P.S #2 — And don’t forget to pick up Sissy Central right HERE, bitch! 😉

Indian Femdom

Strong ladies – BULK – and more!

This morning, I Was talking to Madam Cynthia, whose done an absolutely perfectly ROUNDLY again superlative – I’m running out of adjectives to describe her work! – job narrating Sissygasm Central. 

Now, I was asking her (she has background in Theater etc) – about promoting this to her contacts etc, but in her own words “sorry, I dont want people knowing about it – they’re mostly Christain and family” …

… she then ended with asking me to of course keep promoting on my twitter etc with the comment (and her Amazon reviews back this up) “they’re really good books!” (and spread the word about your new narrator!).

(btw, folks – those buying off our sites – there is a LINK in each download email which says “leave review!”.

USE IT. Hehe. Extra 10% off your next purchase just for doing so, my friend – so why wouldn’t you? 😁)

Which I will, of course.

Now, a couple of things – I’ve often spoke about the ex who kept asking me “honey why do you want me to be a BITCH TO YOU”. Hehe.

She kept saying she was “Christain” too … And hey, I get it!

You dont necessarily want to share all of what we do to your social media, contacts etc – or do you? 😉 I dont know, me, and Cynthia calls me a he man (I say she, lol) for doing 600 and upwads pushups a day – if you looked at my other self, you wouldn’t believe Mike Watson did what he does HER.(E).

Yin and yang, we all have it. The more yin that there is, the more yang there is, and believe me, we all have those hidden desires that dont go away – 

Anyway – I get it with Madam, and she’s resting, and will “talk soon … boy!”


I love Cynthia – and her work too!

From morphing from “someone for who the sex ship done sailed a long time ago” to someone who got turned ON reading the books and realizing it probably ain’t left port as yet – hehe – neither SHOULD IT – to becoming “Madam Cynthia” on the fly from Cynthia … hehe. Quite a journey, and she’s just getting started.

Look for her FEET on the cover of “Her Brown Slut” – she is PERFECT to essay – or narrate – the role of Angela!

On that note, lots of folks have said my books will make great scripts etc, and I’ve had people ask me if I want to “sell” my scripts to agents etc.

Well, not a goal for now, although a one of a kind Hollywood blockbuster would be nice, who am I to DENY that. Hehe.

I only deny my own orgasms which brings me riches beyond my wildest dreams and beliefs, no, I’m not talking just money either.

So I had asked Cynthia, but hey – I get it.

But anyway – remember one thing (yes, I know, what does this have to do with strong women and bulk eh – we’ll get there!) – you can only truly succeed by UPLIFTING and taking others WITH you on your journey to success.

Laboring as a lone wolf is great, but that isn’t the real ticket.

Hence, we work with so many people, platforms etc, anyway on that note, a female strength trainee and bodybuilding sort who I won’t name here has a program on Twitter going “she bulk”.

And she is definitely promoting that in a vanilla sense.

She looks to be from the subcontinent, and every time I see her, I think Goddess – and massages.

And this morning, I sent her a note about “The She Hulk with the Incredible Bulk. use that, Madam!”

Of course, I had to ask her to hire a good massuesse too. Hehe. Those strong muscles need lots of oil massages! 😉

Hey, strong women those broad arms, shoulders – I love it!

And lots of guys do as well …

And that, my friend, is that for the day.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

Ps – No, not revealing her name here, I doubt she’d want it to be! Then again, yin and yang … 😉😁😁

PS #2 – Do check out our Audiobook section here. Continuously growing, no pun! 🙂

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