Indian Femdom

Bhagwai Malkin, Paye Lagu – again, Ma’am, FOREVER – always!

My lovely sexy OLDER dominating Indian maid has me on edge – literally – for months on end. She knows it too, Madam does!

And every time I see her, I almost cum in my pants without even touching myself, and I’ve been fantasizing, REALLY, with deep feeling for something that hasn’t happened as yet – kissing her feet in public, opening the door for her, treating her like the ROYAL GODDESS she is, not the maid – and Madam knows it (so does my SO, who of course wants to fire “my girlfriend” as she calls her as I wrote about yesterday – hehe – women and their snarkiness, interactions, so CUTE, so NICE!) … taking her slippers off, asking if I can clean for her while she rests, relaxes, makes me rub her feet with lotion to remove the cracks, worship her ass, and so forth … oh my !

Much like “Owned by Madam Aa Ling” – in the book – neither one of the ladies there had anything remotely like this done for them, and they so enjoyed it when it was – once you try it, you never go back, and thats another joy, THRILL And supreme PLEASURE AND HONOR In worshipping downtrodden ladies from India and China, used and abused, they deserve it SO! 

All ladies do, of course!

And as I get done with some superb Audible narrations that have me on edge too – literally – just LISTENING, hot damn! – I gotta say – as I often do – the powers of the subconscious mind boggle – literally!

I was hoping my SO would not be here when my maid showed up yesterday afternoon, so I could do the abov. Hehe. Not that I dont with my SO!

But she was, so …

Yet in the evening, when I was resting, NOT thinking about this, just her – the doorbell trilled.

But it wasn’t my SO, not at home!

It was ANOTHER Maid she employed, yet, this lady was standing there just like I imagined perfect supreme Goddess Bhagwati there!

She came for a different reason, but I’m wondering if the FEELING I have for Bhagwati wasnt/isnt quite that intense, would this have happened at that point in time – NO, I dont think so!

No coincidence in life, as I’ve always said – the subconscious ALWAYS brings to frutition what you really want deep down inside – and it does so in the most convenient and practical manner possible, it just replaced her with another maid! Hehe.

This morning, I woke up thinking of her again, I was thinking of her all night.

And I saw it!

As I’ve been gushing about on youtube, as I keep saying today on Twitter, I saw the imprint of her TOES, the upper part of her feet she plonks down so dominantly when she talks, cleans, now I never saw this yesterday after she cleaned.

Today, there’s DUST on the floor which appeared AFTER she cleaned.

And that dust, my friend, has HER soles on it.

Now, practically speaking – you’d say maybe it was my girly feet that stepped on the dust, but even if it was, so what?

The heavens are pointing me to the right direction in the most practical manner possible, as Madam Gaby once did, “you’re on the right track, boy!”

And so I am, as I gaze at the imprint of those toes and upper foot in the DUST.

I never want it to go away from either my life or my heart.

It never will from my mind!

Bhagwati Devi, Paye Lagu, Memsahib … JI!

You are SO NICE I wish I could say it NOW to YOU!

And I will. Hehe.



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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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