Indian Femdom

Paye Lagu, Perfect Susan Madam, and your PERFECT SOLES STARING AT ME!

Down, boy!

And thats what Madam – Mistress Susan, and the lovely Madam Carrie, and all the rest emphasized so damn well!

That my place is at two places.

One, as I just sent you, BEHIND – their BEHINDS – or her behind!

And two?

At their feet, but not just at it – under it!

As I look at a young Goddess headed towards the PINNACLE of femdom in a few years, I’m seeing Joanie.

A young Princess Joanie with feet just like this!


And I’m seeing Susan Madam resting and relaxing …

And I’m talking to the soles …

And so should you, boy!

Her resting comfortably, and her SOLES, and nothing else visible, and if, as with Ms. Priyanka, there were multiple soles on display?

Think about it footboy! You’ll be in heaven! 

And to go to that heaven, partake right HERE.

Truly femdom heaven!



PS – Pull  out that wallet now, and SUBMIT – pay obeisance NOW – and dont ask WHY!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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