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Why all divine men LOVE getting poked in the backside

Divinity, I believe, was the name of a forum I once frequented – a femdom forum, I think. I’m not sure, but maybe.

But I’m here to talk about a far more profound version of it.

That holy, eternal – on EARTH – bliss you find … you experience – you exhilirate when you get poked in the backside by one that knows how to do it!

Let me tell you now, friend.

The P spot – and the pleasure it gives you is beyond any form of shuddering male orgasm you might have – even those that make you laugh uncontrollably.

Even more than any FEMALE orgasm you might have (remember, females don’t have the P spot. They have the G spot, which is a close equivalent but nothing compares to the original).

Ever wonder why so many holy men and women sit in the cross legged position, and where that energy is vibrating?

From the navel (solar plexus) down to the P spot!

That are is truly primal, and KEY to unlocking bliss like you have never felt before, and horniness the likes of which would put Viagara out of business over night.

Just THINKING about my P spot sends me into orgasmic bliss. While that requires practice, good news? IT ain’t as hard as it sounds.

The P spot is SO sensitive, that it does most of the work yourself.

Key though is to KEY yourself properly for it – via the backside.

Either you as a sissy getting probed, or your tongue and finger probing him.

In both cases, ROPES of cum “cum”.

In the latter case, don’t be surprised if it drips from the fan, so explosive will that make the real man orgasm. Jeremy’s cock comes to mind, and I didnt finger his P spot, and yet!

I sure did suck him off well .

“Man you’re good….!!”

And sissies – you’ll shoot wads and ropes across the room and keep being rocked by waves of intense pleasure.

Jump on the train – or BE jumped – NOW!



PS – Here is that link again.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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