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The magic of LOOKS!

Do you know the ONE thing that female dominants – findoms – or those into other things and aspects of femdom – of every race,shape, color, creed, or what not have in common?

THAT one thing that cuts across EVERYTHING.

Religion. Race. Creed. Skin Color. Financial boundaries. EVERYTHING!

Some of the most “downtrodden and submissive” women put in place by “so called real men and women too sometimes” that submit because it’s their job and they have to – often in most degrading manners – have it.

Curiously enough, women and men that are in power outwardly sometimes seem to have it big time, but don’t internally – but often times DO.

See 50 Shades of Grey for more  on this.

But the importance of LOOKS cannot be overemphasized.



Finally we get to the point that I keep making always – that it ain’t about external looks or ANYTHING else.

It IS about a look – but the look in the eye, through which her DOMINANT SOUL takes control of yours, and you’re hooked, and I’ve provided an example – a perfect one in ALL my books on femdom – especially Madam PEARL!

It’s words that do it, but words without the right look are MEANINGLESS.

Look only comes when it’s backed up by a subconscious vibe of “I DESERVE THIS!” 

And I do, my friend.

I do!

Like Madam Brittany said all those years ago, I deserve to be dominated – and very well at that!

She called me a little piggie publicly too. Paye Lagu, Madam JI!

And I deserve all the sales I make. All the money I make. MORE OF It is flowing to me for my life’s purpose, to be DOMINATED by ladies, and give THEM money too!

Thats what it’s all about.

True femdom and true submission – and as for what I wrote on the other site, “Deepa MAdam’s” foot pressing down like a vice on the base of my cock?

Engorged cock?

And nothing else?

Well, I didnt see her face.

I didnt see anything except the lower legs, and not much of those, and the side of the foot , crossed.

But my subconscious did – and it FELT!

I’ve seen that same pose a lot on my WeChat over the past few days too!

So sayeth Mike Watson, the highly sexed submissive – and ever ready to be dominated!

And so I get it.

As we WANT, so shall we get.

Thats a cardinal rule of attraction.

And if you think these are mere words, well, think again. My track record speaks for itself – obviously.

And if YOU want to attract success like this to you without even consciously trying – then try the non direct methods here.



Mike Watson

PS – One of our best selling books encapsulates the above BEST – Meeting Madam Aa Ling (check out the reviews on this one too!).

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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