Indian Femdom

Priyanka Malkin, Paye Lagu !

She truly IS too GOOD to wipe her own ass, BOY!

And more on licking it before she went (so she could! ;)) and CLEANING it (in the most humiliating and debasing manner possible) AFTER SHE WENT !

And . . . but oh boy!

Just thinking about it makes my head SPIN — in more ways than ONE!

This morning I wrote about Mistress Dana to my email list (and if you’re into true femdom, there really isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t be signing up for that list, my friend — it’s free — forever — no matter what!)

Here is where you can sign up —

And HERE is the post I wrote, an immensely popular one already —

Dominant, superior and BRATTY . . . as she DESERVES TO BE! Paye lagu MADAM JI. . . !

Only if, or IF ONLY, as I wrote towards the end of the post!

She truly was a superior, dominant and RICH lady, all in one, but I need NOT have worried.

But then again, I didnt have a crystal ball at the time, hehe.

Little did I know I’d be doing what I wanted to with her; to serve her in the most humiliating manner possible with the INCOMPARABLE Mistress Jyoti . . . or shall we say Ms. Priyanka.

Goddess Priyanka.

Perhaps Perfect Mistress Priyanka would be the best way! God (dess) my fingers are trembling and have a life of their own as I write this, and as for Goddess Jyoti, thats a tale for my blog, boy, and I’ll get to it soon! 😉

Anyway I wrote about Dana, and how she “forgot” to flush the toilet after she used it.

And how my you know what sprang to attention right there and then, even after looking at the revolting, yet PERFECTLY (she’s perfect, and so is her excrement, boy! ;)) shaped turd floating right there in the bowl . . .

We TRUE femdom lovers are nothing but extreme!

And yet, thats all it led to — at that time.

Years later, I’d be serving my Madam Priyanka in ways FAR more debasing than this, and as to what happened damn near every morning when we finally “got back together” (You fans of the Indian Goddess series will remember that there was a period where we were seperated; but true feeling never stays apart for long, and so it was with Madam and myself!).

And true femdom spans EVERYTHING, my friend. Continents, race, religion, creed, color, everything.

In fact, the only color I remember right now is the lovely brownish color of the bottom of her feet, her ass, and of course the black dicks that took me on a regular basis.

And . . without further ado, here is more on (actually a VERY SMALL SNIPPET) of life with the lovely Ms.!

Yes, I’ll laugh at you, BOY! Thats ALL you deserve!

These thoughts, and more, flashed through my mind as I gently entered her bedroom at 6:30 A.M. sharp, which is when she woke up on weekdays, the extra half hour allowing her to prepare for the workday ahead, as opposed to 7 A.M. on weekends.

Yes, my Ms. was still an early riser, for those who are wondering!

And she lay there, asleep, as I remembered how I’d been ordered to massage her feet last night until she fell asleep, which must have taken a couple of hours at the very least.

Combined with my slight jet lag, and the fact I hadn’t done this for anyone in ages, it was only natural to expect me to “slack off” in the middle of my duties, a fact she didn’t quite like, irritably poking me into the groin as I shifted positions, or paused to give my fingers a break.

“Zor se (harder!)”, she’d command as my fingers worked her arches, desperate for a break, my cock raging within the cage it had been put into again,

My “lund” as it was called in Hindi, feeling a strange sense of excitement run through me at the thought of the foreign language I was being made to learn rather rapidly, a word that women didn’t generally use except when with close friends as opposed to men who bandied it about as if it were the most natural thing to do, and a word that sounded especially sexy when she said it, those lovely lips pursing as she uttered the “lu (pronounced “lu-uh-nd”)” syllable that began the word.

And finally she had enough, kicking me out irritably as I disturbed her as yet not sound sleep one times too many.

And now, as I entered, tired and aching all over from the hard bed I had “slept” on for a few hours, the heat and humidity unlike anything I had experienced before, an erection built as I noticed the lovely lady in the centre of the bed, sleeping on her stomach just as I remembered her, one beautiful, shapely leg poking out of the blanket, the soles of her feet staring at me.

Soles that were as beautiful as ever, soles that called out to me to get down and lick them until she commanded me to stop, soles that I desperately wanted to kiss, massage, and care for her, the pedicures she was getting in India clearly not as good as the ones I administered, at least from the looks of her heels which were starting to crack.

But then again, that’s to be expected, I thought.

She didn’t have her slave with her all these days, a slave whose sole job was to take care of her from head to toe…

And I bent to the task I so enjoyed doing, my cock screaming as the spikes of the chastity device bit into the reed like, almost brittle, shaft of my cock, at the same time pulling down on my nut sack in a painful fashion, as I gently lifted the blanket off her, and turned the air-conditioner to a comfortable 22 degrees Celsius, up from the 20 degrees it was at when she was covered with a thick blanket.

A soft, velvety blanket that stood out in sharp contrast to the dry, ragged and torn blanket I had been provided with, though of course the heat meant I did not need it at that point.

I parted the cheeks of her ass ever so gently, the smell a bit revolting even though I was turned on by it, and familiar as well. As I did this, I kissed each cheek gently, mentally thanking them for the opportunity I was getting.

Her ass cheeks, those lovely, firm, well shaped ass…

Oh, Ms. I thought, as her lovely asshole, the same one that I had worshipped so often before beckoned me, the walls of her anal passage almost glistening, as I applied myself to the task I had so wanted to do ever since she had left.

Oh, my lovely Goddess, my owner, I thought, as my tongue eagerly probed her asshole, the musty, rank smell enveloping my nostrils, as if she hadn’t cleaned the area well enough, but I didn’t care.

I’m there to clean it, I thought. That’s my job, not hers. Those lovely fingers of her should never have to touch an asshole, even if it’s hers!

I lapped away like a dog, as she slowly woke with moans of delight, clearly enjoying this.

“Oh, God!” she gasped, as the familiar sensations of pleasure ran through her, as she reached behind and roughly shoved my face into her ass, just like old times.

“Oh, you fucking bitch”, she moaned. “You don’t know how much I missed this”.

Down, bitch!

And I licked her as she relaxed and writhed with pleasure for a few minutes, before it abruptly ended, as she farted powerfully as I licked her.

The stench was overpowering and unbearable, rotten eggs being the first thing (amongst many) that came to mind, and I involuntarily drew my head back, expecting a slap to the face for doing so, but unable to help myself.

And the moment was broken, as she too was surprised, finally bursting out laughing.

“I should punish you for that, bitch”, she said, turning over, and lightly slapping my face with her foot.

“But at least now you know what I meant earlier about making it easier to go after an ass licking from you, bitch! Sure enough remedy for constipation, as I once think I said!”

She laughed heartily, as I stared at her lovely soles, still enveloped in the desire than had taken hold of me while servicing her anally, wanting to pleasure her more, wanting to her bring her to orgasm…

But she roughly pushed me away.

“Get my bottle of water, boy!”

And I got her a bottle of Bisleri mineral water (the Indian equivalent of Evian) as she drank thirstily, and proceeded to the bathroom.

“Boy!” the call rang out a short while later as I made her bed, and I knew what I had to do.

Or at least I thought I knew what I had to do!

As I entered the bathroom, I noticed something strange.

My lovely Ms. was not standing there impatiently, legs spread wide, elbows on the bathroom sink as I might have expected her to.

She was still sitting on the commode, reading a book which she had taken with her to the toilet (another one of those “manly” habits which I see no reason a woman shouldn’t adopt as well!), her painted toenails almost beckoning me to kiss them, and…

And she SHOULD have those manly habits. Why should men have all the pleasure, and fun, BOY? 😉

She’s a goddess regardless of her AGE, BOY! You better understand this NOW!

And if you’re salivating as yet, and if you’re a true femdom lover- you really SHOULD BE; just WAIT.

Just WAIT till what happens right after what I posted . . . or if you can’t wait, grab the Sequel now, and find out for yourself!

She truly is a superior Goddess.

They all are. They deserve to be worshipped — in every way possible, and then some, BOY!

And yes, they ARE too good to wipe their own asses after going (in case you needed a primer of whats to come).



Mike Watson (I best get “off” — pun NOT INTENDED!- here while I still can — oh boy!)

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