Why Lola so wants to be the head girl.

Why Lola so wants to be the head girl.


I recently saw an article Tom Tomming Carrie Lam as being the “head girl” or something for Beijing in Hong Kong.

Now that I think of it, it was some Al JAzeera link (interesting how computers can think and predict these days, I was writing about Arab dongs this morning, and guess what it pulled up!)

These damn devices track and think more than you know!

But anyway – Carrie Lam, and what the Chinese have done to Hong Kong in general is sad. We all know that. Repression Central, which is what the article was saying basically.

Sad, I love Hong Kong!

And of course, their women are EVEN MORE DOMINATING!

But anyway … (not like women from the mainland though, hehe, they’re just so special!) …

It brought to mind TWO things.

one, I wouldnt want head from Carrie Lam, even though I never get head. Hehe.

Come to think of it, maybe I’d leak to her too …

But I wouldn’t want to, hehe. For obvious reasons (and actually, the never get head part ain’t that true, hehe) …

Such is life, shades of grey! 



BUt second . and third.

One, Bozo Schofield would love to be called head girl. I’m sure.

Except all the girls, Aunties, ladies would pack up and RUN far away from him. Hehe. Hell, from what my fitness friend writes on the Miss V Owned website, he was booted from Hong Kong, even Carrie and her gang couldn’t stomach him.

Which says a lot about this Glyn Schofield Bozo character…

Probably pestered a bunch of dames there.


Yours truly woudl love it!


I’d love to called that. Hehe.

Sucking dick like only yours truly can. BEtter than real girls sometimes, so Lola loves COCK!

And lola wants to slobber now, hehe.

And Lola is the ONLY and BEST one QUALIFIED – frankly UBER QUALIFIED to teach you how!

I still remember Jeremy moaning.

“Man, you’re good!”
 How I wish he would have said Lola, hehhe.

But I wasn’t that “open” then (I mention this in Cuck Central – the guilt BS and stuff).

Be yourself, folks.

And Lolas and Lolitta learn how to suck cock right HERE – Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, a truly BLUSHWORHTY AND PRAISEWORHTY “too hot for Amazon” course!


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Mike Watson
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