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Perfect Mistress Nandini!

This was written on Feb 14, I believe!

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And she is so perfect, so nice, there is no other way to put it, my friend!

As I told her this morning.

“Madam, apko Happy Valentine’s Day wish kare — ya per choo ke🙏🏼 kare.”

“Because, you know ,you’re so nice, Princess…”

“Itni dominating ladki aur kahan milegi!”

Translation — Madam, I dont know if I should wish you Happy Valentine’s, or … Pray to you. Hehe. Touch your feet, and worship you like teh Queen and Goddess you are!

Actually, she knew from day ONE.

I should just up and say “Paye Lagu, Perfect Mistress Nandini”, and be done with it. Hehe.

She knows, I know…

Those vibes!

You guys on the list know how I met her.


Which of course Madam wasn’t interested in from the get go, which kind of ticked me off, last night, I asked her — again — about business.

And the sheer attitude and candor with which Madam not only NEVER answers my questions, and didnt answer this one, and the way she did it…

OH my!

So nice, the way she looks at the servant, the SOLES pointing at her, the ATTITUDE, the VIBE OF INNATE DOMINANCE!Goddess~~~~~~~~! And Nandini loves it too, hehe.

Remember, she never needs to answer anything, boy!

Thats rule #1 of Femdom 

But you do!

She only answers that which is convenient to her, so it should be.

For true femdom lovers!


And this morning, I said what I did, apologized.

HEy, I’m still ticked off about the business, she knows it.

But, she’s such a Queen and Goddess.

Ultimately, for her, all I want to do is what I said here

And that does it.

Dominating Indian women, so nice!


Mike Watson

PS — “Madam, please dont make me wear a sari”.

All she did was giggle.

we’ll see!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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