Indian Femdom

I wanted to drop down, press her feet right there!

Like her servant, owned property, chattel, slave, someone she KNOWS will serve her!

Sometimes, as I wrote about on Twitter, you see some woman – they are just so drop dead – not necessarily or not traditionally or typically “gorgeous” or young or whatever, but WORSHIP WORTHY!

You just want to stop – drop down at their feet in public, DEBASE yourself like never before, right there and then!

Happens all the time to me in China – remember that time I keep talking about? I was walking back home after a tough sweaty workout – fetish was the last thing on my mind yet, outside a rental agency, I saw just a SOLE – a bare SOLE – a Chinese lady working there talking on the phone, her back tome, all I saw?

Was her sole arched in a SHOE – a broad SOLE. OH MY!


I just wanted to beg her right there and then to take my MONEY!

And today – I saw an Indian lady, a fatter lady in shorts (this is what I keep saying, never about looks!) – with delectably well maintained feet – sitting in the park.

She was wearing all white – dressed in a skirt type of dress, and clogs on her feet, and she kept taking them off and DANGLING!


Those lovely feet, I coul dbarely focus on my workout!

There were other ladies near her with pretty feet, better maintained, slimmer ladies, all so “vibing” of female dominance, but this lady, my!

I wanted to kneel, take her sweaty feet in my palms right there and then!

Remember, I keep writing about it.

Right out of shoes, nothing feels better than a human palm massaging and rubbing the sole, rubbing the sweat away before washing the feet. Trust me on this one. 

I felt like … well, THIS scene.

Look at how well the servant just takes her feet in her hands and does her duties, Madam is so delightfully arrogant, understated, yet she KNOWS she owns the servant!


Some girls – indeed all girls if you LET them – as Madam Sophia keeps telling me “because you let me” (she doesnt mean “I permit her”, she mean I allow the female dominance to flow and crest more and more unchecked with each passing day!) …. they all have it.

Another one of those out of the shower posts, so I’m out for now.

But I am not ashamed to claim I almost came in the shower!



Mike Watson

PS – You must pick up a copy of our Indian femdom recollections, you will love them!

PS #2 – I saw a recent photo of “Priyanka” – Jyoti. At the age of 40 plus – looking every bit the Goddess she was and still is at 19! I’d recognize her for miles… She is SO NICE, still has that vibe!! The rest of Madam’s siblings … all older and such, Madam never seems to age!

And, this is my story dedicated to HER – my first, and one of my most popular – Serving an Indian Goddess. 


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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