Indian Femdom

The four girls I saw while working out as usual, and which I “chose” – as if i had a choice. hehe.


I dont choose girls, for the most part – its THEY that mark me out as “handsome and submissive” – the sly looks when I’m not looking, the VIBE, the confident dominating attitude – Madam Aa Ling was a perfect example of that – regardless of their social status etc otherwise, and so on and so forth, so it should be!

This afternoon, it was a superlative workout, and I saw two gorgeous Indian girls, a bit fat, but ok overall – made up to a T – coming to “workout” – in reality take vidoes showing themselves off on Instagram and Tik Tok most likely. Hehe.

Showing their bare midriffs, their boobs bouncing up and down, legs etc – I admired them while doing my thing. But thats not real working out, of course, but thats OK, Madam will be Madam!

I almost invited them to join me in jumping rope etc. Hehe Especially the one girl that was looking at me sideways out of the corner of her eye. … 😉

I looked at the girls SHOES too – their white tennis shoes, the bottoms…

While going home though, I saw a woman from a different social class altogether – the maids I revere so much – that class!

And she was SO NICE – calling out to her kid in that torn, worn red sari of hers, my gaze instantly fixated on her dusty FEET, and her worn slippers, most were looking at the other girls – me? I was looking at HER!

And as I passed by , she let me go first -that whole “social status” thing in India I’ve never quite understood, but it’s brutal, and hits home – and is true – servants are servants and nothing else kinda thinking, kinda like my WRITING! – brutally honest – India can be that way – it IS that way a lot – and while she let me pass, I looked at her feet, those lovely anklets on her ankles, and the toes were painted red anyway!

Not quite the parlor pedicured red that her Madam would have. Hehe.

Not quite the pedicured feet most would want.

But – its REAL – she was REAL – those dusty worn feet – the toes called out to me, naturally I said Paye lagu, as I walked past, and naturally Madam (she wasn’t a maid – she was a gardener working the park) sneered at me internally – so she should!

These downtrodden ladies, it’s SUCH an honor to worship them as I’ve written about beforegalore!

and it’s TRUE, well deserved and well warranted.

#4 was a girl with the exact sort of heels I saw a lady in a movie yesterday wear. If you’ve been paying attention to the emails – you know “which movie”!

Nice feet, and I mentally kissed each toe as I passed on by.

she was sitting with another guy, likely dating and such in the park …

So thats my “choice”

Doesn’t come as any surprise, of course, if you’ve read my writing, know my philosophy on REAL and lasting TRUE femdom – and of course not if you’ve read Sin City Diaries, which by the way if you haven’t read, you must read now – truly hard hitting and different in a manner you’ve NOT seen before – to know about which lady I chose, though they’re all so dominating and NICE!

And that, my friend is that.

Back soon.


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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