Indian Femdom

The advice Indian maids give, the TATTLING – muah, all so SEXY! (for sissies!)

I so love being tutored by women! – with that upraised forefinger at that, that knowing look women have – and Indian women for some reason do it SO well – with those raised eyebrows, either teaching you things you already know – or , well, drilling lessons into you.

Learn, boy – while you SERVE HER, and she has that smile of TRUE contentment on her face knowing she owns you – lock, stock, and barrel – pun intended, and perhaps not!

Anyway, an Indian maid cleaning outside prompted this. Though she works in the building I live in, I’ve never really paid attention to this older lady, but as the winter ebbs, summer comes – I saw her FEET the other day – toes glistening red!


This lady is always annoyed, always irritated, in a FOUL mood most of the time … the other day, I just wanted to kiss her feet, then take them in my hands, press them for HOURS!

Nothing more, just foot massage, not even calves , those magnificent feet deserve it. Ma’am, Paye Lagu! I’m sending her these vibes as I write.

Grabbing her feet, kneading the tiredness out of them, thats all, Ma’am! doing the TOES, pulling each toe – MY!


Maybe I’ll see her again while taking the trash out.

Maybe I’ll drop down and kiss her slippers too!

We’ll see.

But for now, one thing about these maids – and the women that employ them – there’s a constant battle between them, as there is often is with women.

Like my SO once sagely said “women are each others worst enemies”.

That they are!

Both from a good standpoint and bad – bad being a lot of the , in fact MOST OF THE domestic/spousal abuse cases in the subcontinent and probably elsewhere too are perpetuated by women unfortunately – which is a fact you can research, along with the constant battle between mother in law and wife (doesnt happen with father in law and son!) (or husband)

But anyway.

These maids obviously won’t talk about things a lot with those considered in an upper social strata from them, so massaging her feet, I can just imagine her, that smile creeping across her face – she KNOWS!

And as I massage, she’ll open up, talking about her  day, telling tales – tattling on her “Malkin’s” – employers – her Memsahib’s – all such sexy terms for me – how much she made her work today without paying her more – how Madam keeps wanting head and foot massages all the time – and so forth!

It’s interesting, the movie I Saw the other day, the cuck was being forced to do housework by the Madam after a solid kick to the butt – “because the maid is too tired from working in four houses!” – and the maid yells that as well at the guy, if you can believe it – in India!

Yet, next scene, you see the maid massaging Madam – despite being so tired. Hehe. IT’s ALWAYS ABOUT HER, boy – dont you ever forget it!

And those tales, the gossip women hate so much – yet can’t stay away from!

Female nature, my friend – so sexy!

And I love gossipping with women about these things, I LOVE the way they teach me about other women – and so forth.

Often times, I’ve found what women say about other women is entirely inaccurate – Pooja Memsahib … JI! being a case in point.

Women  think emotionally first, my friend, that emotion clouds any and all logic – always!

(unless there’s MONEY involved. Hehe – thats different, Ma’am!)

And its so SEXY , the way these maids especially gossip, what you can learn from them, at their tired feet, with their raised forefingers, the voices harsh, the hands strong, and so forth …

AND YOU LEARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, the way they LOOK AT YOU WHILE TEACHING!

And of course, the sheer THRILL Of being dominated by someone considered inferior to you – beyond DESCRIPTION!

MY – I’m out.

Ma’am, Paye Lagu. I want to kiss each toe. Youre SO NICE!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Sissies, isnt talking to women about other men and their cocks, as I’m about do with Madam Christina – so SEXY? It should be a cardinal rule in Sissy Central, if it is not already! There is a REASON that book is one of our perennial bestsellers as well!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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