Indian Femdom

Oiling her feet is so nice!

Serving her is, in its entirety!

But massaging her with lotion or oil, I’d ALWAYS choose oil.

“Tel Laga!” “Jaldi!”

…. could be the post I wrote here as well, as to why I love giving her OIL massages so much (if nothing else, they’re so relaxing!)

But it’s so nice, watching her relax is so nice!

Soles- female soles are all so nice too! Each with their own story to tell to the admiring footboy and simp…

… Each to be “pressed” and massaged differently. Remember, boy, some ladies need the SOLE massaged more — if they’re wearing high heels, maybe the arch …and the balls of the feet should never be neglected!

Not to mention, simply “squeezing” the foot isn’t what it’s about. Use your fingers, DIG in, relieve that soreness, and do it for hours while Madam relaxes or sleeps, doing as she pleases!

Now, I’ve been seeing ladies oiling their soles all over the place as of late.

And different soles, of course.

And this afternoon, a lady and her husband, and new born baby … out in the afternoon sun, relaxed, enjoying themselves, and Madam?

Well, suddenly she took out a bottle of suntan lotion, and started to put it one of the most perfectly pedicured pair of feet I’ve ever seen!

An indian lady, and the feet were fair, Madam didnt want ANY sun on them!

Reminded me of a certain Carol, I’d hold the umbrella at different angles for her as we walked together so that the sun’s rays (when at different angles) would not hit even one inch of her lovely face!

Real servitude, and as I looked at that sole, it was shaped differently, regally… it was so NICE!

I still remember it!

And I so wanted to oil it for hours as Madam relaxed…

Anyway, Serving an Indian Goddess includes p lenty of this sort of thing — and then some.

And if you haven’t got the book as yet, you’ll want to get it … NOW.

Malk, Paye LAgu, you’re SO ARROGANT, I LOVE IT!

Here’s how my days started with Ms Priyanka!

Getting used to the morning routine Thursday dawned bright and sunny, with me waking up almost an hour before my alarm clock rang. It was just 5:40 A.M. at the time, and given “normal” circumstances, I’d do what anyone else would do in this situation, which would be to go straight back to bed until it was time to wake up — — but “normal” didn’t apply in my case.

I was no longer a college student merely dreaming about being allowed to worship a stunningly attractive and naturally dominant lady — — I was actually fortunate enough to be in the position of actually doing so, and had to act accordingly.

How lucky was I to have this opportunity — — it had only been a couple of days, but I was already so deeply enmeshed in my servitude to her that even her feet touching the floor when she walked bothered me — — should she not be walking on rose petals all day long so that not even a speck of dirt could soil those lovely soles?

Though I had managed to sleep a few hours last night, it was by no means a “restful” night of sleep — — rather, one where I tossed and turned intermittently, Ms. Priyanka and my new position as her devoted slave, constantly on my subconscious mind.

I was also struggling to get used to the chastity device I was wearing, something which was an absolute essential since I just couldn’t keep my erections under control for any length of time.

But physical discomfort aside, an extreme state of arousal also increases my level of submissiveness, and somehow, with her innate knowledge of men and how their brains function, my Ms. had figured this out, and used it to her advantage — not that I minded one bit!

“How right Ms. Priyanka was to buy me this device”, I thought, lovingly recalling the moments I spent last night with my tongue deep inside her asshole, gasping for breath in between those perfect ass cheeks of hers.

“She knows how to keep my cock under her control, thus denying me pleasure — — but giving me the pleasure and satisfaction I truly need and get mentally by worshipping her as a superior lady, as opposed to a quick orgasm which does nothing for me in the long run”, I mused. — the BEST and one of it’s kind book on how to adminster ruined orgasms by Mike Watson (translated into Spanish and Italian too!)

These thoughts occupied my mind for a few more minutes, and I suddenly got up, my mind racing.

How could I be wasting this time merely thinking about what I had done so far?? My gorgeous Ms. was sleeping comfortably, and I was passing up the opportunity to massage her feet for an extra half hour before she woke up?

I quickly got ready, and entered Priyanka’s room on tip toes, making sure not to make any noise lest she wake up.

I found her sleeping comfortably on her back, legs spread wide open on the bed with her pleasure zones in full view — a position that clearly said “My bed, my area”.

And the posture pleased me as well — men usually sprawl on the bed like they own it even when they have a female partner beside them, so why should a woman not get to do the same?”

As these thoughts raced through my mind, I knelt reverently at her inviting soles, starting to massage them gently, blowing warm air out of my mouth on them occasionally so that her feet remained warm.

I massaged her shins gently as well, since that was an area I hadn’t paid much attention to — — but I was sure they needed a good rub down as well. I must have done something right, as I sensed her awaken and move ever so slightly,

“Ah, you’re at it”, she commented sleepily, not fully awake as yet. “

”Rub my ass”, she instructed, while turning around lazily. I eagerly crawled over to the side of the bed, and started to rub the twin globes of flesh that poked out alluringly from beneath the cover of the blanket, her perfect ass crack staring at me invitingly.

I massaged the buttocks in a circular fashion, making sure that the muscles around the lower back were not neglected. It was a gentle, soothing rub, the kind that can turn one or simply allow the recipient to relax, depending upon said person’s mood at the time.

She moaned her approval every so often, before starting to wake up.

“Kiss my ass, slave”, she suddenly commanded.

I almost fell over myself rushing to do her bidding, kissing her pert ass as I would the love of my life. I made sure to kiss her lower back as well, which seemed to relax her a good bit.

“Get your tongue in there”, she ordered me after a while. I parted her cheeks, and got down to my task — a task I must admit I enjoyed thoroughly.

Her ass was a bit smelly, as anyone’s might be after a good night’s rest, but I was so aroused that the smell actually turned me on even more, the pain emanating from my groin only matched by my desire to stick my tongue even deeper into her fragrant rosebud.


She was clearly aroused as a result of my doting ministrations, and enjoyed it for a while, only issuing me commands on how to lick her, or where exactly to kiss her.

I also made sure not to hold her ass cheeks apart as I explored her tight passage with my tongue, so that the pleasure felt even more natural for her. This made it tough for me to breathe, as my nose ended up stuck between her ass cheeks, but that was a small price to pay for Ms’s pleasure!

“Mmm”, she moaned contently, while I struggled to catch my breath. It felt as if I was breathing in through her ass, but while the thought might sound disgusting to some, it was a huge turn-on for me — — breath is the essence of one’s energies, and breathing in air through my Ms’s most private parts was yet another sign of my complete supplication and submission to her!

Was I going to be privileged enough to bring her to another orgasm, I wondered, as I continued servicing her, my hands occasionally massaging her lower back gently.

As if she was a mind reader, Ms. suddenly turned around, pushing me away as she did so.

“That’s enough for now”, she said dismissively, swinging her feet onto the floor, while I rushed to put her slippers on, and she drank deeply out of the bottle of water at her side.

“Time for your morning duties, bitch”, she announced after finishing the water. “You’re getting used to being my ass wiper, aren’t you?” she asked, laughing.

“Yes, Ma’am”, I responded, burning with humiliation and desire, the former emotion clearly subservient to the latter, my cock doing its level best (as usual) to pound through the prison it was encased in.

“Yeah, I think that’s for sure”, she mused, noticing my caged erection and then laughing, while heading to the bathroom.

I followed her, careful to make sure that the toilet seat was lowered. Always remember that, boys!

It was.

She did her business then ordered me in again.

“Clean up, slave”, Ms. commanded while placing her elbows on the bathroom sink and bending over.

I moved to do her bidding, toilet paper in hand, while she continued to speak to me, her parted ass crack staring me right in the face, the asshole I had just licked soiled with her waste matter; the sight both nauseating and an aphrodisiac at the same time — if that makes any sense.

“Hard” as yet, those reading it (the guys)?

Ladies, you’re probably loving it too … Hehe (those into femdom, and most should be!).

And that, my friend is the tip of the iceberg.

GET the book now.

Truly my first,and one of my best!


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