Indian Femdom

Another Indian maid, another devoted … ODE!

Shes an older lady. All decked up in saris, red lipsticks – toes ALWAYS PAINTED RED!

Voice sometimes harsh, sometimes not…

Feet LONG, and I keep seeing them – the more I think about it, the more I attract it!

I’d so love and want to kiss each toe, massage the feet for hours, touch her feet just to do it, as a sign and show of respect she so DESERVES!

But doesnt get …

She’s lovely, flirtatious in her own manner, and … SHE KNOWS! Boy, she knows!

And the way she talks to me, finds ways to make communication, I feel so weak!

This morning Madam asked me a question to which I already know the answer, so does she.


Women are like that!

And I so wanted to touch her feet, and say thank you …

Maybe someday.

Come to think of it, she can FEEL it.

And so it should be WITH REAL FEMDOM, thats how to attract real femdom to you!

Truth be told, I could start a site on ODES – there’s so many of them.

For now tho, yours truly just livestreamed his – or her, depending upon – hehe – WORKOUT!

And, for odes – pick up the odes here first before I write any new ones.

And last, but certainy not least, make sure you grab the pathbreaking “A complete guide to understanding (and I should attracting) dominant ladies from mainland China” now – should be in your kitty, no pun intended!

And maybe I should rename the book to “attracting female dominance, period”, since thats what it does.

Thats the spirit in which I wrote the book.

But China, and Chinese ladies will always have a very special place in Mike’s heart, so the title remains what it is.

And thats that!

Back soon


Mike Watson

PS – Madam, Paye Lagu, you are so NICE!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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