Indian Femdom

God, those Indian accents are sexy!

Should I say Goddess? Hehe.

When these Indian girls talk – some of them – damn, that “cultured” half sort of UK, half Indian accent, the way they pronounce words, my!

Some – in fact – a lot of Indian people speak good English- not, as is commonly thought – the majority of the country and unfortunately with “right wing” becoming more and more popular, English is often ignored these days in India (big mistake, India – you’re devaluing your own strengths!!) – anyway, the accent!

It’s so sexy, I dont know if youve heard it. Hehe.

Then again, I could say the same thing about the Chinese and Japanese girls learning English, and the cute manner in which they pronounce words, giggling “do you really mean cute or are you laughing at me!”


Or, any woman!

Striding up to me confidently after first checking me out, then the feeling takes over, and…


Those big black eyes looking at you … like Carol once told me “when you LOOK at me!” (she felt weak) 

It’s all about the mindset, my friend!

I’ve never tired of saying it, I never will because it’s true.

Vibes are what it’s about, if she feels it, she’ll respond herself, it’s how the world works!

Everything else helps, of course – feet, hands, attitude, all of it, but it all comes from inside, the MIND.


Point of me saying this, well, have a very merry SEX filled – sexy – and happy Christmas!

Our products – especially Indian femdom books hitting home like none other can or do or probably even will! – will sure help.

Implement some of this into YOUR own life – or mind first, and watch how if you do it right, it parlays out in real life as well.

And, – here’s to a very happy, prosperous New Year ahead too!


Mike Watson


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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