Indian Femdom

Their strong calves, their shins!

The way Madam was looking through me – curiously – knowingly, despite the so called difference in class – it made me so SHY!

And I felt… I dont know – like Carol did when I looked at her.

Nervous, jittery, weak, wanting to worship – and in her case and mine, admittedly two people of the same age, both very good looking, into each other etc, but yet …

“When you look at me …………. ” she once trailed off.

the import was nigh clear, yesterday afternoon, as I worked out, as happens so often, two Indian ladies sat in the park.

All I could see were the maid’s tired, aching calves – shins – coal black in color. ONe was on her haunches (a great workout – see Sissy Workouts for more on that!) – and the second, well, I could just see the side of  her left shin.

Thats all, the side, nothing else!

Yet, I felt this urge as always to drop down, and just PRESS THE SHINS!

The calves .. be as obsequious as possible too!

Bent back, pressing her legs, as she looks down at you, KNOWINGLY – laughingly – TUMMY OUT – comfortably and comfortable indeed in the knowledge it matters not – you’ll worship her ANYWAY!

As she deserves – one foot on your SHOULDERS!

MY! What Goddesses these ladies are, and the way they look at me, the way they KNOW!


And thats that.

Worshipping downtrodden ladies is indeed the best, so nice!

Paye Lagu Madam Ji. You truly do deserve it!


Mike Watson

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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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