Nandini Ma’am, you’re so nice!

Nandini Ma’am, you’re so nice!

So is a certain “noni” I’m talking to. But Nandini, she is SO perfect!

I’ve written tomes about this Indian Goddess before ..

She is so lovely, the other day Madam sent me a picture of her feet. TOENAILS PAINTED PURPLE, oh my

Her feet are so nice, she regularly goes for manicures, and sends me pictures of her hands to tease me. So soft, so DELECTABLE, so nice!

Some of those are posted on my Twitter…

It makes me SO WEAK, so want to EXPLODE in my sissy pants!

And the other day, she bought a new phone, “finally” (no prizes for guessing where the dough came from. hehe).

aND SHE posted about it on Twitter.

She showed herself, opening the new phone, her lovely hands on it … smiling, etc …

She was looking gorgeous.


She looked up, those LOVELY SLY – yet SEXY EYES STARING AT THE CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And she made the V sign, I was so hoping she’d make the middle finger sign!

And put her feet up!

Not for YEARS have I felt this weak, if she tells me to pay her NOW, I will, she’s such a QUEEN AND DOMINANT GODDESS, from day one!

And I’ve blown her Whatsappup with simp  like messages, as you might expect.

I’m trying SO HARD NOT TO CUM!

Or sissy leak. But I can’t stop touching my nipples.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Nandini Ma’am, Paye Lagu, you’re SO , SO NICE!

And you with your new things and GRINNING, that sly GRIN, that LOOK IN THE EYE, OH MY!

It’s even sexier than before, just a gorgeous Indian Queen and Goddess.

I’m out!

To read more about such gorgeous Indian Goddesses, select from the books here – or preferably, get them all, they will drive you DIZZY AND INSANE with lust like never before!

All true too!


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