Indian Femdom

Why older women not considered traditionally beautiful or “young” absolutely ROCK and should be worshipped as GODDESSES!

Or, I could say why I love “old and fat” women, those that have “pumped out kids” (as so many men say!) — and worshipping their asses, feet, soles, armpits …

Dont get me wrong.

I dont discriminate based upon age, women are women — and are all so gorgeously dominant.

But older women just HAVE it — that dominant vibe x 10!

And the maturity to GIVE subs what they want.

So, asses, feet and soles? Older women?

Paye Lagu, Memsahib!

Especially the first and third category!

And of course those STRONG hands slapping me!

YEARS of experience doing so or wanting to do so, and Madam Aa Chie, that lovely lady of the night who took me in hand SO EXPERTLY — and did NOT do what she was paid for — and I loved it! — her mother was of the latter bent of mind.

I remember licking the CRUD off the older lady (60+)’s asshole like never before.

As she slept comfortably, legs splayed out like a MAN’s, with NO fear of me entering her (I was locked anyway, hehe) — — her soles reminded me so much of my Grandmother’s who I wrote about before.

Big soles.

Uncared for soles.

And they need to be pressed, boy, as Madam was told in the movie “Anmol”, which I never watched past the femdom. Hehe. Rather boring movie from what I can tell but the fem dom made it worth it!

Dekhi kya rahi hai! Daba!

Dont look at me bitch! Press my soles!

I so wish I was doing it!

And a lady of the night — and her mom?

Worshipping a lady (Aa Chie) who gloatingly spoke of the manly customers whose cocks she sucked, cum she drank and then tweaked my nipples lovingly and said “not yours though, sissy!”

Worshipping her old mother that not even the most ardent fetish enthusiast would want to do?

To me that is REAL FEMDOM.

That doesn’t mean you don’t worship “young and beautiful” — you do.

Madam PearlPrincess Joanie, the lovely Sophia Bai (well, she was getting on a bit!) and more!

But it DOES Mean you pay equal attention to all ladies, which can be a chore sometimes, hehe.

Which one to worship more.

Tough one to call!

But as THAT ex of mine once told me (the one who told me to go to counseling, and she’s unfortunately no longer with us due to the plague from China) …

“If anyone, I’ll massage those rickshaw puller’s feet in India!”

A highly barbaric practice, of course, which persists to this day in india in Kolkata at least, despite the Communist government officially outlawing it where humans beings pull more priveleged and fat ones like BEAST of burden.

I get her point!

The pioneering course on Bollock Busting by Mike Watson, “femdom au extraordinnaire”. There truly is NO other like Watson that “goes deep” like NOBODY does, and where NO-ONE has gone before!!

(She told me to think of sunflowers when I thought of her. I am now. I’m sure she’s in heaven weaving a spell over men with that lovely blond hair and her lovely FEET!)

Anyway, thats why I love it. Worshipping maids. Sex workers. Ladies of the night. The downtrodden.

And so forth.

And so should you, if yo’re a true femdom lover, and if not, you might as well leave this list NOW.

IT ain’t for you.

And Madam Carol, her of the lovely feet is ignorning me right now. I don’t know why. I’ll have to find out, but as I told her, I’m sure your husband wont mind me saying hi to you!

But she told me that story of an older lady with an younger man, and they both had no money apparently, or maybe the guy did, I don’t know — — yeah, I think the guy did.

And there was a 60 year old age difference.

And on that note, I’m out.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS — Pick up some lovely Indian femdom recollections right HERE

PS #2 — I so LOVE kissing the rolls of FAT — LOVINGLY — around Pooja Memsahib’s so called corpulent waist, and kissing the saggy buttcheeks, and the TREASURE WITHIN that I’d pay for , and do! Her asshole is the BEST!

(tough call, but still!)

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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