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PERFECT Madam Pooja, and who I woke up to (or what!)

Maybe it was a dream. Maybe it wasn’t.

But I heard the harsh, strident, and CONFIDENT voice yelling outdoors as I woke up, or almost did.

Yours truly prefers peace and quiet for the most part, and while working yours truly HATES distractions of any nature.

But when it comes to Pooja Madam Ji, things are different!


This regal lady, this goddess, this Princess, this … I have run out of terms to describe her, but as I lay there, half awake, half asleep, I so wanted to hear her SHOUT at me.

“Chalu rakh!” as I kept massaging her feet, calves visible until mid calf as she lay there, lazily sprawled on the bed … with other servants massaging her arms!

I remember an old Hindi “show” I once saw wayyyyyyy back in the day.

When yours truly was “ye young”.

An old, fat lady was sitting there … but a deliciously dominant lady. A lovely, dominant lady!

And she sai dthe following.

“Mard mere per dabate hai!”

And sure enough (the Hindi translation was “men massage my feet!”) she had two men rubbing her legs … as she reclined on the sofa, so CONFIDENTLY talking to the person in front of her about it!

That confidence is what turns me on the most!

Not the look in her eyes (well, that too of course!) so much as the confidence which of course creates the look in her eyes! 😉

And back to Madam Pooja JI.

Pooja Memsahib.

As I heard the voice, I SO wanted to lick those dusty soles.

Massage her all night long!

“Press her legs”, as she wants me to obviously after a hard day and as I’d like to!

And make references to her age (she’s a good 10 years or so older than me), and in a flattering manner!

Her feet are so royal, just so royal!

“Madam ji, ap ke Charan saf karne hai!”

Out of this world gorgeously DOMINANT MADAM JI!

(Madam, I want to clean your lotus like, Goddess like feet!).

And so on and so forth.

She gave me a giant hard on as soon as I woke up (dream?? ID ont know! ;)) that has NOT gone away as yet, hehe.

And she’s gorgeous!

And thats what I gotta tell you today. Have at!


Mike Watson

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PS #2 — That sole shot of Pooja Madam’s! Is it any wonder that (or a related picture) is on the Watson faithful page?? !

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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