Indian Femdom

My eyes were, as usual, drawn to his GROIN …

No, it wasn’t “Master” Raj – who prefers not to be called Master, and who has a lovely penis! xx

Dark, thick, uncut with the foreskin pulling all the way through, truly a pleasure.

He told me repeatedly he wasn’t “gay”.

Yet, he also told me while that was the reason he wouldn’t “fuck” me – he’d happily let me slob!

Like a friend who once told me “I’ll let a guy suck if he covers his face”.

I wasn’t even asked to cover my face – hehe. He thought I was beautiful, and my words made him cum – which that last bit, and first too – is not surprising, everyone says that – thank you!

I dont quite agree with the “not gay” thing, way too many guys have hang ups about it. If you’re truly “not gay” and not into “men”, even what he thinks I am ie trans, well, then, you shouldn’t let a biological male blow you! Haha.

Way too many people are UNCOMFORTABLE with their true desires. Of course, he introduced me to his friend, who wasn’t uncomfortable at all, another Indian guy with a mammoth dark DICK – and he wanted to see “us fuck” – or me the bottom, while his friend had his way with my tight holes. Hehe.

I remember going BONKERS last year talking to him!

This evening, I was watching some short of a guy workout which popped up on my phone. Seems like a guy from a slum In India, nothing great to look at, some may say “ewww” … sweat pouring off him, the “poverty”clearly visible, but the guy was in great shape, and he was doing diamond pushups.

Slim, sexy, and you can TELL The dominance and virility flooding off him!

As he struck poses, the sweat streaming off him seemed nasty.

But, my eyes?

As usual, drawn to his crotch!

And the pants showed a faint outline of his dick, which seems pretty long.

Yes, Ma’am – this to my ex who told me “Honey, why do slim guys ALL have the largest dicks!”

Or, as I keep saying in China – I’m sure India has an equivalent saying “Pang Ren Qiu Dian”.

Fat Man have small penis.

More a visual thing than anything, but excess fat around the lower abs, and I keep telling men that big muscles dont count – what women truly want, what your HEALTH truly wants … is a toned sexy CORE – and a strong BACK overall – and legs, and forearms.

The rest takes care of itself!

And Sissy Workouts gives you workouts with this precisely in mind – from a SISSY standpoint, to prepare you, the budding sissy, to take cocks from all angles imaginable and even possible, and … well MULTIPLE cocks, not just one at a time!

Yes, like I say in Sissygasm Central, if done right – IF DONE RIGHT! – your holes are INCREDIBLY adaptable. Just be careful and sure to work into it right.


If your thoughts, or mind is drawn to cock as soon as you see visuals like this, or think about it … well, you’re truly a cock lover.

Many of you are.

And my two courses teach you how to worship and ENJOY that magnificent WEAPON of his, focus on his HEAD and forget ALL ELSE IN THHIS WORLD WHILE THE COCK IS HARD and his ONE EYED MONSTER stares at you – well, Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, and Penis Central are for YOU.

These are truly life changing courses in more ways than one, if you check out the reviews you will see what I mean.

and thats that – back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – His name was Raj too. Prosaic? Maybe thats why it came to me, or I noticed, or both? Thank you, Universe! Maybe I’ll have the chance to see his Indian dong someday, I have a feeling the head and pee hole are LOVELY. Muah! xx

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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