Indian Femdom

Truly owned by your wife, your superior OWNER…

Princess Joanie ..

Ma’am, i should thank you, BEG you for the opportunity to talk to you, I’m so lucky I do, would you not  agree? 

Her – 😂😂

Madam Megan

Ma’am, thank you so much for turning me into the complete sissy I am! Ma’am, those pics you made of me are beautiful, very pretty … But Ma’am, I humbly kiss your feet and BEG you – GROVEL – in front of you, to accept me as your ATM, and to make even more sluttier and humiliating pictures of me, with lots of pretty cocks next to me!

Her – Completely gay!! 🤢🤢

And those are just sone experiences with Chinese women, so royal, yet, INDIAN women are equally royal, in their saris, with their cute English “British English” – equally royal!

I’ve written before about the Bollywood movie, a recent one I saw where the woman and man sleep at opposite ends of the bed, feet facing each other’s face, like Sophia did with her husband.

And that woman so dominantly awakening him with a kick to the head for not opening the door for the maid, then one to the WAIST – out, boy!

And her maid, so submissive to her, massaging her, yet so rude to him. Hehe.

True femdom.

And as I saw an Indian couple to just that, the woman, my, those soft lovely feet!

Those were perfect yes, but it was her language, attitude, that dominant vibe that really so did it as it always does!

Lucky indeed is the man who has the opportunity to be a slave to his woman.

Just imagine, those lovely soles to serve all day, that MOCKING tone – right from when you wake up, BOY!! Soles in your face, on your back, kicks, humiliation in public. What more could a true sub ask for from his wife, woman, owner,??


My course on it teaches you how to ATTRACT the same to you, on auto pilot…

And the affirmations too.

And that’s that!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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