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I feel So weak when I see a barefoot Indian woman!

I’m watching sports. A most interesting game, an Indian lady – well, British of Indian origin commentating. She has such a lovely accent!

You guys can well imagine what I’m thinking, but more than that, just saw an indian lady – poor, downtrodden laborer, she’s always working barefoot on the roads!

I really don’t think she’s THAT poor. Hehe.

And as I saw her standing, beautiful fair feet , on the phone, I just wanted to do nothing, nothing at all except offer her a foot massage, those feet next to my face, could be another somewhat younger and fairer Bhagwati Devi!


Any time I see them….

Standing there on one foot plonked flat on ground, the other lovely foot perched daintily despite Ma’am’s decidedly NOT dainty job…

And a red sari!!

Madam,PAYE LAGU… Memsahib..JI!!!

Indian women are such Queens and Goddesses!

But you already knew that didn’t you? Hehe.

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Mike Watson

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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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