Indian Femdom

Whoever knew doing … DISHES was so erotic? Hehe.

Anyway – since this post got “updated” before I actually wrote it – so be it, but really, dishes?

The SCOURGE, eh?

Most guys – and girls – that love cooking – hate dishes. Hehe. Even those with a dishwasher!

And my lovely, bitchy S.O. is no exception to the rule, those feet beckon me – or the soles, rather, cracked right now – – SO!

As I stood there doing dishes today, with her of course sitting (she’s on her period, muah) with FEET up, soles visible … yes, it sounds like the stuff of fantasy, but it isnt! – I had a giant hard on getting even gianter, except thats nothing NEW!

And … the commands rang out!

“Like this!” 

“Dont waste WATER, boy!” 

(I am lucky she’s on her period, or she’d probably smack me for the above. HEhe). (period came two days early too! 😘)

I was mixing in some of my own techniques on the “sly”. Hehe. (while feeling SO WOMANLY!)

And she spotted it.

“You’re in MY CLASS, boy!” 

Which in India means, I’m teaching you! 

Servants in India, I’ve often seen them walk SO humbly behind their Masters, like a young girl I just saw do for her employers, much older, they’re in front, she’s behind, no conversation for either, she’s just there if need be.

I SO understand.


Thats what I’m there for.

We’ll see if I can get to massage my lovely So’s feet today – and lick her butt for ages, and also wherever else she wants (and no, it ain’t “dirty” either, it ain’t mouthfuls of blood either, it’s simply old blood being discarded thats all … the things that go in India “women cant cook on their period, or enter temples”, and other nonsense … ugh. ).

Maybe thats why I love worshipping them EVEN MORE then!

Yes, thats why.

Goose and gander, the tales – – tails? hehe – reversed, and of course, ladies are SO horny on their periods. SO NICE!

Madam Anne once told me “no, on period!”

Little did she know – at the time.

But she found out very quickly – in a day or so.

Actually, she KNEW all along.

They all do.

And to learn more about the dominant force of nature that is my husband, go HERE – 25 odes to Rachna Ma’am. 

And to attract this sort of fantasy to you in real life (if you’re not too cheap to learn the tricks) – THIS book here will do the trick.

I’m out.

Back soon!



Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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