Indian Femdom

The ONE question a Goddess, any Goddess – will almost always answer!

Just saw the lovely Indian Goddess, one of the maids with soft soles I wrote so much about last year on PLM. It was red nail”paint” as Indians say last year, now, silver.

Truly, Carol was right. “good eye for the girl”.

My SO would also ask, nailpaint kaun sa lagaya Madam ne?


So nice! X

And yes you should notice these details. Madam deserves it. Xo

Back in the day, talking to women on forums and stuff, completely non fetish wise, I’d often ask that.

Out of the blue.

“madam, what color nailpolish do you prefer”?

The guys would all laugh, but the ladies always answered. They’re so nice!

Still remember Carol giggling during that trip when I emerged from the shower, and noticed her toes, previously not polished, painted red now.

Women love it when you notice girly stuff.

Pity most men don’t get it.

No, noticing that doesn’t make you any less manly!

Women WANT you to notice. Just not like a staring X ray vision Bozo.

And thats that!


Mike Watson

PS – Sexy products here. And since I stopped mid shower to write this NOW, butt naked, I’m out. Hehe.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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