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Hemlata Madam, and end of the year BUMPER SALE!

Ya’ll remember Hemlata Ma’am?

If not, go here!

And here!

And likely many other places I wrote about this gorgeous Indian lady too!

Yesterday, or perhaps two days ago, I was standing there at the bus stop checking out what was going on – and the people all around me, specifically women, of course, hehe – draped and swathed in layers of warm clothing (its winter in India right now, though I cannot imagine why with the sun out in full shine people would want to stay THAT draped up – it’s not that cold during the day but hey – what do I know!).

Several girls smiled at me as they passed by.

I mentally said what I do ALL the time now.

“Madam, Paye Lagu!”

And I imagined touching their feet respectfully, nothing else…

So nice!!

And then I saw another lady, hair flowing, dressed in a lovely sweater from a distance.

Something seemed familiar.

I dont know what, I thought, looked away, then I saw the dazzling smile, and her looking at me from afar!

It was Hemlata Madam!!!!!!!!!!!

I had not seen her in a long time, and that made the perfect end to the year – not just because of what I wrote about – but also because this lady is a bonafide SUPREME example of “female power” – she’s a boxer for one, she’s also trained many champion boxers in India in the past- Mary Kom being one!

I’m NOT even kidding you – ask my friend into fitness. He’ll tell you all about her!

But anyway ……

“Long time no chat”, I smiled. I wanted to talk more to her. I’m sure she did too. But Madam was busy…! muah xx 😘

“Yes, office!” she smiled back shyly.

I gave her the thumbs up.

And that was that!

Two mornings later, I thought of her TODAY.

And that smile, lovely long hair, how she looked …

And it’s so nice!

Perfect way to end the year, FEMALE POWER!

As it should be.

And therefore, in her honor – end of year sale for everyone!

Two categories to this – one, for EVERYONE – old customers, new, returning, EVERYONE – ALL our Indian femdom books are being offered at a flat 15% discount assuming your cart value is at least $100

This is BIG my friend – I rarely do sales these days, so if you’ve been waiting, and I know many of you have – to get our scintillatingly HOT Indian femdom books – now is the TIME!

I thought of putting out a discount code “PayeLagu” . Seemed so apt, appropriate, but overkill too – right now, the system is set to AUTO discount those products assuming the minimum cart value is $100 – so hurry up – add to cart – checkout – and GO!

Second category is for RETURNING customers – those that have made a purchase here (and if you’ve bought from Amazon etc – but not here – I’ll still consider you “returning” so email me, I’ll set you up in that regard!).

This discount means you have to have a minimum of THREE products in your cart. No min order value – but you get an auto discount of 30% on the total value assuming you have at least THREE products in the cart.

So, thats a great end to the year my friend – and while this is slated to end on Jan 1, 2023 – I might end it even sooner given the “rush” this will no doubt create around these parts – so HURRY, mentally affirm HER SUPERIORITY FOREVER – and get what you want – NOW!

And, a very happy New Year to all – and here’s to a happy, prosperous and female dominated NEW YEAR!

Paye Lagu, Madam … JI!

You’re so NICE!😘


Mike Watson



Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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