Indian Femdom

How the lovely Bhagwati Devi manipulates my PLEASURE buttons so expertly.

Bhagwati often asks me the following SLYLY with an even slyer coal black sexy forearm snaking up, ONE forefinger tracing my aurerora. My! Then the tip – BUD. My!

Button on kar do – she’ll inquire looking at me woth this se coal black EYES!

(Should I turn the button on?)

(Reminds me of the way her forearm you used to snake out while cleaning when she used to ask me which switch turns on which light – knowing fully well the answer beforehand. Canny, so sexy is this lovely older dame!)

Knowing fully well the answer -ahaib beforehand hehe. Not that Madam needs permission. If she did, I’d never say no!

Or, if she is in a slightly feister mood, “idhar a!”. Come here, boy!

She knows FULL well what she’s doing, the raptures of PLEASURE and ecstasy it sends me into. Hehe.

Truly, control his nipples, control him is a thing.

Still remember my SO doing it out of the shower, feeling my flat stomach , admiring it.

Being a boy toy for girls is so nice!

Not the bloated so called macho bodybuilders at the gym that go weak at the sight of my feet, screw men privately despite claiming they’d “never be gay” and are usually fat, parading their massive bellies around as badge of honor trying to disguise their tiny peckers by driving the huge cars they do.

Men, what idiots in general. Hehe.

Anyway, she’ll often flick my nipples and go about her business as if nothing happened while I … MY! My loins are shaking now thinking of it just!

So nice x x….

And that’s the tale.

Madam is the best! Paye lagu, ma’am. You’re too nice!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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