Indian Femdom

Royal Bhagwati Devi kicks my BUTT as she BASKS comfortably in the sun and I work…

It’s a scene straight out of those lovely sas bahu serials in India which have so much femdom coming off them I sometimes wonder why guys watch anything else at all!

My, smoking hot female to female femdom interaction – India is brutal as it is, so is the femdom!

A favorite punishment of the Nazis used to be tie the prisoner up in a tight ball, and literally kick the poor sod via a horrible machine from one end of the room to another until he or she was turned to a bloody pulp.


Sounds horrible. And it is. The Nazis were that!

The jack boots are sexy though aren’t they? I saw this Indian lady wearing boots the other day in the market, and my first 💭 thought was polishing them for her – as the Nazi guards have done for them in the most humiliating manners I detail – in the movie Sobhibor (real life).

Often times, while I work, squatting obesquiously in that position I teach so in Sissy workoutsBhagwati Devi will be reclining on the recliner in the sun, shaded in hot weather, sari clad foot dangling behind me. I can’t even see it.

“Bartan maj!”

Scrub the dishes! (Said rudely)

So sexy hearing her bark out the same orders she’s been forced to accept unwillingly all her life!

And I scrub assiduously …

…every so often, I’ll feel her foot kick my ass.

I drop the utensils. I have to clean what I just did again.

And I do. She pops a foot up on my shoulder as I do so!

And so it goes.

I actually saw this in an Indian sas bahu serial too… My!

The sas was so domineering, I love it x.

A play on what I often have ie a butt plug up my ass – a remotely controlled one which keeps jogging my already full prostrate at times I least expect it. My!


The “grindstone” workout as done in Indian prisons as part of the prison routine is such a great workout you’ll never need anything else, sissy or not.

Try grinding with your nose literally to it for hours a day.

It’ll give you the core , back workout of your life like never before! Especially hamstrings, much ignored.

That’s taught in Sissy workouts too.

With an addendum.

Bhagwatis foot on top – and more, as you sweat like the slave you are, boy!

And that’s that, as I touch her feet again. I can’t touch them enough!

Paye lagu, Bhagwati Malkin … Ji!

You’re so nice, a Goddess send!

And that’s why the latest product on YOU. Xo.


Mike Watson

PS – In the immensely popular book Serving Ann, I detail how Ann would giggle and whack my balls with a RATTAN cane as described in Ballbusting 101. 

“If you don’t work well”.  she giggled – actually, even when I DID. Hehe.

Same thing above.

That foot often lands on my balls.

And in that position you can’t even fall forward, your balls literally go into your mouth!

And Madam just merrily keeps kicking my BUTT!



Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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