Indian Femdom

Pressing Jaspreet Maams soft, cute, feminine, well manicured hands.

Remember her?

I do!

Always will!

As I contact her today, her the lady who was literally talking to an agent about hiring servants in the bank – at work – hehe – addressing her colleagues imperiously as “tu” (why Madam calls me Sir is beyond me, hehe). . .

. . . I remember those lovely soft hands that stood out when I first met her!

Soft, beautiful, so natural at nipple play.

So tired from clicking mice all day!

Madam sure could use a head and hand massage I feel, and know I’m RIGHT. Miles away she feels it too. She knows In right too. She also knows she deserves it!

It can be really relaxing given hands have the most pressure points connected to the brain!

Sir daba! Hath daba

Literally barking out orders , holding out the limbs to be massaged by the servant behind her one by one, as the world looks on, putting the servant in his rightful place and Madam in hers!

That’s what this is all about xo.

Paye lagu,.madam…ji!

You’re so nice x.


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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