Garima Madam’s bitch

Garima Madam’s bitch

A tale of female domination – and UTTER submission …

(Now in Spanish – and other languages too as we “speak”! ) 

An Englishman working abroad finds his “destiny” – and it’s NOT what he had expected upon taking on an expat position in India.

Not in his wildest dreams would he have imagined the erotic and sensual “Garima” whom he called in for an interview turning the tables on him quite superbly – and quickly at that.

And he’s in for the ride of his life as he learns that his “Garima Madam” and Indian ladies in general can be anything BUT what the common perception is at times!

This book is based on several REAL LIFE incidents – and to the gorgeous “Garima” – who provided me with the MOTIVATION to write this book (believe me, real life experiences work BEST – – hence the “reality mixed in with a dab of creative license” theme in ALL my books) – – THANK YOU, Madam. You’re the best – and while I can’t say the “most” dominant – for a while you were!!

This is another one in my Indian femdom series – for those of you into that – you’ll positively ENJOY IT. Interracial femdom – cuckolding – and UTTER humiliation – be “warned” – hehe.

Garima Madam’s bitch

Paye Lagu – perfect Madam … JI!

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Mike Watson

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