Indian Femdom

An impassioned plea to Rachna Ma’am.

Without further ado, the as yet “unsent” plea to Ma’am who is in an even FOULER (therefore sexier) mood than usual!

“Ma’am, I completely understand, Ma’am I really do!

I really do!

But, but…

But, Ma’am, just let me say ONE thing, you can say no, Ma’am, just one thing – PLEASE!

Let me kiss your feet, and worship you Ma’am!!!!

Ma’am, I just want to massage you for hours, and say thank you for not going to the parlor, thank you for being hairy – and so manly both on your legs – and your “down there!”

Ma’am, thank you! Ma’am, someone like me, Ma’am, I’m SO glad to have the opportunity to just serve you Ma’am, you should have handsome rich men, not an ugly boy like me!

Ma’am, it’s such an honor if you let me lick you, I Do NOT want sex!

And licking your asshole for hours is … well, even more of an honor, just please let DO IT!

All your problems will go away magically if you just let me DO This, Ma’am!


Ma’am, you’re so beautiful, so perfect, such a Goddess, you’re welcome to not just my money but my WHOLE BANK ACCOUNT, credit cards all of it, just please take the next step with your boyfriend and please…

Ma’am, PLEASE!


And thank you SO much for calling me gay, Ma’am, a guy that constantly talks about long cocks, Ma’am, it’s such an honor for such a guy to serve you – lick you – his penis is useless, least he can do is lick you!

What the result of this will be, we dont know.

Ill know after I hit send.

And I’ll keep you posted!



Mike Watson

PS – So, SO glad for a wife like this!

PS #2 – For more Indian femdom that drove me wild with sissy submissive LUST – go here.

PPS #1 – And of course, findom related TRUE tales HERE.

PPS #2 – Ma’am, thank you SO MUCH FOR BEING FAT AND LAZY, MA’am, PLEASE shout at me, MORE ! Please make me massage you while you work, wash your feet while you’re on the phone, ignore me, MAKE me wash the dishes, MA’am PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know you … KNOW!

Lets do it, lets take the next – final – and BEGINNING – step!

(And I’ll keep y’all posted!)

(and it’s true, get those desires out in the open, TALK – then do – SOLVES all! Lik eI said – communication rules the nation!)

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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