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“Rooster for milk, bulls for milk”, so they said …

Dear Friend,

I saw – or should I say, I got forwarded the following by a friend.

“If you dont think gender matters, try buying a rooster for eggs, and bulls for milk. 

You’ll soon learn God knew what he was doing…” 

I cannot remember the second line verbatim, but it was that.

And it was interesting, and funnily enough, true in many ways.

One of the cardinal sins I keep “railing against” in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China” is this – “dont be a doormat”.


Bozos globally dont get it, since it’s all about her, right?

It is, but it isn’t in that way!

She wants a real man who loves to submit!

And who KNOWS that is his ROLE in life, pre defined and pre-ordained DESTINY rather than just wack off to it, then send inane messages about (like that Glyn did) “Please, I want to put my dick in your sexy lips!”

Ugh, if there ever was a cornier pick up line that causes girls to delete and block you … Bozo knows that, of course.

But really, in that book I go into the difference between men and women, and that section, believe it or not is CRUCIAL to understanding and GETTING real femdom.

Read the book, read the experiences at the end, you’ll know what I mean, and why I say what I do the way I do, my friend.

But otherwise, and that out of the way?

I dont know, Roosters for eggs? Hehe.

Roosters have such lovely eggs the “hens” licks! Hehe.

And lovely ones the hen does – to be KICKED.

Both so NICE!

Or, even better, hen + rooster all in ONE!❤? (tranny).

…. and bulls for milk ?

Well, that milk is holy and pristine for bulls, and how to get it in all it’s creamy juicyness?

Well, its why I wrote Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, to turn him on AS MUCH as you can, so that final load comes, thick, creamy and SPURTING …

It’s also why I Wrote the definitive course for you hens that love to be milked – SissyGasm Central!


And to end off?

I’d say God may or may not have known, but Goddess definitely did – and Does!


Im out – back soon!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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