Why I so love buying girls shoes!

Why I so love buying girls shoes!

It’s been a theme with me. Both femdom and findom and female domination in general wise.

“Madam can I buy you a pair of shoes?”

Princess Joanie.

Madam Pearl!

Sophia Bai … 

And so forth.

Very early on in the jounery (how could I forget perfect Madam ANDY! Her on the cover of “16 INCREDIBLY POWERFUL FEMDOM AFFIRMATIONS” – please wait for the forthcoming review on this from Princess Daniela) – it was buying them shoes. Hehe.

And groveling to do so, what a rush!

“Madam, whats your foot size? 36?” 

I’ll never forget the blunt response Joanie gave me.

“Are you buying me shoes, boy!”

Without the boy, but the attitude was so dominant, so bratty, so entitled that I … KNEW! So did she, of course, from the minute GO she had me hooked, and you’l want to read this book NOW, myf riend.

This is truly one of the best femdom books you’ll ever read, along with the “Serving an Indian Goddess” series (being translated into French as we speak too, and the French in the book hehe, that too) and “Pooja Memsahib… JI!” books.  (being translated into SPanish. I wonder how Paye Lagu would translate!)

But anyway, shoes…

Giving girls money, as Carol said!

“Kiss their feet, and give them money!”

(or see)

It’s so sexy, so attractive!

And as I look at a girl “Mai” (her full name is something else, but the Mai was what attracted me to her), I remembered two things –

One , our initial conversations about Taiwan where she helped me a lot on that! (I was wanting info on Taiwan, she’s from there! Goddess!)

And two, of course, Mai – myself.


Mai, my Indian maid comes from the HEART.

Such was the effect perfect Goddess Suvi had on me that years later, I can feel her eyes not just BORING into me, but piercing!

She’s in Africa now, I believe, but the spell holds!

“Washing is not my job, boy ! It’s YOURS!”


YES MA’am!


And it was in that spirit that the entire book was written in ONE SITTING if you can believe it – 20 k plus words – and I mention a bit on that in the book too.

Get this now, sissies – you’ll love this, along with Sissy CEntral!

And I’ll be back.


Mike Watson

Mike Watson
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