Indian Femdom

Couldn’t be a more perfect day and post to kick – no pun – things off here again!

28 days ago it was, the last post to the lovely Bhagwati, then, inexplicably, I couldn’t login to the site to create new posts, so it all went on spicy and erotic fetish.

Which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Hey, that’s where we started!

But this project – it’s always been dear to me, contains some of the sexiest, most erotic and TRUEST posts ever – not all in that order .. and boy – no pun – am I glad I finally figured out the issue, as always, a simple one I don’t know how I missed – today!

And, as I stood out there, seeing a lowly (or should I say low ranked – hehe – i “dare not”, as Sophia says – say “lowly” – after all she’s a woman!) Hospital worker in full scrubs, shoes, gear out there, nothing even remotely sexy – my first thoughts?

As those on YouTube know, her SLAMMING that foot on my shoulder while I take the other shoe, sock off, that FIRST rub of her foot I haven’t even seen!

True femdom. True INDIAN femdom!

Then we have this older lady staring DAGGERS through me. Even I was wondering why – then it hit me. She’s a woman, boy, older – so what? She’s got the right to ogle me like meat!

I respectfully looked away and let her ogle. Hehe.

Again, not a hint of skin show. Winter here, most fully clothed – not all, but most.

I still remember that radio host in India years ago caustically and lovingly TAUNTING her fellow woman.

“Style ke liye moze nahi Dale pero pe to kya meri galti hai?”

In India (the North)s freezing cold weather, offices etc unheated, you freeze in formal shoes.

Some ladies bear it to show those pretty feet off in sandals anyway. Hehe. I remember one that did in particular, RED nailpolish even at the height of winter…

And the radio host was telling these girls not to complain in winter about feeling cold if they did that. So true, Ma’am!

Even the body odor that comes with not bathing for days, which many in this part of the world don’t in winter (I cannot figure out why – even if there’s no high water – cold water showers are good!!) – trust me, it’s horrific, like rotten eggs and shit all in once, and feet not washed for days etc, but with Madam, even that gets overlooked!

So it should. Hehe. True femdom.

Truly the blue lady in the hospital decked out in blue, capped off by the last old lady sunning her feet out in the park, old, wizebede, wrinkled.

Paye lagu, Malkin ji!

You’re all so nice.

And I’m so glad to be back up here x no pun.



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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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