Indian Femdom

Why you cucks out there need to beg to drink my SPERM


Xiao mi!

Or, Mi as the Chinese say ….

Mi mi mi mi mi!!

Me, me , ME!

So sayeth the cucks, studs and Godddesses and Gods, all wanting and rightfully so a piece of the abundant pie, either cucked or not, that is available to all of us if we just OPEN OURSELVES to the shower of blessings, pun intended!

First, though, a trip down memory lane.

The “MI”, a guy named “Brian” I believe (We called him MI in a sarcastic sort of manner because he was a “MBA” and I believe that was tom tommed a lot in the office back in the day – though to be fair, to me he was always humble, but the rest of the Chinese? I’m not sure!).

And one day I was eating lunch with him, we were discussing a girl named Amy.

A fairly lovely lady!

In the same office.

The MI suddenly piped up.

“I want her to drink my sperm!”

Said in the pseudo English manner it was, his English wasn’t the best, it was hilarious and it was all I could do not to laugh.

Amy never did give him the BJ he so desperately wanted and craved.

Lesson there for y’all?

But as for me, plenty of women, ALL Goddesses in their own right have called me GOD, and drank my sperm too, and I’ve worshipped them too!

You truly have to wash someone’s feet FIRST before that someone washes YOURS. 

Heck, even Jesus washed his disciples feet!

Or was it the servants? Not sure … I believe the servants!

And anyway, why YOU should drink my cum?

Why YOU should beg to have hot blasts on your face, smell it, BE it, SEE it, SLURP it?

Because my cum is divine for you, cuckie!

And it WILL transport you to cuck heaven, right there in front me and my girls as Carol said.

I’d make one correction.

They’re my Goddesses, and yours too!

And you’ll be staring at our soles as the hot cum drips DOWN like treacle, and you’ll understand what it means to gain entry to the most exclusive CUCK CLUB ever.

Speaking of which, the most exclusive Femdom Club in general is HERE – apply now if you so choose as well, and I’ll see if I can accept you!



PS – Pick up Cuck Central right here if any of the above interests you, and you want to manifest the same into your cuck (as yet unfulfiled) life. HA!

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Mike Watson

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