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Grapes, shoe polish, and FEET!

In the PG Wodehouse “Wooster series” (comedy) – Wooster once blackens his face with boot polish to appear black and escape with the, as Wodehouse SAYS, “nigger minstrels” off the boat he was held captive on. All very hilarious – there will NEVER be another PG Wodehouse. Period!

I’d do the same for these Madam’s out there, not to escape, but to amuse them. Heck, I’d never want to escape from under their dark, lovely, tired calloused feet, toes painted such a bright color of red!

They were there ALL Around me while working out, soles on full display, of course, when a whole bunch of louts showed up, even these maids, who are on a far lower scale (social strata) than the louts turned away, and the feet disappeared. Ugh!

Tells you a lot about the “Glyn Schofield” like louts hanging around, and about what Goddesses these women truly are inside.

Of course, once they went away the feet showed back up!

Another great day – another great workout, leaving the house, some guy wanted to polish my shoes – sports shoes.

I was like, dude…

And then I thought “maybe I can point him to some woman”.

Presto, a house or so later, a finely made up Goddesses showed up in gleaming boots! Hehe. So nice, the JOOTA SAF KAR! Paye Lagu, Shikha Malkin … JI!

In the park, I saw – the first thing I did – a medly of three ladies, one fair skinned, one “Chinese” – or Asian, or the Indian North East – one dark skinned, all togther, all in those lovely saris, a perfect medly and so apt, all Goddesses, despite region, accent or skin color!

Then, to top it all off, a Madam wearing the same white sandals my SO did when I first met her!

Before leaving the house I had this thought of the maid I write about so often feeding me GRAPES, or me feeding her, actually.

Coming back – I took a different route for no reason … and like yesterday, presto, there she was. I almost hugged her agian and kissed her.

Somehow I know she can feel it!


Paye Lagu Madam. You’re so nice!


Mike Watson

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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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