How you can truly be the CASH GUY – and the CASH COW – all at the same time!

How you can truly be the CASH GUY –…

& just how, you ask?

Well, I could pimp my book – put in a link, and to be frank, thats the only answer required. Get the book, follow, and you’re on YOUR WAY!

To attracting, true and every lasting femdom (though you could use the tips to attract any goal you’d really like to achieve, no matter how unbelievable…)

But I wont do that. Hehe.

The grass is always greener, my friend. Remember that.

The studliest of men outside are usually CUCKS and sissies in the bedroom.

The other way is not necessarily true, but it often is!

But it’s about high sex desire, drive, and for men, NOT ejaculating.

Trust me, those ruined orgasms have a LOT of benefit beyond the physical.

Once you progress to esoteric, awe inspiring, Universe rendering sissygams that truly hit the spot, you’re well and truly on your way!

Anyway, I’ll always remember a time I had no money.

And I was climbing the mountain in China, and a group of schoolkids showed up.

Mei Guo ren, mei guo ren, they went!

american, American!

“American boy”, as a certain Madam Michelle loves to call me. Hehe.

But their point wasn’t nationality.

It was about vibe.

“He’s rich!”

And I’ve always had that about me – curiously, although I’ve never cared two figs about money more what it BRINGS.

There is profound truth in the above.

Learn it, you’ll attract ANYTHIGN you want!

Most dont tho … most dismiss it as just words. 

But they aren’t.

But … I’ve always been a mooing cow too, as you can tell from the last email. Hehe.

And, a cash cow for Madam too!

Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too.

You CAN be worshipped by a Woman as I wrote about in that premier, flagship book of mine – NOTHING like it out there, NO-ONE thought of puttig it out there, NO-ONE comes close, only me, the true Mecca … ah, I mean, the REAL MCCOY of femdom does!!!!!!@ – and also worship her like a Goddess.

Your dreams can all come true, if you let’em, friend.

And if you allow me to teach you.

As a certain friend once said,

“Don’t be a faggot, Glyn!”

He wasn’t pissing or something in the right spot (they were outside drinking).


Glyn, poor chap is that … Hehe.

But anyway, you folks – remember to pick up the manuals above!

I’ll be back!


Mike Watson

PS – Read about how I was a cash cow for Princess Sherry here, the best ever – one of ’em!

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