Indian Femdom

Get me my panties, cuck!

You cucks listen UP.

Other than all those roles I’ve already told you about today, getting her her PANTIES is one cardinal RULE For you!

Of course, you better have her clothes ironed and laid out.

You better have my shoes shined too boy, and you better kiss the ASSHOLE and DICK area of MY STUDLY underwear too . . .

And as you’re wearing the bras – the EXTRA TIGHT ONES – Madam Krystal’s put on you – and my dirty underwear stained with my dried cum, hehe, that you bathed in like the little slut you are, dickie VIRGIN . . . get her HER fresh and clean panties.

Do it now, boy.

Kneel. And put OUR underwear on for US.

Picture Krystal standing there, legs spread. dominantluy and TRIUMPHANTLY.

And her long-dicked STUD that’s just blessed you with his cum, his long cock dangling in front of you as he impatiently waits for his underwear to be put on.

Hurry, boy!

I ain’t got all day, and you’ve looked at my COCK – enough!

I’ve blasted one load for you.

Later on tonight, I’ll let you lick my ass if you’re worthy.

And for now, go cook, clean for us – fetch us beers – and remember your TRUE place in life, SISSY BOY!

And if your job isn’t up to par – we WILL –  literally – KICK – YOUR ASS – outta here.

Or, you could better yourself via the courses here, and here.

Up to you cuck!



PS – And pick up the books on Perfect Madam Jyoti here – and Perfect Madam Krystal here.

Salivate, bitch boy! You’ll never get ’em, but you WILL experience cuck bliss!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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