Indian Femdom

The Indian Yogini MADAM – and her fat soles!

She was working out – doing yoga – as she always does. Older lady – bigger – so NICE!

And doing yoga so well, doing it better than a lot of her “Slimmer” contemporaries.

In the middle, Madam was lying down and resting in the sun, her lovely broad FAT soles visible, I So wanted to offer to massage her feet mid rep while talkign to her!

I was there for my own workout, my own videos etc, I could barely concentrate. I so wanted to serve Madam, I could almost feel her talking to her about what good shape I was in, was I a yoga teacher, all questions I’ve been asked before and rightly so.

But we didnt talk, but I saw her feet, and … well, she was all covered up in tights etc, only SOLES visible, as it should be!


A long time ago, an Indian lady called Rohini told me this partly in jest, hehe.

She used to be chatting with me when her husband was sleeping late at night, and often times throughout the day when he was at work.

“Dont worry! I wont tell my husband I’m chatting with strange men late at night!”

Or, this.

“For now, I’m going to call you boy! At the ripe old age of 30 (I was 23, hehe) I think I’ve earned that right!” 

(I had just lost my job and was discussing it with her, so she was discussing in “seriousness”, but despite saying “I stopped saying boy because of the seriousness of the matter being discussed” it didnt take Madam long to get back to “boy”. )


So it shouldn’t!

She was a yogini too …

And I was so reminded of you, perfect Madam Rohini – today!

And thats that.

Ma’am, I so wanted to give you a long relaxing foot massage post workout, really knead those lovely fat moist soles!

I always do, dont I. Hehe.

And thats that!

Back soon


Mike Watson

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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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