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The difference between truly WANTING IT – and believing you can have it – before you DO.

If you’re deeply, deeply into femdom – and have those deep desires like everyone does – usually unaddressed, let alone satisfied or even attempts made at the same – then the WANT part won’t be an issue.

But way too many people fall short here too.

The key thing is to keep your desire GOING my friend – its not enough to want it a few days, then forget about it – or jack off to something, and decide “I dont want it”.

The same principles applies to life, fitness – and yes, magnetizing any sort of result in your life – femdom manifestation as well.

Way too many people fall short on the second step as well – the BRIDGE between wanting something deeply, keeping the desire going – and getting to a point where you believe you can have it – before you do.

You’ll know when that happens, my friend – its a feeling you wont be able to shake that comes from deep down inside (even if you did try and shake it at that point, it wont be shaken!).

This afternoon, I was tired, but I Was going to do a workout anyway, but when I got to the workout spot, something that really annoys me normally happened.

Yet, I’m not “normal” any more – not even from a year ago!

The more I stay chaste, it’s extending for years, the easier manifestation becomes, but I saw – what?

Ladies sweeping dust away from where I work out, which logically speakin in the dust of India is a pointless job, it gathers the next minute, yet, these ladies – when they did it last year, I got irritated, asked them to move, stop temporarily etc.

I still remember the curious lady the head lady gave me and said “why dont you go elsewhere”? (she didnt mean it femdom wise, she just wasnt sure why I wanted THAT spot – well, to do pull-ups!) .


I felt nothing but submissiveness as I looked at their dusty feet.

I moved away without being told to. And I made it a point to look at all their feet, mentally kiss their toes, send positive submissive thoughts to them – they felt it!

Such a change, I remember – like the beggar woman the other day doing something she really shouldn’t, yet, she’s a WOMAN, so I let it go!

Hell, if she had slapped me for ignoring her, I’d probably have thanked her.

Women are so nice, so dominant if you let them be!

And part of the key to manifesting women all around me, dominance in all its shapes, forms and guises is that I believed I could have it, and felt I HAD IT – before I even had it!

Goals only actualize from the deep desire stage once you BELIEVE you can have it.

If you dont believe you can have it, and you cannot fake this till you make it – then you wont have it until you do.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears, when the submissive is ready, Mistress and Master appear!

Its that simple, being truly ready, now HOW do you get to that stage?

As I download other videos we did on this today in the other business – the key is this – to FAN that desire, like flames – and keep it GOING.

There is a reason they use the phrases “flames of desire” or RED HOT DESIRE!

Like embers, they must be STOKED CONSTANTLY.

And merely thinking about jerking off wont do it.

You have to literally think, feel, internalize those scenarios, those fantasies – via affirmations that pound it in deeper into your subconscious every time you affirm – every time you think – until every time you see a woman you become a mass of submissive jelly inside and she FEELS IT!

No, you wont feel it before you have it! (i.e the feeling).

And affirmations such as “I’m attracting femdom to me daily” – NO, these wont work. These are counter productive, much like you can say I’m rich until the pigs fly home (that even possible? hehe) – but it wont make you any richer – it might indeed have the opposite effect.

Words, the feeling associated with them, and mental pictures are key.

And my books 16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom affirmations that will attract femdom to YOU like moths to a FLAME – on AUTO PILOT show you the right way as do ALL – I repeat, all the odes I’ve written to women thus far.

ALL of these odes are actually all affirmations.

You need to get them ALL, and study ALL OF THEM, not just one or two. Its that simple. Same thing for both books in the affirmations series, get them BOTH. One by itself wont bring you the results you so CRAVE. And covet, like Hannibal said famously!

Read, feel, WANT IT – internalize it to a point where you believe you have it before you do.

And have it you shall.

And thats that – take this advice if you so choose. Honestly, no skin off my back if you dont, more to worship for ME. Hehe. Is it ever enough?


Paye Lagu, Madam.

Your feet, dusty or not, are so nICE, so are you! SUPERIOR!


Mike Watson

PS – Lots more to come on this topic, but thats the gist of it. Get the above manuals now (stop postponing the inevitable and start – DOING – NOW!).

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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