Indian Femdom

My piss in YOUR mouth, cuck!

I know it, boy. I KNOW IT.

You’re just begging to suck my cock aren’t you.

Admit it.

After all those juicy emails and talks of dongs, you’ve probably jacked off yourself – if that little cock can even cum properly that is, and if your ass isn’t hoping for MY COCK pounding it.

But you won’t get my cock. Period.

The closest I might let you is WATCH it dangle inf ront of you, but put it in that nasty cuck ass of yours?


I wouldnt.

Well, not unless you eat chocolate out of my ass, or prove you’re WORTHY in other ways …

But anyway, I gotta pee now, cuckie.

I’ve had too many beers already, but not too many. Dick’s still hard, but like Rueben said all those years ago . . .

‘Damn, my dick’s hard! I need to pee, but my dick’s hard!” 

Open up, boy.

My legs are spread. It’ll spill all over you – what you cannot drink.

But if you do, you’re one step further along to heaven, trust me . . .

And last, but not least, remember Mistress JYOTI, perfect Mistress JYOTI – lookin down at YOU, cuck. 

With that SNEER in her eye, that look of “ME, ME, ME!” dominance!

SUBMIT, boy!



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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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