Indian Femdom

The young and UBER DOMINANT Force of NAture known as Mahima Madam …. JI!


… BOY!

Footboy, listen up while you’re down there under her feet.

Mahima Madam is a perfect young INDIAN GODDESS!

And her friend opposite her is even more perfect!

They’re not 18 anymore, sure. They don’t go to college anymore ….

… they’re about TWENTY THREE and equally YOUNG and dominant right now!

And remember, boy!

I often saw the younger girl with a broom in her hand – and her mother ?

She’s that FAT older Indian lady with LOVELY feet, that I wrote about who used to STARE at everyone through her GATE, feet up, soles visible, BROAD soles, wearing a red sari, and with red nailpolish always perfectly done!!

What a dominant lady – and the younger one got her attitude from THERE.

She was slim, the older one was FAT, but whose more dominant?

She had silver nailpolish on her toes, and would ignore the salivating men and cucks for the most part.

And then Mahima MAdam!

Imagine, boy!

They come home, an make you shine their shoes!

Then of course one of them is dissatisfied, and she slaps you.

“Bhag yahan se” 

“Chal phut!” 

Get lost, bitch!

At night you’re pressing Mahima’s legs, and suddenly she says enough is enough, boy!

“Sone De! Ja Jake Ma ji ke charan daba!” 

Go press my mother’s feet, boy! 

HER HOLY feet!

And dominant ladies and cucks all over the world know all this so well.

Could be Madam Aa Ling, or Ms Priyanka, Or Garima Madam.

Or Mahima Madam!

All so dominant, all so DOMINANT!

Down, cucky.




PS – Mother daughter combos. SO SEXY!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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